Daily Inspiration: April 23. You Are The Gatekeeper of Your Kingdom

There is a kingdom within you, that only you can rule. Today, let us start to take greater personal responsibility, for being the gatekeepers of our kingdom. Let us ask ourselves, who/what are the inhabitants/thoughts, that we are allowing to enter our kingdom? For it’s the inhabitants within our kingdom, that provide the fuel and energy that powers our words, feelings, emotions, actions, reactions and interactions, throughout the day. It is us who must decide what kind of support we offer any specific thought. If we place our time, focus and energy, on a thought, it grows. By growing the thought, it becomes a bigger part of our day, and if we continue to support it, it then becomes a bigger part of our life. Equally so, if you currently have some thought or something in your life that you now know you do not want, then stop supporting it with your time, focus and energy, and it will begin to diminish and then dissolve from your life. It will be through this conscious control, that we have over the thoughts we think, by allowing or not allowing them into our kingdom, by focusing on them or not, that creates the life we are now living, and thus our destiny. If you are not at peace with the life you are currently living, do not waste your time putting yourself or others down for this, instead, use that time, focus and energy, to start reshuffling the thoughts you are thinking and supporting, in order to begin living the life you want. The beauty of your destiny is that, through your thoughts, you are creating it now, and it is only you and you alone, who has final say over the thoughts you think and support, and thus over your own destiny. Nothing says, that you must keep supporting thoughts, that are not supporting the life you want. You have been gifted free will by the Creator Himself, begin to consciously use it now, to create the life that you so desire.

When we allow inhabitants that are full of judgment, frustration, anger and resentment, into our kingdom, we will simply end up reaping what we/they sow. Equally so, if we allow inhabitants full of love, kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, to enter our gates, we will start to get a glimpse of what Heaven on Earth truly looks and feels like. The light that touches this physical world, through us, is an extension and expression, of the light within our kingdom, and that light is always, simply a refection of its inhabitants. What kind of life do you truly desire to create, experience and share? Figure this out, then begin to support, and only let into your kingdom, those thoughts that will support the life you want. Do you desire a life that encompasses the states of love, kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion? If so, then look to consciously let into your kingdom, thoughts that support those energetic expressions. Whenever a thought, say one of anger, that you know is trying to enter your kingdom, but is unwilling to support the life that you want, tries to come in, stop it right there at your mind’s gate, decline its request to enter, and then allow in a thought, say one of forgiveness, that is indeed willing to help you support, the kind of life that you wish to create for yourself. This is the true power that you have over the life and destiny, that you are, in every moment, creating. When you begin to truly realize what kind of power you have over the life you live, you will stop blaming the outer world and those in it, and start taking greater personal responsibility for your creation. You are your Creator’s creation, and thus do not be surprised, that you also have the power, to create as He creates.

Today, let us recall that the calls to war or peace we hear, result not from external forces, but from the inhabitants that we ourselves have chosen, consciously or not, to allow into our kingdom. If others are supporting thoughts that support the call to war, which are symbolized by thoughts such as those of judgment of self and others, frustration, anger, resentment and hate, that does not mean that you also have to join in the madness, they are not your thoughts, until you choose to allow them into you kingdom. If thoughts of war are being supported by those around you, those thoughts are still not yours. Only until you allow such thoughts into your kingdom, that you make them yours. You, thanks to your life experience, must know by now, where the thoughts of war take you. We have all played the ego’s war games long enough. It is now time for us to grow up, and become personally responsible, for who we allow into our kingdom. If we want peace, then we must choose and allow peaceful thoughts inside. It is truly, in the end, that simple. War or peace, are always, but a choice that you make. The one that you, consciously or unconsciously, value more in any situation, is the one that you will always end up making, and thus experiencing. If your Creator, being Love and All, only creates lovingly, would it not make sense to try to create as He creates? When you are making the conscious choice to only allow loving thoughts into your kingdom, such as those of kindness, peace, joy, forgiveness and compassion, it is then that you’ll be creating as He creates. It is when you are aligning with God, and with the way that He creates, that true fulfillment can be experienced. But again, you do have free will, thus you can always choose to create like or unlike Him, but also know that nothing but Him, Love, is true, thus nothing but creating lovingly, will truly ever fulfill you.

Today, let us start to really notice, how much power, through the thoughts that we alone allow into our kingdom, we have over the life and destiny that we ourselves create and thus experience. The more you realize the true power that you have over the life you create and experience, the more personal responsibility you take for it, the less willing or interested you will be in judging this world or those in it. The less that you judge this world or those in it, the more peace of mind and joy, you will begin creating and thus experiencing in your life. Peace of mind and joy, are both expressions of Love, which is the primary expression of our Creator. Thus, the more we align with our Creator and His way of creating, the more empowered and fulfilled, we will feel and become. The more empowered and fulfilled we become, the less others judgments of us, will affect us. The less others judgments affect us, the more we will see how little reality and strength, the ego’s judgment based mindset has over us. The less control the ego has over us, the more in control we will feel. The more in control we feel, the greater and more responsible guardian of our kingdom, we will become.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Yes, the negative associations have been an ongoing battle in my life with a neighbor and co-owner of a property we have owned together for 30 years. Every interaction has been a confrontation with him yelling. I try not to let his energy take over my life. It has been difficult to find the compassion for someone that hates you and writes you nasty letters! However, I understand he is suffering and wants to make others suffer around him.

Thank you Diane for your comment. Imagine someone dedicating 30 years of their life to help you practice forgiveness, compassion and peace, would you not be grateful to such a being? If someone, through their actions, are gifting you the opportunity to align with forgiveness, compassion and peace, which are all expressions of Love who is our Creator, would you not be in debt to such a being for helping you practice being One with God? Imagine someone, who over the time you interact with them, helped you through their physical example, see the illusionary nature of the ego’s mindset, and thus help released you, by your conscious choice to align instead with God’s love, to let go of the ego, would gratitude not be a proper response to such a person? God being Love and All, always uses all for good, once you begin to see this, you will begin to also understand the gift that each and every person here on Earth, in their own unique and sacred ways, provides to you. All Glory to God. Peace. JBC

The words make such sense. I know that this is how it should be and each day I try not to judge myself or others. I try to keep worries and anger away and remember that thoughts are the seeds of what grows in my life. Sometimes it seems like there is a battle going on in my head between my thoughts and the ego. It is reading your daily inspirations which can bring sanity back to a sometimes scrambled brain.

Thank you Jo for your kind words. The conscious awareness of that internal battle is the Universe calling out to you to align with it. Instead of judging yourself, thank God that you are aware enough to see what is going on with and within you, and then thank God for giving you the opportunity to practice choosing Him and His love, compassion, and understanding over the ego’s illusionary world that brings only confusion and chaos. Peace. JBC

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