Daily Inspiration: April 21. The ‘Act’ of Anger

When you react with anger towards another, you are not actually angry at them, you are angry at your perception of them. It is not what they have said or done that is making you angry, is how you interpreted and defined what they have said or done that is making you angry. The way to peace is thus not found “out there,” it is found within you. The way to peace comes by changing your perception of them, not them. Love is your true essence and nature. Thus, the only part of you that can react with anger, is the that part of you that remains asleep to its true essence and nature. Ask yourself: “What has the ego’s “solution” of anger ever offered me?” Maybe frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret? Are such emotions ever worthy of any of God’s creations? You as God’s creation belong in alignment with Love, reflecting on Earth the Mind of God. Peace, forgiveness, joy and compassion, are all expressions of Love, all worthy of you. Anger is not worthy of you, only Love is, because love is who you are. Today, align with the Mind of God by choosing love instead of anger, forgiveness instead of judgment, and peace instead of pain. Do so and you’ll be dissolving your relationship with the ego. Nothing “outside” of you, being that you are One with All, has power over you. The only power that the outer world will ever seem to have over you, is the power that you give to it. Free yourself from the ego’s grip by recalling that because you are One with God, Love, All, that anger, being in opposition to Love, could never be a true part of you. Today, when the ego once again demands that you “act” with anger, recall all the dead-end roads, pain and suffering, that such delusional type of thinking has brought to your life. Then simply and politely, refuse such a request.

The Universe is loving and kind. It will always allow you to experience the states of mind that you believe you need to experience in order to grow. The Universe knows that the ego is self-destructive. It knows that the more you use the ego’s tools, such as those of anger, frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret, the more you will see and understand how unproductive they are. The more you realize their useless nature, the less you will want to use them. God uses all for good. You have free will, thus even your anger will be used by God, to help you realize that anger is not a response that you truly need or want. In that sense, even something like anger can become a gift that you are offer yourself in order to help release you from its grip. Anger and everyone involved with you becoming angry, are then seen and understood as part of a sacred process that helped you release that delusional thought. Once you understand this, gratitude starts to become your response to anger, and to all those involved with bringing that experience to you. Let us sacrifice no more of our life to supporting anger. Instead, let us now make anger work for us. Now, instead of having anger ruin your day, allow it to trigger in you the recollection that it offers you nothing you want. Anger now becomes an ally in our awakening process, helping us release ourselves from it, and return to being the love that we were created to be. Imagine, practicing each day, using the ego’s tools, such as those of anger, frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret, not to punish yourself or others, but to help you heal. By doing so, all situations both good and so-called bad, now become of use in your awakening process. When you start to see that everything and everyone, in their own ways are helpful and useful, then gratitude will become your primary response to them. 

Today, let us recall and be grateful that God uses all for good. Knowing this, even anger, now becomes just another road to peace. Imagine, a day when you no longer need to condemn yourself or another for anger. Now, anger simply is seen and understood as a longer and bumpier road to peace. Now, instead of diminishing ourselves or others by buying into the ego’s false concept of anger, we now use it to help us heal. Now, knowing that God can use all for good, we try to think in alignment with the Mind of God. Now, we simply say to ourselves: “You know, I don’t quite yet understand what this is all about, but I already know where anger takes me. I have already traveled anger’s road a hundred times before. Today, instead of becoming angry, I make the conscious decision to fully trust in God’s plan. I trust in His guidance. I trust that all will, in some way, shape or form, work for our good. Because it will work for our good it is helpful, and for this help I offer God, and all those involve in this, my gratitude. Now, when anger comes knocking, I use it not to put any of God’s creations down, but to lift us up and out of the ego’s battlefields. By doing so we heal. Being all One, I now know that when I heal my mind, all those that I view through the healed mind, will also be seen as healed. Now I know, that even those steps of anger, were of use in helping me reach my destination, the state of peace. Today, I am also grateful to everyone, knowing that they are part of the perfect path and plan that I have co-created with God. God being perfect only creates perfectly. Knowing this, every moment now becomes a gift from God to me, and from me to this world. 

Today, let us practice using the ego’s tool of anger, not as a form of punishment, but as a tool to help us heal. When we learn to use any of the ego’s tools, not to keep us attached to its delusional world, but to release us from it, it is then that we begin to see and understand how God uses all for good. God has given us free will, thus we can experience anger as many times as we think we need to, to figure out how truly useless it is. For this freedom, let us offer God our gratitude. Let us also offer our gratitude to all who were a part of the process of helping us awaken from the delusional state of anger. Imagine now, thanks to our life experience and greater self-awareness, being able to thank those the ego once programmed us to curse. Now, we can use this life experience to help guide others out of the darkness and back into alignment with The Light. Now, thanks to this sacred circle, what once was our weakness, now becomes our strength. Where we once blamed we now bless, and by doing so, we help heal and awaken this world.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

This message hit home today. I normally do not feel anger unless pushed very far over the limit. This week I have felt extremely angry about a my partner who I gave my trust to that has broken it and been deceitful. It Has hurt me deeply and I am having a very hard time finding a way to let go of the anger & pain. I would be grateful for any advice on how to find a path through and above. Thank you.

Thank you Rose for being open to the message.

Consider if you will the following steps:

1 – Make a conscious decision, when such judgmental thoughts come your way trying to pollute your heart and mind, that you will no longer entertain nor support thoughts that are only poisoning and corroding you from within. You stop supporting them by taking your time, focus and energy away from them.

2 – Humbly ask God to take such thoughts from you. Visualize yourself putting those anger and pain filled thoughts in a dark bag and handing them over to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit. Then feel that bag lifting off from you, feel lighter because of this, and visualize them dissolving in His perfect loving light. All that God ask you in order to accomplish this, is to forgive those thoughts and all those involve with those thoughts. If you can not yet personally forgive someone, then humbly ask God to forgive them for you until you can see and feel the wisdom of His ways.

3 – Shift the time, focus and energy that you had sacrificed to those “negative” “dark” “hurtful” thoughts, and now dedicate that same time, focus and energy to praying for the healing of that brother or sister that has hurt you. Pray that they feel joy, healthy, and that God blesses each step they take. When you think of them fill them with compassion, forgiveness, love, mercy, and grace. Again, if you can not yet do this then ask God to do this for you until you can start doing this yourself. Visualize and feel God’s compassion, forgiveness, love, mercy and grace lighting and lifting your brother’s or sister’s heart and mind.

4 – Remember, that being all One, it is always what you think about and do to others that you will feel flowing through you and throughout your day.

5 – There is nothing wrong with feeling your feelings for the only way to truly heal is allowing yourself to feel. Still, be very aware of how you are feeling is making you feel. Do not continue to sink deeper into the darkness and despair, instead realize that where, through your thoughts you are going, you do not belong. You, as a child of the Light belong One with the Light. Your function is to be the light of the world, and you can not fulfill your function as long as you are cowering in the dark corners of judgment, anger, resentment, guilt, shame and regret.

6 – When out of alignment with the Light in you, when you are not being the love that God created you to be, stop as soon as you recognize this, forgive yourself and others, and ask God/Love to now lead you until you can take back control of your thoughts and mind and once again lead yourself. When you are off balance invite God in and say to yourself: “What would Peace/Love/God have me think, say and do now?” then think, say and do only that. Once the love in you is back in control of your thoughts, thinking, mind and life, know that the true you is back in control. Remember you control your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you. When your thoughts are in alignment with the love that you are know that it is the truth in you who is in control of your thoughts. When your thoughts are not in alignment with your loving essence and nature, then know that your thoughts are controlling you.

7 – When not at peace, do not punish yourself or others for this. Instead, stop and thank the Universe, God, your brothers and sisters, for they are in that very moment showing you who you no longer desire to be and what you no longer desire to think. The more you know who you do not want to be, and what you do not want to think, the easier and more clear your path to being who you want to be and what you want to think will become. For this, let us offer each step along the way, and every interaction we have with another, our gratitude, not our judgment.

8 – Today, make forgiveness and gratitude, not anger and resentment, your constant companions and behold your world soften and lighten up. When anger thoughts try crawling in, forgive them, let them go and thank them for showing you what a waste of time and energy it is to dedicate your day to anger. When resentment tries to break its way into your heart and mind, forgive it, release it and thank it for letting you see how unlike the dark dreadful energy of resentment is to your eternal loving essence and nature. When any “negative” thought tries to control your time, simply recognize that it is not the loving truth in you who is in control, then forgive that negative thought, release it and thank it for its service to you, for helping you see that you are not it, that you are instead its opposite, the Love that God is. The more times you get to practice catching that negativity when it tries to consume you, the more quickly you be able to catch it, and the less of your time and energy you will spend in it. The less time you spend in the darkness, the more time you will spend in and One with the Light, for this let us offer all our challenging thoughts our gratitude, not our judgment.

9 – Keep reminding yourself throughout the day: “I am God’s child and creation, His light in this world. I am here on Earth to fulfill my function as the light of the world. God knows exactly where I am needed, I am His light within the darkness, I am His shelter within the storm. Today, I allow myself to be guided only by the Light in me. When this world demands judgment I will instead show mercy and forgive. When those around me are stress out and worried, it will be my complete trust in God’s plan the will light the way for those who are lost in darkness and despair. When others forget their loving nature, I will not buy into the dreams of themselves that they are dreaming, instead I will only see and focus on the truth in them, their loving eternal essence and nature, and treat them with only the love, compassion and grace that God, throughout eternity, has shown me. Thank you God. Amen.”

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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