Daily Inspiration: October 25. “Negative” Emotions Do Not Make Us Less Spiritual – Condensed Version

The only emotions we can truly heal are those we allow ourself to feel. Today, let us give ourself permission to feel “negative” emotions without being made to feel wrong, bad or less than for doing so. Let us do this, not with the intent to hurt others, but to heal ourself. When we become an example that those who hurt can heal, we light a path of hope for those who are finding it too dark to see. By doing so, we help them find their way back Home to the state of peace. We are here together to work through the emotions that are currently blocking our awareness to the state of peace. Let us use these negative emotions, not to judge, but to help clarify the beliefs that are blocking our awareness and connection to our loving nature. This uncovering will help us heal and rediscover our function as the light of the world.

Today, if dealing with negative emotions: First, stop putting any more time and energy into the negative thoughts that are fueling the negative emotions. Second, remind yourself that you have co-created your journey with God. Each step of it is sacred and will be used for good. Third, forgive your judgments and misperceptions of self and others. Fourth, remind yourself that God is perfect, only creates perfectly, and you are His creation. Fifth, trust that because God is Love and All, all of your experiences and emotions will be used to help you grow, heal and awaken. Sixth, recall that everything is used for good. Thus what need do you have for judgment or negative emotions? Seventh, recall that each and every one of our journeys has a sacred purpose. Remember that because of this, the world is better off because you and everyone else are here.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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My son is full of negativity about everything in his life. He’s had a very difficult year. He’s only 24 and feels his life is over. I try to remain positive but I fail often and get angry at him. He doesn’t believe it’s going to get better but I know from my own horrible experience that it will. I’m very worried about him. This helped me a lot

Thank you Elizabeth for being open to the message.

These are some things that your son may or may not find of use if he chooses to apply them:

1 – It is good to know that the thoughts you fuel with your time, focus and energy, will paint the picture of the world you see. The more you focus on the negativity, the more negative your world will appear to be. But the good news is that because it is he who has chosen these thought, it is also he who can choose to let them go and focus on thoughts that are more uplifting in nature.

2 – It is useful to remember that because of free will, you always have final say over the thoughts you focus on, think and thus experience. The more you focus on a certain thought, the greater part of your life it will become. This is true of both the negative and positive thoughts. You already know where the negative thoughts take you, nowhere you desire to be, and so give that time over to your positive thoughts until your positive thoughts begin to show you a world that you can take pride in and loving share with those who are still lost in a darkness of there own making.

3 – When negative thoughts try to enter it can be helpful to remind yourself, in that moment, that you will no longer allow yourself to remain a slave to the negative mindset. Then, be courageous by taking back control of your thoughts, and thus of your mind and life. As always you take back control of your thoughts by choosing in alignment with your eternal loving essence and nature.

4 – It is useful to learn and practice the act of forgiveness. You forgive and thus let go of thoughts that are not supporting your peace of mind and joy. No longer choose to support thoughts that don’t support you. When judgment-centric thoughts try to pollute your mind, stop them right there and then, deny their entry into your mind, feed them no longer, forgive them and let them go.

5 – Practice developing a greater trust in God. Take a look at your past and notice how even the darkest most challenging times provided you with some of your greatest life lessons and wisdom. Then bring that thinking into the now, and trust that because God is perfect Love, that the dark times and challenges you are going through now, will only help you develop better coping tools, learn life lessons, and obtain knowledge, that you can then one day share with others and thus help them also heal and awaken.

6 – It is always useful to practice acknowledging free will, and that it is you who has control over the thoughts you thinks, and that the thoughts you think should not be controlling you. Being God’s loving creation. Being that peace is an aspect of Love, if you are at peace it is you who is in control of your thinking. If you are negative and thus not at peace, it is because the ego, this world’s programming, is who is controlling your thoughts and thus your mind and life.

7 – It is use to make the conscious decision each day that you will only supports those thoughts, with your time, focus and energy, that will support the life you want. Also end your support, the time, focus and energy you invest, in thoughts that are negative in nature and thus do not support the type of life you wish to experience, live and share.

8 – It is of use to fuel your body and its cells with what will help you create the life you want. Such things as alcohol are depressants, they take you down with them. Such things as process foods produce toxins in your body which then flows through your heart and mind and thus pollutes your experience on this planet. Equally so healthy foods such as organic fruits, vegetables, animal protein in small quantities, nuts and seeds will help lift your body and spirit.

9 – It is useful to see where and what you are dedicating your time to. If it’s the news, the dark, negative things that make us judge our fellow man, then this will only drive us deeper into the darkness. Still, if you through free world focus on the good, the people who are helping this world heal, charity, being of service in the best ways you can, this will lift your spirits and realigning you with the light within.

10 – Make the conscious decision to focus on your goals, dreams, passions, hopes and desires, even if it’s every day just a small step in their direction, you will sooner or later reach your desired destination. This will help bring purpose to your life and fuel your desires to live life to its fullest potential. Again it is we, in every moment, who dedicate it to the symbols of the darkness or the light. Focus and sacrifice your moment to the darkness, and it will be in the darkness direction that you will travel. Focus on the light, on your loving nature, on forgiveness, peace, being of service, loving all those the ego demands you curse and hate, and you will become a much needed light in these challenging times.

Peace. JBC

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