Daily Inspiration: April 24. The Relationship Between Forgiveness, Setting Self-Loving Boundaries, and Being Taken for Granted

Forgiveness is about freeing yourself from your own judgments,  from having to carry the pain, anger and resentment that the ego uses to keep you chained to its mindset and world. Forgiveness, as an expression of the Love that created us, is always available to us in every moment. Forgiveness is a sign that you are aligned with the present moment, the Holy instant in time where the Love of God forever resides. Judgment, as an expression of the ego’s mindset, is a symbol that you are stuck in the past and chained to its programs. When you substitute your past programs for the now, you drag the past into the present, and thus create a present like your past. When you do so, you miss out on what is really going on, on the gifts that the present moment has available to offer to you. When you do so, confusion, conflict and chaos result. You bring the past into the present, overlook the present moment, and then question why you don’t get or understand what is really going on. Today, do not judge yourself for your past programs, for judgment only continues to fuel the ego’s mindset, its confusion, conflict and chaos. Instead, through forgiveness release the past, and experience the peace of mind that the now, forever holds for you. You are forever worthy of peace, because the Father of Peace is your Creator. You are forever worthy of your Father’s inheritance. Forgiveness, is a road to peace. Today, follow the signs of forgiveness in order to reach your desired destination. Peace, and setting up your own personal boundaries, need not be mutually exclusive. Anything that brings you peace, no matter how much the ego’s mindset would try to judge it, is what is right for you in that moment. Do not allow the ego to make you feel guilty for doing anything, including setting your own personal boundaries and parameters that bring a sense of inner security and peace.

The more you choose forgiveness over judgment, the more you are choosing peace over pain. The more you make the conscious choice for peace, which is an extension of the Love that created us, the stronger your foundation and conscious connection to God becomes. The stronger your foundation, the more confidence and trust you will have in your own decision-making skills. The more confident and trusting you are in your own decision-making skills, the better/more loving, and self-loving parameters/boundaries you will set. The better, more loving and self-loving boundaries you set, the less others will be able to take you for granted. The less others can take you for granted, the less they will try to take you for granted. The less others try to take you for granted, the less people you will have to forgive, and the greater example you will set for those who have still not yet found the strength in them to set up their own boundaries. When those who are still searching for inner strength, see and experience someone like you, this will show them that they too can establish self loving boundaries while still keeping a sense of inner peace. Your example will then help light the way for those still stuck within the ego’s victimhood mindset. The ego wants you to feel like a victim in this world, so that you will surrender your power to it. When you surrender your power to the ego, you feel powerless to override its programs. When you feel powerless, you will use the ego’s judgment based mindset to defend yourself against a world that you perceive is always attacking you. As you use the ego’s mindset to defend yourself against the world, the ego gets to strengthen its relationship with you, through your judgments of this world. 

Today, let us recall and reinforce the idea that forgiveness and setting clear self-loving boundaries, are not mutually exclusive. Forgiveness, setting clear boundaries, and not being taken for granted, all these are expressions of someone who loves and respects themselves. Someone who truly loves and respects themselves, because we are all One, can still set boundaries while being loving and respectful to others. This will in turn bring this world to a more loving and respectful place. Today, all we are being asked to do, is to be the expressions and examples of Love that we have been created to be. Today, you’ll offer a great service to others, by simply being who in truth you are. Many times the ego would try to have us believe that love or being loving is somehow weak. But there can be no weakness in Love who is our Creator, and thus no weakness in us, who are Love’s creations. When you are being self loving, such as through the act of setting clear boundaries or making sure that you are not being taken for granted, you are not being mean or selfish. These are acts of self-love, and because we are all One, these acts are in everyone’s interest. Peace is an expression of Love, thus anything that you do for yourself that brings you peace will help magnify the state of peace in this world. Love is strong, Love is our Mother and Father, and we are Love’s creations. Anytime you are aligning with Love and any of Its numerous expressions, you are aligning with Strength, with the Eternal in you. Do not allow the ego to make you feel weak for being loving, forgiving, and for having clear boundaries. All of these expressions align you with peace, with your Creator, with Who you came here to be and represent. No one who consciously chooses to represent our Creator on this planet could ever be weak or unworthy of peace.

Today, let us recall that any action that brings you inner peace, such as forgiveness, is an expression of Love. Taking care of oneself by setting personal boundaries, if it brings your inner peace, because we are all One, can be healing for all involved. Today, when lacking peace, simply breathe deeply, forgive your misperceptions self or others, align with your loving nature, and from that state of mind, choose the best path to peace. Then, from the state of peace, set the boundaries that you believe will keep on supporting and strengthening your inner sense of peace. By doing so, you’ll become an example to others, that the choice for peace  even within the confinements of the ego’s judgment centered world, is still possible. When you do so, because we are all One, you will be helping move this planet towards the state of peace. It takes great strength and resolve to move this world away from the ego’s programs and towards peace. It is only the strong who feel assured enough to represent, through love, forgiveness and peace, the Creator of the Universe here on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

Thanks, needed to hear this, wasn’t sure if boundarie was being my best self but needed to hear I can set boundaries, it’s a sign of strength! Thanks.

Thank you Sarah for your comment.

Always do what brings you peace and you will have peace.

If setting boundaries gives you more peace than not setting them, then feel free to set them. Always remember that you are Love’s creation, and peace is one of Love’s many symbols, thus peace is your inheritance.

Peace. JBC

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