Daily Inspiration: September 2. Viewing Our Peers Through the Present Moment – Condensed Version

We cannot judge our peers without our past. The genesis of all of the ego’s programming reside somewhere hidden beneath the dark shadows of the past. These false programs, reside only within the past, for the true present moment is free from past judgments. It is within the eternal now, where the peace of God forever resides. To experience true peace within the now, look upon your peers without dragging their or your past into the present, and   place your imagined future, fully in God’s hands. The past is now forever gone, it is no more, yet only you can choose to retrieve, revive and relive it, by dragging it, into and onto, the present moment. When you do, the past acts like a wall that is placed between you and your true nature, blocking your view and understanding, of what is really going on.

Today, in order to see our peers as they truly are, let us let go of the past and future, and return to the eternal now, the present moment. Let us do this by replacing judgment with forgiveness, and worry with trust. Forgiving and dropping all our past judgments, and trusting and placing the future fully in God’s hands. Today, when we view our peers through the lens of peace, let that be a symbol to us, that we are in alignment with the now. When we lack peace, let that be a symbol to us, that we are either attached to the past or worried about the future. Peace is simply an aspect of Love, thus anytime that we are viewing others through any of Love’s numerous expression, that shows us that we are in alignment with the present moment, seeing and experiencing all our others as they truly are, and were created to be.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Dear James,

I really struggled with this post. For many years now I have recognised the value and importance of forgiveness in living a peaceful life. I have actively practiced forgiveness and found it to be a wonderful and empowering experience yet I have one family member who I have tried to forgive time and again and each time she has come back into my life and abused us again and again.

I now really struggle to forgive her again but that in itself causes me grief. Please how should I handle her in the light of today’s post?

Thank you Fiona for your question. I would simply say not to overthink it. Yes forgive, send blessings and prayers to that person every time they come into your mind, but at the same time, to have peace you must do what brings you peace. If it brings you peace not to be in the physical presence of that being, then don’t put yourself in their physical presence, or if you, for some reason, have to put yourself in their physical presence, then put yourself in their presence as little as possible. Always do what brings you peace, and you will have peace. Peace. JBC

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