Daily Inspiration: September 1. Being a Conduit for Peace in Your Workplace – Condensed Version

The ego has programmed us to believe that our experiences in our workplace are predominantly impacted by the people who are in it. If we have bought into this programming, our attitude goes up or down depending on how the people around us are acting. Today, let us stop giving our power away to the ego’s programming and the outer world. Let us take our power back by accepting personal responsibility for our attitude — for how we choose to define our experiences. We have the final choice about what thoughts we support, and thus the attitude we take. If you would like to experience more peace in your workplace, then through your attitude, become a conduit of peace, and radiate peace. Make the conscious choice to see everyone through the lens of peace.

Today, take back control of the thoughts you think, and thus of your attitude, in your workplace. Doing so helps remind you that it is you, and not anything or anyone in the external environment, who has power over you. It is you who should be in control of your mind and attitude. Once you control your attitude, you control how you participate in this world. Today, allow your workplace environment to provide you with the opportunities needed to retrain your mind to think in alignment with the mind of God. Today, stop making excuses if your attitude is not in alignment with the mind of God, with your loving nature. No longer blame the outer world for your internal dialogue. Instead, learn to choose your thoughts so that you can bring peace to your mind and become a beacon of peace for others.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Comments (2)

Thank you for the great reminder! It amazes me at how quick our emotions and thoughts jump on board to match those around us. I find when there are good vibes its easy. When there are bad vibes it seems to take a bit more work to not allow ourselves to follow or match those thoughts of others.

Thank you Geoff for being a member of our community.

Let us learn to be proactive and not reactive. Let us learn to continuously remind ourselves of our goal, to be the light of the world, to represent and share the love that we are with all others.

The more our internal environment is ready, the more we remind ourselves throughout the day that we are here to bring those in the darkness, through our peaceful and loving example, back into alignment with the light within them, the less what is happening in our external environment will affect us.

Today, let us stand solid in our loving foundation, and continuously reinforce this foundation by aligning our thoughts, words and emotions, with only our loving nature.

Today, let us take personal responsibility for our thoughts and emotions. Let us remind ourselves that it is we who control our thoughts and emotions, our thoughts and emotions should not be controlling us.

Peace. JBC

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