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Today, when our minds temporarily yield to judgment of self or others, stress or pessimism, let us recall that thanks to free will, the amount of time we spend in such states is purely up to us to decide. Let us no longer choose to unconsciously dwell in them. Instead, let us recall that God is love and all. Thus this and every moment will be used in our growth, healing and awakening process. Understanding this, let us no longer sulk in the ego’s swamp of negativity. Let us instead take an honest look at the thoughts and emotions we are thinking and experiencing, and look for ways we can use them to heal. Then let us thank them for reminding us that we no longer want or need what they offer us. Today, let us recall that we should be in control of our thoughts. Our thoughts should not be in control of us.

Today, it is we, not the ego, who are in control of our thoughts, and thus of the life we are creating. Our Creator is love. Thus loving thoughts are a sign to us that our true nature is in control of our thinking. Let us also allow unloving thoughts to show us when the ego, not the truth in us, is in control of our thinking. Our mission on Earth is to create as Love created, through love, in whichever ways are most specific to our individual gifts, passions, hopes and dreams. Thanks to God’s gift of free will, in every moment, we have the right to create the life we want. Let us take this immense responsibility to heart, and take greater control over the thoughts we think by aligning them with the love that we are. By doing so, let us become the gifts to this planet that we were all created to be.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”


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Inspiring Videos to Help People Awaken.     daily inspiration video

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