Daily Inspiration: April 1. How Much Worrying and Suffering Will We Choose?

Worrying and mental suffering are signs of a mind that is temporarily asleep to its true nature. Such a mind has forgotten that it has co-created its journey in sacred partnership with God. Worrying and mental suffering are energetic expressions that show us where our mind is out of alignment with the Mind of God and our Divine plan. It is not possible to worry or mentally suffer and at the same time be fully trusting in our Divine plan. Our highest will, just as our highest self, is always connected to and in communication with our Source, God. Thus worrying and suffering result not because we are unworthy of peace and joy, but because during these moments in time, we have forgotten that what we experience is actually our co-creation. Everything in our co-creation with God is designed with our highest good in mind.

Our Source, being Perfect Love, only creates perfectly and lovingly. Thus our journey, no matter how we have been programmed by the ego to see and react to it, is a perfect for us. Our sacred journey can come in billions of forms, but in the end, its manifestation are meant to be loving and of service. All journeys are in service not only to self, but also to others. Being such, our life experience and the lessons that come to us from it, are here to help us all reach a higher level of consciousness. This higher level of consciousness results in people becoming more kind, compassionate, loving, peaceful, joyful and forgiving. Sure, the journey to becoming aligned with these energies may not always be a straight line. But our destination, because it is set by God, is assured. Because of this, when aligned with the Mind of God, we are always moving towards and creating, a kinder, more compassionate, loving, peaceful, joyful, and forgiving state of mind and world. The sooner we recognize this, the more peace we experience, and the greater trust in God’s plan we develop and achieve. The greater trust in God’s plan we develop and achieve, the less worrying and suffering we do.

Worry and suffering, in relationship to other people, occurs because we do not fully understand the sacred part that they play in our journey.  Being all One, our judgment of others results not from their personal expressions, but from our lack of understanding of how our Whole-Self is interacting with Itself for the greater good. There will come a time when you will be shown how all the pieces of The Journey fit perfectly together. It is then you will embrace and be grateful for each and every one of those pieces you once judged. It is then that you will thank them for their participation in your lesson plan. Forgiveness, compassion, peace, joy, and appreciation, will result from this meeting of the minds. These energies and emotions will replace all the hurt, worry, suffering and pain that you once felt. Imagine, understanding that each one of the pieces of our lives are needed in order to fulfill God’s perfect plan. Each one here to help us all grow, heal and awaken us to who in truth we all are. If any piece of God’s plan was not needed or of use to us, then we would not be experiencing it or them. When we understand that each piece, everyone, is here to help serve the highest good, it is then the non-judgment, peace of mind and gratitude result. Once you begin to recall and see how necessary we are to each other, compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy and gratitude, become our constant companions. Today, If you experience anyone, any piece of God’s puzzle, with anything other than Love’s expressions, then know that you are misperceiving the gift that the present moment is trying to offer you. When you experience the present moment as it was meant for you to enjoy, every person in your life becomes a gift to you and you to them.

Today, let us recall and rejoice that we have been gifted free will. This means that the amount of time we spend worrying and suffering in judgment, anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge, between now and our return Home, is purely up to us to decide. Let us for a moment look back at our lives. Let us see how many times when we experienced worrying and suffering, how those experiences actually brought us some of our greatest life lessons, wisdom and maturity. If life lessons, wisdom and maturity resulted from our experiences, then were those circumstances ever really bad or negative in the first place? God, being Love, uses all for good. Every experience in our life will, in the end, bring us to a place of greater wisdom and maturity. Understanding this, each and every moment, once we awaken to its true nature, can be seen and experienced with peace and gratitude. Peace and  gratitude, as all of Love’s expressions, will become our responses as we awaken to what is really going on. It will then be our self-awareness, not what seems to be happening in this world, that will be responsible for our states of peace and gratitude. It is our self-awareness that will diminish and then end, our worrying. suffering and pain. Today, let us recall what we have forgotten, that worrying and suffering show us when we are seeing this world through the ego’s past programs instead of through God’s eyes. We have forgotten that Love only creates lovingly. Today, let us all practice remembering what we have forgotten. By doing so, we finally find the peace of mind and joy, that has always been ours to discover, experience, share and enjoy.

Today, let us look back at our past and see how much we learned and grew from our challenging experiences and difficult times. If learning and growth were the end results of those experiences, then were they ever really bad or negative in the first place? If even those experiences, were we worried and suffered, serve a higher good, then wouldn’t all of our experiences also serve this purpose? Today, let us recall the God being Love, that all our experiences are in some way, shape or form, used for good. Everything is used to help us reach a deeper level of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. Knowing and trusting this, how much more worry and suffering need we choose to do? Today, let us notice that the more we trust in God’s sacred plan, the more peace of mind and joy we experience. The more peace of mind and joy we experience, the more grateful we are to everyone and all, and thus the less worrying and suffering we do. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

Thank you for that beautiful reminder. Its often a struggle to stop worrying and trying to manage our bills, jobs and resposibilities. It often feels to me like falling off a cliff that I put there by not paying attention to what I need to do to make life better for myself and family. Perhaps you can touch on that.

Thank you Theresa for being a part of our community.

If you desire to stop struggling then start by ending your use of the word ‘struggle’. Instead, begin to offer gratitude for everything that is offered to you. For anything, any experience that is offered to you, regardless of how the ego has programmed you to see, react to it, or define it, is a gift from an all loving God to you. The more you practice remembering this, the more aligned you will feel with the present moment. The more present you are, the more this gift call life will open before your eyes.

Gratitude, practice gratitude over and over and over again, until you start to recall what a gift each and every moment of this precious life truly is.

Peace. JBC

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