Daily Inspiration: October 17. Reevaluating the Idea of “Having a Bad Day” – Condensed Version

A so-called bad day results, not from what seems to happen to us, but from how we define what seems to happen to us. Therefore the “bad day” is not really out there in the physical form, but within our minds. If we heal the misperception that we are having about the value of our experience, then those so-called bad days begin to dissolve from our experience. Bad days only seem to happen because we forget that God is Love and All, and that the Divine only has our best interest in mind. God only offers you what is valuable to you, to your growth, healing and awakening. Therefore, every moment, and thus every day, when properly perceived, is a gift from God to you. All the separates us from this understanding, is our lack of trust in the plan that we have co-created with Love.

Today, the idea is not so much to change your external environment, but to change your perception of the value of what you are experiencing.   Rejoice that it is you, not the outside world, who has control over the thoughts you are thinking, and thus of the day you are having. Today, when in doubt about your day, remember, that you have co-created your day with Perfection, with the Creator of the Universe, and that the Divine, being Love Himself, only has your best interest in mind. Today, let’s use the tools of trust and gratitude to help shift our minds about the value of our day. Today, let us trust that God is using every step on our journey, to help us grow, heal and awaken. Let us also offer our gratitude to every person who interacts with us, for being a part of a process, that is helping us awaken.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

Hi JBC. This HJP from sunny South Africa. A BIG thank you for your relentless efforts in keeping your daily inspirations coming. It is a source of Light Love Peace and Joy. It is really appreciated and Gods blessings in abundance to you and your loved ones. Let it flow. HJP

Thank you HJP for your kind words and for being open to the message.

May the light that you receive through these message be reflected onto all who walk with you along your sacred journey. And may they too, follow your example, and light the way for those who are currently finding it too dark to see.

Peace. JBC

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