Daily Inspiration: April 29. Becoming the Choice for Joy

In every moment, thanks to free will, the choice between joy and judgment, is ours and ours alone. We have the ultimate power to make our day, and thus our life, a brighter, more joyful and peaceful place, or a darker, more judgmental and chaotic place. Our days starts of as a blank canvas, with the brushes of joy and judgment right in front of us, in each and every moment, available for us to choose from. Choose and pick up the brushes of joy, and your canvas will become an expression of the love that is your true nature, or choose and pick up the brushes of judgment, and you will reap what your choices sow. This is not done as a form of punishment, but as a way to help us more clearly see what brushes we are consciously or unconsciously focusing on, picking up, and using. Free will, in every moment, offers us this choice. Today, if you feel that your day is being colored and filled with judgment, look not outside yourself for why, instead look within and make the conscious choice to stop, put down judgment’s brushes, then pick up the brushes that represent forgiveness and peace, and begin to create, the day that you truly desire to experience. In every moment of every day, through the choice that we make, we can walk ourselves towards judgment and further darkness, or towards joy and the light. One choice will imprison us in the ego’s world, and the other choice will begin to set us free from it. It is liberating to know, that the choice for freedom resides within you, and not somewhere or with someone out there. It is you who holds the power over the world you see, it is not this world who holds the power over you. When stuck in judgment, remind yourself, that as Love’s creation you are worthy of peace and joy, and that because you have free will, it is your responsibility to choose them over judgment. It is the choice you make in any situation, that you will end up experiencing.

Today, let us start to notice and acknowledge, that it is we, who are painting our day, with the brushes of our choice. If judgment is filling our day, let us start to notice that if we instead choose to only be an example and expression of joy, that we can indeed begin to change the picture of the world we see. The more times that we make the conscious decision to align with joy, the less time we will have to unconsciously align with judgments, and thus the brighter our daily canvas and day will become. Let us today offer gratitude to God, that it is us and us alone, who can thanks to free will, make that choice between judgment and joy. It is we who, through judgment darken our skies, and it is we who through forgiveness can bring joy back to brighten our days and bring peace to our nights. Let us today also be grateful that we can become the physical expressions of the choice for joy, an example to all our brothers and sisters, that the possibility of a brighter, more peaceful and joyous day, is always thanks to free will, just a simple choice away. Many have tried very hard to achieve the state of joy, some have tried to climb the highest mountains or sail off to distance lands. Those long distance type journeys are perfectly fine, for those who desire them. But, let us all remember that joy, as an expression of our Creator who is All, is always and forever just a choice away. In fact, we need not even raise from our couches, to achieve being and aligning with, who in truth we have always been. All you need truly do is recall your true nature, and then simply offer only your truth to all. The more you make, the conscious effort to align with joy, the more natural and right such choices will feel and become, until one day they will be all you want, and all that you will choose.

Today, when a brother or sister seem to bring us the desire to pick up judgment’s brushes, let us stop for a moment, recall that we have picked up these same brushes hundreds of times before, and that they have never helped us paint a picture of the life we want. Then let us recall, that there is another way, that the choice for joy is also available to us, and that we can get there through choosing forgiveness over judgment. Let us then forgive, and make the conscious choice to release all our judgments over to God. As our judgments of others enters God’s Light, let us see and feel them dissolving before His Light, Love and Understanding. Honored that He would carry our burdens and dissolve them in His loving light, let us look to follow His lead. We, as God’s children, deep down inside, desire to express ourselves as He does, and so let us make the conscious choice to offer all others, what God has offered us. Let us offer our brothers and sisters, a place were their judgments of us, through forgiveness, now dissolve before our light, love and understanding. Let us today, follow His example, until we are able to see, feel, understand and agree with, the wisdom of His actions. It will be His example and our understanding of how to react as He does, that will help us paint our canvas in a manner, that will help us create the life we want. Today, let us remember, that thanks to free will, we can align with the Mind of God, value joy more than judgment, and thus experience peace more than pain. Today, if we mistakenly choose judgment’s brush, let us not put ourselves down for this, let us instead recall our Creator’s example, remember that the life we want is always but a choice away, pick up the brush of forgiveness, and in doing so experience the peace and joy that such a wise choice can bring.

Today, when the ego’s judgmental mindset seems to be ruling and ruining our day, let us use such instances, not to put ourselves or others down for not being ‘spiritual enough’, but instead to practice recalling, that thanks to free will, it is we in every moment, who can choose joy over judgment and thus peace over pain. God’s gift of free will tells us that in every single moment, we have the ability and right, to begin anew. This means that the life we desire to start creating, is also always just a choice away. God being Love and All, the brushes of forgiveness, peace and joy, as expressions of Love, are always, in every moment, available for us to choose from. Let us today, not despair when we find ourselves painting a darken, confusing and chaotic canvas, instead let us simply stop a moment, take a step back, see what our choices of brushes are creating, decide what kind of day and canvas we want to truly paint, and start choosing brushes that will help us paint and thus experience, the world we want.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

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