Daily Inspiration: April 17. Overcoming the Idea of Death

Your birth was not your beginning, and neither shall your death be your end. As God’s creations, extensions and expressions, we are what He is, and thus if God is eternal, then so to are we. God is Love, and thus this is who we are, this is our eternal essence. The more we make the conscious effort to align with the eternal in us, the more we will realize that this is who we truly are. Today, let us make the conscious choice to begin to overcome the idea of death. We do so by first setting aside the ego’s illusionary old paradigm, that we are dust and return to dust. Our eternal essence, our true nature, has nothing to do with dust, and so the truth in us will never return to dust. Our eternal loving essence, was long before it chose to be in a physical body, and it will be, long after it chooses to leave it. But we need not die, to leave the ego’s world behind. We need not die, to start reflecting the presence of Heaven on Earth. All we need do, is to align with the Heavenly mindset, the eternal in us which is Love, and decline the ego’s judgmental mindset, which is fear based. The more we choose love over fear, the more of a Heavenly symbol we will become to others. No matter how attached to their delusions others may be, they naturally desire to experience and become an example of the Heavenly state of mind, of the eternal in them. Any time you are acting through Love or any of its expressions, you are reminding others of their eternal nature. Today, let us become a physical symbol of eternity, of the Love that God is. By doing so we will begin to help awaken others from the dream of death. Being all One, being your light will help remind others of the light in them. By just being who in truth you are, you’ll provide a great service to many.

Our physical body is but a communication device for the soul. It is a vehicle that we use to get us from point A to point B in the physical world. Sure, our bodies are to be cared for, respected and honored. They are a gift from God. Yet we will only use them for a short time, and after they have served their purpose, we will with gratitude lay them down, and continue on our sacred path. Today, let us not confuse our eternal loving essence with these temporal physical structures that as time passes, slowly crack open and fall apart. Our souls, our eternal essence, as part of The Whole, has no attachment to the concept of time. Let us no longer allow the temporal in us to rule over the eternal in us. Judgment, anger, stress, resentment, and thoughts of revenge, are all symbols of when the body or the temporal mindset is ruling over the eternal in us. These symbols are fabrications of the ego, all made in an effort to have us believe that we are bodies, separate from The Whole, from our brothers, sisters and God. The sooner we stop supporting with our time, focus and energy, the ego’s use of the body, the sooner we will begin to let go of the false idea of death. Use the body in service to the ego, and conflict, confusion and chaos result. Use the body in service to God, and peace, joy and understanding, result. When the ego uses the body, it uses it to separate from others. When God uses it, He uses it to unite you with others. The more aware we are of how the ego uses the body, the less time we will need to spend in support of its chaos inducing mindset. The less time we spend in chaos, the more time we will spend in the state of peace, align with the eternal in us. 

Today, let us begin to overcome the illusionary idea of death, by seeing it as just an idea. Death is a false concept within the illusion of time that the ego uses to try to separate us from each other, from our eternal sense of Oneness. The ego thinks that if it can separate us from the eternal, it can separate us from God. If it can separate us from God, then it can have us to itself. if it can have us to itself, then we serve it and not God. Yet, God is All, thus such thoughts are just the irrational thinking and mindset of the delusional ego. Today, when we find the ego false concepts in control of our thinking, let us stop and recall that we are the eternal, not the temporal. That we are truth, not the illusion. That we are love, not fear. Let us now use the awareness of these fear based thoughts, not to continue to judge self or others, but to trigger in us the desire to return to being who we were created to be. Today, let us recall, that we are not dust, that we are not some decaying physical structure that last but for a moment in time. We are not the sons and daughter of time, we are the children of Eternity. God, Eternity created you, and God creations are eternal in nature. Today, stand steady and strong, in the calm and quiet peace, of this ever constant certainty. Today, when we use any of Love’s expressions to communicate, we are in essence saying yes to the eternal in us, to everlasting life. The eternal in us, is all that is truly real. The more we consciously connect and support the eternal in us, the more we will realize that yes, this is who in truth we are. We are here to represent our Creator, Eternal Life and Love on Earth. We are here to help remind others, that their eternal essence is who in truth they are and is always, in every moment, but a simple choice away. The choice between death and eternal life, is always, in every moment, ours to make. We are always in one way or another, supporting the symbols of one or the other. Today, recognize the power and responsibility that you have over the present moment, and represent only the truth in you as true.   

Today, let us recognize that in every moment and interaction, we represent either death or Eternal Life. Let us today, become aware of some of the symbols of both. Judgment of self and others, frustration, anger, anxiousness, hate, resentment, and revenge, all these are symbols of death. They are symbols of the body, of the temporal, of the dust that returns to dust. Love and all its expressions, such as those of peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and charity, are all representations of God, of the truth in us, our souls, of our eternal essence and nature. When you align with the symbols of death, you walk into darkness and despair. When you align with the symbols of The Eternal, your light will shine brighter and brighter each day. If you ever find yourself in the darkness, do not despair, simply use your free will to choose once again, to choose love over fear, and God’s eternity over the ego’s dust.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (10)

Thank you so much for these posts! I love each message!😊❤️

Thank you Christie for being open to the message.

May you continue to be a light for this world.

Peace. JBC

Thank you for these posts. These truths are known if we look deeply within and am so grateful for these reminders.
“Judgment of self and others, frustration, anger, anxiousness, hate, resentment, and revenge, all these are symbols of death, symbols of one who has bought into the ego’s mindset. Love and all its expressions, such as those of peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness, and charity, are all symbols of the truth in us, of eternal life. Aligning yourself with the symbols of death, will walk you further into darkness and despair. Aligning with the symbols of The Eternal, will make your light shine brighter and brighter each day. Free-will allows us to choose, in every moment, which road to take.” – Thank you 🙂
With your permission I would like to quote the above on my Facebook page.

Thank you Cindy for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Please feel free to quote anything that you would like to quote from these daily posts and site.

Thank you for being a light in this world.

Peace. JBC

Love your writings and messages!! Keep them coming, we all benefit from such divinely inspired words!!! ❤️

Thank you Mary for your kind words and for being open to the message.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

My wife and I read, in out daily devotional time: ACIM, selections from You have Chosen to Remember, and Daily Word. We are pleased to add your Daily Inspiration. Thank you.

Thank you to you Jim and your wife for being open to the message and for including it in your devotional time.

Thank you for both of you being lights in this world.

Peace. JBC

Beautiful to the mind and body. All encompassing thanku

Thank you Mrs Patsy for being open to the message.

Peace. JBC

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