Daily Inspiration: April 11. The Battlefield Within our Mind

Imagine, being a soldier trying to clear a “hostile” section of a block. You go house-to-house, room-by-room, with your gun in hand, tensed up, and ready to shoot back at any perceived attack. With every person, noise, or situation that’s out of the norm, your training kicks in, adrenalin flows, defenses heighten and your attack begins. Even when we take this intensity down quite a few notches, is this not the way many people on this planet are living their lives? Do people not immediately judge and put up defenses against anything and anyone that does not fit into their mold or way of thinking? Is this not an exhausting, anxiety producing, and insane way to live? Going into every room, every situation, with judgments in hand, ready to fire at anyone and anything that does not fit into the idolatry of the ego’s past programs. Yes, this is how the ego has trained and programmed us to react to each other, and it has done so because it is judgment that feeds and fuels it. The ego needs us to judge self and others, in order for it to continue to exist. But thankfully, we do have free will. There will come a time when we will get sick and tired of the ego’s results. It is then that we will begin to look for a better way of co-existing with each other. When we get to that sacred doorway of that better way, we will look back and see how every single step along our journey, was of use. When we recognize the perfect and sacred nature of our journey, we will no longer look at our past and those in it with judgment. Instead, we will look upon them with gratitude. Gratitude will become our primary response to them because we will get, that it was our interactions with them, that finally got us to shift our perceptions. We will also understand that it was this shift in perception, that got us to the doorway to peace.  

The battlefields on this planet are filled with those who value judgment more than forgiveness, and condemnation more than compassion. They value being right more than being happy, and conflict more than peace. Yet many times, it is the accumulation of these battles that tire them of war, and bring up their desire and need for peace. Little by little they begin to realize that the true battle is not “out there”, it is fought within their own minds. This, when realized, is good news. It is good news for if the battle begins within their own mind, than it is also they who have the power to stop their thoughts of war, and consciously choose a more peaceful path. When you realize that the power to change resides within you, then the outer world and other’s opinions of you, will begin to lose their power over you. If something is powerless over you, then what need would you have to defend yourself or go to war against it? Now, we are starting to realize, that it is only within our minds, where we can define this world. Within the ego’s delusion, there is not one reality that you have been programmed to follow, there are seven plus billion “realities”. Seven plus billion ways that we view, think of, judge and interact with this world. There are seven plus billion levels of righteousness, war, conflict, confusion and chaos, trying to co-exist. Is it any wonder then why, within the ego’s mindset, righteousness, war, conflict, confusion and chaos, seem to reign supreme? There will come a day when you will tire of the battle. If you’re reading this post, that time might come be sooner than you think. Truth is forever true, and does not need your attack or defense, to be true. Love is who you are, and being eternal in nature, it needs no defense nor has a need to attack temporal delusions. Do not despair, your eternal truth cannot be challenged nor changed by any of the imaginary war games that the ego plays within the illusionary concept of time.

Today, know the ego will once again call out for war, because that is all it knows. When it does, let us pause our programmed response that says that we must judge, attack or defend, and instead give peace a chance. Peace, as an extension and expression of Love, is your true nature and home. Your true home is built on the solid foundation of rock, of the Peace of God. This foundation cannot crumble nor be threatened by the tiny little illusionary pebbles that the ego throws its way. Today, stand straight, steady and strong, in your truth. Do so, and you will need no sword to fight with, nor shield to defend against, the ego’s false concepts. The Love in you will always look for ways to lift people up and out of the battlefield. Today, allow your loving example to bring peace to those who know only of the fight. Become a reminder to them, that there is a place within all of us, of perfect understanding, where the peace, joy and Love of God forever resides. Help remind them, that they are neither slaves nor soldiers no longer. That the state of peace belongs to them, because Peace is their Father. The state of peace belong to all, because we are all One. Your journey is a perfect and sacred individualized co-creation with God. Being all One, so too is everyone’s journey individualized and perfect for them. What need would you ever again have for judgment, when you know that this is so? What need would you ever again have to join the battlefield, if you but fully trusted in God’s all-encompassing loving nature? Today, make the conscious decision, that through forgiveness, you will lay your weapons down. By doing so, you are in essence placing your trust in God’s prefect plan instead of the ego’s programs. When you do so, peace will become a natural expression and reflection, of the life you live and lead. 

Today, let us recall, that the ego’s battlefields, are not our true home. Let us do this, by answering the ego’s calls to judgment with forgiveness, its demands for condemnation with compassion, and its insistence to be right with our choice to be happy. Doing so, we turn its calls for conflict and war, into opportunities to choose peace and joy by developing a greater trust in God’s plan. This is how we will raise ourselves above the battlefields. This is how we will learn to lead our brothers and sisters out of the darkness, confusion, conflict, chaos and pain of the ego’s mindset and world. Today, let us stand solid in our truth. In the knowledge that we are God’s loving creations, and that only the Love in all of us is forever real and true. Today, above the battlefield let us, by the way we treat others, remind them that the road to peace and joy are also and always, available to them.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

This is just the message I needed today. Thank you!

Thank you Barbara for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much for your daily inspirations. It’s been a long journey but I truly believe I’ve reached my true self. Love and peace. I never want to go into that dark space again and hopefully I never will
God bless

Thank you Janet for being open to the message.

Every day make the conscious effort to practice being and sharing your true light, the love that you were created to be.

Be grateful to everyone you meet for giving you the opportunities, through their presence in your life, to practice being, offering and thus reinforcing, who in truth you are. The more you offer your light to others, the more you will realize that it is the light within you that is truly real.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for your insight on lifes constant war between ego and gods love within. I needed to remember this today and for all time. That adjustment is a continual must to realign within to be at peace. Amen

Thank you Debra for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Every time the ego seems to strike, do not judge yourself for buying into the false as true. Instead, be grateful to the ego, for offering you another opportunity to practice recalling who you are not, and thus for helping you align more closely with who you truly are.

Peace. JBC

“Truth is forever true, and does not need your attack or defense, to be true. “

Thank you for insight and healing words. I have been on the battlefield of an intense attack and have been putting so much energy into defense for many days. Your message today brought me peace and reminded me that I do not need to waste so much energy fighting this persons ego, that I do not have to fight to defend the truth, that the truth is known and felt no matter what what attack the ego throws to discredit it or change it, the truth cannot be changed, for it is the truth. I will put this into action today.

Thank you Jenny for being open to the message.

Today, when the ego attacks, do not defend nor attack as the ego would want you to do, for this continues to fuel the ego and starve you. Instead simply forgive. This way you allow others to finish dreaming their dreams, and by doing so, free from judgment, remain solidly in the state of peace.

Each person’s journey is a sacred co-creation with God. Each person must finish dreaming their dream before they awaken. When we trust this, peace results. When we think that our plan for the universe is better than God’s, confusion, fear, conflict and chaos results. Always remember that as God’s creation you are worthy of peace, and so in each and every moment and interaction simply choose through forgiveness the road to peace. Do so and your destination is assured.

Peace. JBC

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