Daily Inspiration: April 21. The ‘Act’ of Anger

When you react with anger towards another, you are not actually angry at them, you are angry at ‘your perception’ of them. What is making you angry, is not what they have said or done, what is making you angry, is how you have interpreted and defined, what they have said or done. The way to peace is thus not found “out there,” it is found within you. The way to peace comes by changing your perception of them, not them. Being that your true nature is Love, the only part of you that can react with anger, is the ego-self, that false part of you that remains asleep to its true nature. Ask yourself: What has the ego’s “solution” of anger ever truly offered me? Maybe it brought to you such emotional responses like frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret, nothing that in truth you want. You do not belong align with the states of anger, frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret. You belong aligned with the states of peace, forgiveness, compassion, love and joy, and you get there by consciously choosing to align with your true nature, that part of you that is connected to, and One with, God. That part of you that is connected to God, call it the God-self, forever offers you the love that it is. When you make the conscious choice to react with love instead of anger, the states of peace, forgiveness, compassion and joy, are experienced. It is when you realize, that the choices between love and anger, forgiveness and judgment, peace or pain, are yours and yours alone, that you end up taking your power back from the ego’s world. Nothing “outside” of you, being that you are One with All, has power over you, and so the only power that the outer world will ever seem to have over you, is the power that you give to it. Free yourself from the ego’s world by recalling, that because you are One with God, Love, All, that anger could never be, a true part of you. Today, when the ego once again demands that you “act” with judgment and anger, recall all the dead-end roads, pain and suffering, that this type of behavior and reaction has brought to your life, and then simply and politely, refuse its request.

The Universe is loving and kind, and so it will always allow you to experience the states of mind, that you consciously or unconsciously believe you need to experience, in order to grow, heal and awaken. The Universe knows that the ego is self-destructive, and so the more you use the ego’s tools of anger, frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret, the more you will see how unproductive they are, and so the less you will want to use them. God uses all for good, and you have free will, thus even your anger will be used by God, to help you realize, that anger is not something that you truly need or want. In that sense, even the state of anger can become a gift that you are offer yourself, in order to help you see, how little you truly desire it. And so you see, anger, and everyone involved with you becoming angry, were actually part of a process, that helped you understand yourself better. Once you understand this, gratitude starts to become your response to self, others and even to anger. Let us sacrifice no more of our life to supporting anger, instead let us now make anger work for us. Now, instead of having anger ruin your day, make the conscious choice to use it as a trigger mechanism, to help you recall that it offers you nothing you want, and that there are other, more productive ways, of getting to once again align with your true desire, the state of peace. Today, let us consciously use the unconscious state of anger, to release us from it, in doing so, anger now becomes an ally in our awakening process. Imagine, practicing each day, using all of the ego’s tools, such as anger, frustration, anxiousness, resentment and regret, not to continue to punish yourself or others, but to help you see who you are not, and thus to help guide you back to who you truly are. By practicing this, all moments, both good and so-called bad, now become useful, and it is this understanding, that God uses all for good, that will once again help you experience the peace of mind, love and joy, that as God’s creation, you so deserve.

Today, let us remember and be grateful that God uses all for good. Knowing this, even anger, now becomes just another road to peace. Imagine, a day when you no longer need to use anger, nor judge yourself or others, as not good, wise, spiritual or worthy enough, simply because we are taking the long and bumpy road to peace. Imagine, putting your full trust in God, and instead of buying into the ego’s mindset and reacting with anger, just saying to yourself: “You know, I don’t quite yet understand what this is all about, but I already know where anger takes me. I have already traveled anger’s road a hundred times before, and so today, I instead make the conscious choice to fully trust in God’s plan, that He is guiding all of us, in some way, shape or form, to the state of peace, to once again uniting with the peace and love, that represents the truth in me. Today, I make the conscious choice, to use anger, but not to put any of God’s creations down, but to lift myself out of the ego’s illusionary mindset in order to heal my own mind. Understanding that we are all One, I now know, that when I heal my mind, all those that I view through the healed mind, will also be seen as healed. Today, I am grateful for every step along my journey, for now I know that even those steps of anger, were of use in helping me reach my destination, the state of peace. Today, I am also grateful to everyone along my journey, for now I know, that they have also been a part of the perfect path and plan, that I have co-created with God. God being perfect only creates perfectly, and thus now I know, that every step and everyone on my journey, was in truth, a gift and blessing from God to me. Understanding this, I now consciously choose to make my journey, a gift and blessing, to everyone that I am honored to meet along the way.”

Today, let us practice using the ego’s tool of anger, not to continue to support, reinforce, or get stuck in a hellish mindset, but instead to help release us from a world, that we now know, we do not want. When we can learn to use any of the ego’s tools, not to keep us attached to its world, but to release us from it, it is then that we will begin to see and understand, how God can use all, even our so-called mistakes or weaknesses, for good, to help us grow, heal, and awaken us to who we in truth are. Now, thanks to our life experience, the same life experience we once judge others and ourselves for, we can now use to help better guide, through our example, our brothers and sisters, out of thinking patterns that in truth offer them nothing they want. By doing so, we become aware of God’s perfect circle, were what once we saw as a weakness in ourselves, now we see as a strength, and what once we blame ourselves and others for, now becomes a gift and blessing that we use to help heal and awaken this world.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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