Daily Inspiration: May 18. We Do Not Live In Some Imaginary Gap In God – Condensed Version

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There are no gaps in God. There are no gaps in That Which Is All and All Which Is Love. Love, being everywhere and All, can have no gaps, limits, opposites, cracks or holes in it. You cannot fall through a crack in God’s love, nor can you be forgotten by God. There are numerous expressions of Love, such as peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion. All of these expressions of Love are you, and are in you. Love’s energies are our true nature. Yet, for the ego to continue to survive and thrive in us, it must convince us that this is not so. It must convince us that we are separate from God and can thus fall through gaps where God does not exist and where the ego rules as king. We think we fall into these imaginary gaps when we are not being an expression of Love and are believing lies about us as true.

Today, let us recall that God is All. Thus it is impossible for us not to be a part of Him or apart from Him. Let us close our eyes, breathe in, and feel God’s love and light enter, fill and embrace us. Then let us breathe out all of our misperceptions and allow God’s love and light to take their place. Let us no longer value the ego’s lies more than Divine truth. Let us remember that when we choose judgment over forgiveness, worry over trust, and hate over love, we are choosing the ego’s false concept of separation over our eternal union with our Source. If we find ourself doing so, let us not despair. That sense of falling through a crack or gap in God, that feeling of being separate or alone — they are just paragraphs in the ego’s fairy tale, and the ego’s fairy tale in not real.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember

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Daily Inspiration: May 18. We Do Not Live In Some Imaginary Gap In God – Condensed Version.


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Comments (2)

Hyeladzira. peter. Bassi

I don’t know why I am always anxious, sometimes I cant even seem to figure why, but I am a single mother of a 13yr old son, who isn’t doing too well academically. may god increase my faith in him, so that I put my trust in him and to always believe and remember that he has my back always so that peace and joy will always be part of my life.

Thank you Hyeladzira for you comment and for being a member of our community.

Every time that an anxious thought tries to pollute your mind, see it as a call from God, asking you to develop a greater trust in Him.

See it as a call from Him, asking you to give Him all your anxious and worry thoughts. Do so and then feel and watch them dissolve in His loving light. Then feel yourself being filled by this loving light.

Do this every time that an anxious thought comes in, just visualize and feel yourself giving it all over to Him. Then simply allow His love to fill those once anxious places in you. Do this over and over an over again, each and every day, until it becomes second nature to do so. Do so until it feels more natural for you to trust in God and be at peace, then to be worried and anxious.

Do this and you will be teaching your child how to also make the conscious choice for peace over worry. Do so and through your example, help him learn how to trust God more.

Peace. JBC

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