Daily Inspiration: April 19. You are Never Alone

You may sometimes feel lonely, but you are never alone. It is because God has whispered in your ear that it is time to awaken, that you have now chosen to open your eyes. As your eyes open, you see that every time the sun is birthed from the ocean, She trustingly and lovingly delivers into your waking arms, a brand new day. When its light brightens your face, and its touch warmth your heart, it is Source that you are feeling. Every breath you take, is Him sharing with you, how much you are needed here now on Earth. And so understand, that there is not one breath that you have ever taken, without God’s knowledge. Remember this, and know that you are not alone. The journey you are now on, is the one that you have co-created with God, and so every step you take, He takes with you. You may at times forget who walks with you, but that does not in any way change the fact, that He is always with and within you. Whenever you are expressing love, in any of its numerous forms, it is God who is flowing through you, touching and healing all those that He presents to you. Being One with God and God being All, when you’re sitting under a tree and its shade protects you from the heat of the sun’s rays, and the winds breeze cools you down, it is God who is the tree that you sit under, the shade that it creates, the wind that cools you down, but He is also the sun and its rays and the heat that it produces, and so you see, it would be impossible, even under less than prefect circumstances, to think that you could ever be alone, or be in any way, separated from God. The belief that you could be alone, is the unconscious belief that you are unworthy of God. Your sense of loneliness, comes simply from an erroneous belief that you hold as true, and not from any thought that is in truth even remotely possible.

It is God, in every act of kindness, who expresses the Divine through you. In every act of kindness, it is He whose truth you are communicating. There is not a moment where you offer compassion, forgiveness, charity, understanding, joy and peace, that He is not there along with and within you. For all these energies are expressions of Love, and Love is who He is. When you offer love, what you are really doing is, sharing God with others. When you offer your seat to a stranger, She smiles. When you caress a child with a word of compassion, Love is there. When you offer your time, ear, and patience to a peer, it is Spirit that listens with you. When you offer gratitude for the food on your plate, it is She who nourishes your body and feeds your soul. When someone lets you into their lane or opens the door for you, it is Source’s example and expression that you are experiencing. When you walk into a building from the cold and are greeted with warmth, it is He who shelters you. God is in everyone, everything and all. Yes indeed, some may be asleep to this understanding, but just because they sleep, does not in any way mean that God does not also reside within them. Those who feel alone, are not. They are simply asleep to the understanding that God being All, could never be apart from them. If you feel alone, choose no longer to feed that delusion, instead begin to offer love in any of its forms, and you will begin to see and feel how much God truly resides within you. Then notice that God does not come, then go, then come again, when you need or call upon Him, because in truth God has never left you, and that is why He is always by your side whenever you call.

Today, remember, that there was an instant in time when God thought, and it is this thought that became you. God is now sharing you, His thought with those who have forgotten where they come from, so that they may once again begin to remember, that they are not alone. Notice, that when you share a thought with others, that thought although received by others, also still remains within you. In fact, by sharing it, it expands and grows, and yet at the same exact time, it is reinforced and strengthened within you. This is exactly what God is doing with you. God is sharing you with this planet, and at the same exact time, increasing His connection to you. As you share Him through your loving acts, you strengthen the memory within you, that you can never be, and have never been alone. This is what ‘others,’ through their participation in your life, are helping you do, strengthening your conscious connection to your Source, to All. When you begin to feel that conscious connection to All, you will never again, buy into the illusionary concept, that you could ever be alone. We are all One, serve others, and because service is an expression of Love, you will be reinforcing and strengthening your connection to your loving Source, to All. Today, let us all become the physical expressions, examples and representatives, of Oneness. You can never make the conscious choice to become an expression of Oneness, and at the same time think you stand alone. Today, every moment that you choose to value Love’s sense of Oneness, more than you value the illusion of loneliness, it will be literally God, the truth in you, that you will be sharing with others. Today, make the conscious decision to no longer feed the delusion of loneliness, instead align with your Source, with All, and become and share, who in truth you are.

Today, let us recall, that it is possible to feel alone, but that it is not possible to be alone. God is Love and All, and so anywhere you are, God is. Feeling lonely is just a symbol that you valuing the ego’s mindset that is focused on separation, more than God’s mindset of Oneness. God is All, and therefore, the ego’s world is nothing, and so if you are focused on nothing, then yes, loneliness will appeal to you and appear to be real. Today, use the feeling of loneliness, as a personal call from God to you, asking you to return home to Him. If you can start using the feeling of loneliness in such a manner, it will become a way for you to leave a darken mindset and return to being at One with The Light, with All That Is. The more you make the conscious decision to dismiss the ego’s mindset and connect with The Whole, the more worthy, normal, natural and right, it will feel to be One with The Whole, and thus the less alone you will feel.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (7)

This post only reinforced my views of our purpose here on earth is to love, serve, and become one with the Godhead of this universe. We are not a lone, we can not even if we tried be a lone. His spirit resides within us!

Thank you Carolyn for being open to the message. Yes, we are here to love and serve, each one of us, in our own unique and sacred manner. As God creations, we are here to create, as Love created. All that God is we are, and only what God is, being that He is Love and All, could we ever be. Peace. JBC

I love this!!

I loved reading this post. I can really relate to it. I had to giggle to myself today because as I was reading this post, I noticed that the reading voice in my head sounded just like James, accent and all. Hahaha! How cute is that?!?!

Thank you Shelly for your comment and for being open to the message. We are indeed all One. Peace. JBC

Hahaha, I did the same thing!

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