Daily Inspiration: October 3. You Are Who You Think You Are – Condensed Version

Every person you interact with acts as a mirror to show you where you are within your heart and mind. If for nothing else than this, let us offer our gratitude to each and every person we think of or meet today. Each person, in their own way, is helping us see the thoughts that we are holding within, that are either hurting or healing us. If you choose to look upon others with peace and love, then it is the thoughts of peace and love, that will be soothing and healing, your mind and heart. When your mind holds only light, you will see its reflection on everything, everyone and all. When you choose to look upon others with judgment and criticism, being all One, you will believe that you too can be judged, criticized and condemned, as guilty. Thinking in this manner, hurts and punishes not just them, but you.

Today, let us focus on the thoughts that will begin to create the world we want. Let us pay close attention to how the thoughts we think influence how we feel about and participate in this world. Imagine being able to heal and soothe your own heart and mind, simply by choosing thoughts that align you with your Loving nature, such as those of forgiveness, compassion, peace and understanding. What kind of world would you begin to create for yourself and those around you? This new loving world, here simply because, you chose to take full responsibility for your thoughts. Today, through your thoughts, begin to redesign, the world you want to experience. The more you practice doing so, the more you will see, that it is you who has control, over the levels of light or darkness, that you experience in this world.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (3)

This is HJP from sunny South Africa. Can you please help me to connect the
dots between having my free will and my journey being co created with God.
Sometimes my free will is in complete opposition to God, that it is difficult to
understand that God would approve of it being part of my journey co created
with Him. Does He only co create my journey in part or all of it or is my free will
excluded from it. I don’t know if I am making sense here.
I am sure spirit will lead you.

Thank you HJP for your question.

Some questions that ask to explain The All and how The All works through you, in a few human words, is really impossible to do or answer, but here it goes:

God created you and God is All, therefore God always remains within you because God is all you are.

As a creation, aspect, extension and reflection of God you have been gifted by ‘Him’ free will, thus the final choice of what you desire to experience is always yours to make.

But God is all you are, thus you can never truly make a decision apart from God, and no decision can take you away from God because God is All.

God is experiencing Himself through you and expanding His understanding of Himself through you, therefore both the darkness or a turning away from God, or The Light, a turning towards God are both God and you, and because both decisions are God and your decision as an aspect of God can only be perfect, whatever decision you make for yourself is perfect for you and Loved by God because God is only Love.

You cannot make a decision apart from God, you cannot make a decision that God does not Love because God is Love.

Your free will can never be in opposition to God because that decision would be in opposition to All, and there is nothing apart from The All.

God can only Love you because God is Only Love and Love is All, thus everything you can ever do, say or think is Love by God because God knows who in truth you are and that you can only be the Love that He is.

See, not so easy to explain other than to say that God forever Loves you because He doesn’t do anything apart from Love you because Love is All, and so be at peace knowing this and be only Love, for that is all that in truth you could ever be.

Peace. JBC

THANK u JBC. That really did connect the dots. Much clearer than before.
Live and learn the student was ready.

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