Daily Inspiration: April 12. Revisiting ‘An Eye for an Eye’

‘An eye for an eye’ is in no way an excuse for revenge. It is in no way a call to strike back at another for what you believe he or she has done. An eye for an eye simply reinforces the idea that being all One, that what you do to “another,” you are doing to yourself. This will be best understood in the life review process that takes place after physical death. In it you will be shown, and you will be able to feel and experience, how you made the other person feel during your interaction. This is not done as a form of punishment, judgment or revenge, but as a learning opportunity to assist developing souls more fully understand the result and consequences of their actions. You will in the end, be grateful to God and to all those involve in this life review process for offering you the opportunity to fully comprehend your experience. We are One, connected to each other. We need not wait for our physical death to truly understand this. Be kind and compassionate towards another, and feel these actions soothing and blessing your own soul. Be judgmental and angry towards another, and feel the heavy burden that such actions leave within you and then have to carry. Understanding this, why would you ever choose to poison yourself through your own thoughts and interactions with others? Why not use your interactions to remind you of how truly worthy you are of experiencing all of Love’s expressions by offering them to others. Love is the main energetic expression of God, and so when you are offering love to others, you are in essence representing God on Earth. Equally so, when you are withholding love from others, what you are really doing is denying your function here on Earth. You have free will, thus you can choose to fulfill your function or deny it, anytime that you so desire.  

In our life review, will be grateful to all those who were a part of, and participated in, our growth, healing, and awakening process. Knowing this, why wait for our physical death to offer gratitude and find peace now? Each moment, and every one in that moment, is offering us the opportunities to achieve a greater sense of self-awareness, and a higher level of consciousness. Understanding this, all those that you have judged and sentence to a life without you, can be forgiven. They can now be offered gratitude for the part that they played in your lesson plan and journey. By doing so, you can find peace now, and become an example to others that the choice for peace is possible. The time we spend away from peace, between judging someone and forgiving them, is measure in many ways such as through anger, pain, sadness, resentment, hate, regret and revenge. If you find yourself aligned with the darkness, do not despair, simply recall that we have been given free will and choose once again. The amount of time we spend being weigh down and engulfed by those energies and emotions, is purely up to us to decide. We can forgive now, and thus find peace now. We can also hold onto our judgments for a lifetime, and suffer for a lifetime. In the end, only we, through our judgments can imprison ourselves, or through forgiveness can set ourselves free. Forgiveness and freedom are both expressions of Love. Love is your Creator. Would it not seem logical and wise, to offer all others what your Creator is in every moment offering you? Why would you not want, in every moment, to align with the Love of God? Why would you not desire to experience and share all the beautiful expressions of Love, of God, here now on Earth? Today, let us practice making a concerted effort to align with Love, by offering it to all others. Then, allow yourself to feel how naturally the expression of Love aligns with the truth in you.

Today, let us remember, the gift that each and every moment offers us, and let go of the childish games of judgment, one-upmanship, anger, resentment and revenge. Let us recall, that in every moment, our brothers and sisters did the best they could with the knowledge they had available to them at that time. We are all, in every moment, at our highest level of consciousness, all doing the best we can with what we have. If we are doing the best we can with the tools we have available to us, is judgment of self and others truly a worthy, appropriate, and logical response? No, these are, when you truly understand the gift that the present moment offers, not the proper responses to yourself and others. Compassion, kindness, forgiveness, understanding, gratitude and peace, are the appropriate responses to those who are doing the best they can with what they have. Let us today, forgive others their trespasses, so that we too may remember that we are also worthy of being forgiven. Today, let us recall that when we look to take an eye for an eye, this only shows us that it is we who are blind. My dear friend, the cross has been overcome. You no longer need carry the heavy burdens of this world. Only the Love that God is, now belongs to you. Only the Love that God is, is the real you. Only the Love that God is, is the truth within us all. Today, let us through Love’s expression of forgiveness, let go of everything that is not Love. An eye for an eye, anger, resentment and revenge, these are all foolish games that only the blind to the truth in them play. You are no longer blind. If you are reading this now, it is because you are choosing to see. Choose now only to see the truth in all others as true. Do so and you’ll be reinforcing your eternal essence and nature, who you in truth are, were created to be, and will always be. 

Today, let us recognize that it is only those who play ‘an eye for an eye’ who are truly blind. Let us today not judge the blind, for that would only make us blind. We are the children of The Light. To recognize this, we must offer it, and all that it represents, to all others. It is only when our light shines outward, that we get to fully see and experience it. The more we get to see and experience our light, the more worthy we will recall that we are of representing Love here on Earth. Being all One, if we deny the light to others, we are simply withholding it from ourselves. Today, thank all those who are offering you the opportunity to be, share and thus reinforce The Light in you. Thank them for helping you recall that you are forever worthy of all that God is. Today, allow your love offerings to symbolize to you, that you are finally beginning to truly see.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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