Daily Inspiration: April 20. What Time Is to Eternity

I place a towel unto the surface of a deserted endless beach, and it becomes a symbol, of what time is to eternity. Equally so, a symbol of what judgment is to forgiveness, pain to peace, and condemnation to compassion. You, your brother and sister are eternal, the truth within forever changeless in its perfection. And yet the ego, thought it noticed a blink in eternity’s eyes, and decided to call it time. Within this illusionary idea that we now call time, we have been programmed to believe that we are something other than God’s eternal loving essence, and that there can be something apart from All That Is. Because we have bought into this fairy tale called time, we have also bought into the characters within this fairy tale, that go by such names as judgment, anxiousness, anger, resentment, hate and revenge. Yet, these characters being in opposition to All That Is, cannot in truth exist nor represent us, who are God’s loving creations. We are the creations and extensions of God, of Eternity, and thus throughout eternity, regardless of the dreams we may dream, this will remain forever so. Imagine, Love, the Eternal, being who in truth you are, then imagine forgiveness, an expression of the eternal, equally and also being who in truth you are, thus if forgiveness is all you are, what space could a so-called judgment in you, truly ever take? Judgment, which places itself in opposition to forgiveness, which is an expression of All That Is, could in truth never be anything other than nothing. Judgment, can thus only be experience, if we are asleep to who in truth we are, dreaming dreams made by the ego and for the ego. Yet, the beauty of being where we are right now, writing and reading this paragraph, is that this is a symbol, that we are awakening, and need no longer sleep. We have all slept enough, and there comes a point in each ones life, when we begin to recognize, that we need no more sleep. You have recognized this, and thus why you are now here, remembering and becoming an example of your eternal essence, of the love that you were created to be.

Yes, we have been gifted free will, and thus we can choose to build upon All That Is, judge the sinless, or try to change the changeless, it is our eternal right to be wrong. Free will, gives us the right to try to add to All That Is, and yet in truth we cannot add to, nor subtract from, Perfection. Love, which is the expression of Perfection, is who we have always been, are now, and will always be, it is our true nature and eternal essence. It is only when we forget this, that the characters within the ego’s fairy tale, can seem to come to life. Today, let us choose, not to give life to the lifeless. Today, let us make the conscious choice, not to allow the blind to keep leading the blind, for we have all play within the ego’s fairy tale long enough to know, that is has nothing real to offer us. Today, let us make the conscious choice, to close the ego’s fairy tale book, and align with the Love that is our eternal essence. By doing so, we return Home, Home to a place we have in truth never left, for we can in truth never leave, All That Is. When you awaken to who in truth you are, you will no longer have an interest to judge those who sleep. If you have no interest in judging those who sleep, nor those who are awake, then you will see your need or desire for judgments, dissolving before your light and understanding. As you begin to see the need for judgment dissolving from your life, you will see that it was never truly real nor necessary. In seeing judgment as the illusionary character within the ego’s fairy tale that it is, its power over you, will begin to diminish, and then dissolve back into the nothingness from which it came. Now, knowing judgment as an illusion, you will understand that those who judge you simply sleep, and that it is useless to judge those who sleep. If they think they need to judge, let them keep on sleeping, with the understanding that we all, sooner or later, get tired of sleeping, and that once we do, we will desire to awaken.

Today, let us practice, trying not to add to, nor subtract from, Perfection. Perfection, The Eternal, God, Love, All, all are One, and we as a part of The One, are all perfect exactly as we are and were created to be. Today, where we have condemned a brother or sister to a life without us, we finally awaken to the illusionary nature of judgment and time, by instead making the conscious choice, to align with the eternal in us. In such an instant, we align with the eternal in us, by aligning with forgiveness, which is one of the eternal expressions of Love, and by doing so, we see how one true, honest and changeless holy instant aligned with Love, with forgiveness, can end a lifetime of judgment, anger, suffering, resentment, regret and pain. Today, let us make the conscious decision to stop playing the ego’s judgment based games. Today, let us make the conscious decision, to align with our eternal essence, by ending our support for all the characters within the ego’s fairy tale. In fact, anytime those characters pop up within our minds, we simply stop them on their tracks, choose those exact moments to reconfirmed our support of the eternal, and with love, compassion, peace and understanding, allow our illusionary thoughts, to dissolve back into the nothingness from which they came. We are not a character within the ego’s fairy tale, we are God’s creation. We are not a body that gets old and withers away within the illusion of time, we are the sons and daughters of the Eternal. We are not anything that is seemingly apart from The Whole, we are a part of The Whole. Let us today, no longer sell ourselves short. Let us, no longer keep aligning ourselves with illusionary concepts that only try to steal our peace of mind and joy. Today, let us make the conscious decision to only represent The Eternal, not time. Let us represent Truth, not falsehoods. Let us represent God, not the ego.

Today, let us practice, recognizing some of the symbols of eternity and of time. Eternity is a symbol of God, time is a symbol of the ego. Eternity is aligned with peace and Love, time is aligned with judgment and fear. Love, has numerous expressions, such as peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, when you are experiencing or expressing these, you are aligning yourself with the Eternal, God, with who in truth you are. Fear, has numerous expressions, such as judgment, anger, anxiousness and hate, when you are experiencing or expressing these, you are aligning yourself with time, with the body, with an imaginary-self that does not in truth exist. Today, do not put yourself down, nor judge yourself when aligning with the symbols of time, instead practice using time and its symbols, to help wake you up to the understanding, that the mindset that you are supporting, is not representative of the truth in you. After realizing this, simply and gently make the conscious choice, to align with the eternal, with who in truth you are and were created to be.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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