Daily Inspiration: April 3. Choosing to See The World Through Forgiving Eyes

The more we practice making the conscious decision to see this world through forgiving eyes, the more we will see its natural eternal innocence reflecting back from everyone and all. Forgiveness is one of the many expressions of Love. It is only the Love that created us, that is truly real. Anything that seems to be in opposition to Love, and thus to forgiveness, is not who in truth we are. It is thus, when we are seeing this world through forgiving eyes, that we are being who we truly are. Being all One, it is when we make the conscious decision to see all others through forgiving eyes, that we will begin to recognize our own eternal innocence. It is when we understand and realize that no matter our trespasses, God only sees us as love, the states of peace and joy result. These states of mind are realized when we decide to see this world as God does. God being Love and All, sees only the love that He created. God has no need for forgiveness, because being only Love, He has never had a need or desire for judgment. When you no longer choose to judge yourself or others, you will also have no need to forgive yourself or others. It is here that you will begin to see all others only as Love’s creations. By doing so you will start to understand, that no matter your perceived flaws, the truth in you is that you will always be, the love that God created you to be. Would it not make sense to at least try to see this world as God does? Do you not think that seeing this world through forgiving eyes will bring you greater peace of mind and joy? Are you not worthy of greater peace of mind and joy? Peace of mind and joy, being Love’s expressions, are your inheritance. Today, accept your inheritance, by seeing all others, only as God does.

As we begin to value, through forgiveness, our innocence more than our guilt, the ego’s programmed need to judge “others” as guilty begins to diminish. When we stop seeing others as guilty, we stop carrying that guilt within our own hearts and minds. Imagine, no longer having to, through judgment and guilt, imprison anyone within your own heart and mind. Imagine, no longer carrying judgment and guilt as burdens throughout your day nor having them make you toss and turn at night. Others, through their presence in your life, are helping you understand the wisdom of seeing them, and thus yourself, as innocent, forgiven, and free from the burdens of judgment and guilt. As others help us recall who in truth we are, our appreciation for them increases. As our appreciation for them increases, our judgments of them decrease. As our judgment of them decrease, their innocence increases. This is turn brings us more peace. Today, let us offer them our gratitude for our greater sense of peace. It will be this sense of gratitude, that thanks to forgiving eyes, will solidify our Oneness. Remember today that you have been gifted free will. You can choose to see each and every moment through forgiving eyes. What do you have to lose by making the conscious decision to see this world through forgiving eyes? Have you not suffered long enough seeing this world through the ego’s programs and judgment-filled eyes? Today, let us recall that we are all One, and offer all others the forgiveness and compassion that will break us free from the chains that bind us to ego’s judgment-centered mindset and world. 

Today, let us use every word or action that the ego demands we judge, to instead practice seeing with forgiving eyes. Forgiving or overlooking another’s illusions – what a small price to pay to have true peace of mind and joy. Today, let us see God’s creations as He sees them, as innocent. God, being perfect, only creates perfectly. It is only when we forget this that we judge and thus lose our peace of mind and joy. Today, seeing the world through forgiving eyes becomes the doorway to peace of mind and joy. This doorway is in every moment, interaction and situation, available to us. But it must be us who decide if we will walk through that doorway or not. Today, let us stop blaming others for our decision not to walk through the doorway. Let us recall that the choice for peace and joy are always, through forgiving eyes, just a simple choice away. Now, peace of mind and joy are no longer a result of anything or anyone out there. Now, they result from the choices that we ourselves make. No longer do we have to wait for the world or those in it to act or behave in a certain manner for us to achieve peace of mind and joy. Now, we wholeheartedly accept and use the gift of free will. Now, we know that it is up to us to save us. Now, we have finally tired of fighting the ego’s useless battles. Now, we no longer need to defend the false as true. Today, let us simply allow forgiving eyes to awaken us to who we all truly are. Today, let us see that nothing true stands between us and our peace of mind. Today, let us forgive our misperceptions of the gifts that are being offered to us in every moment. Today, let us align with the Mind of God, see through His forgiving eyes, and finally experience true and everlasting peace.

Today, let us ask ourselves: “What do I truly have to lose by trying to see this world and all those in it through forgiving eyes.” Let us begin to do so by declining or overlooking every demand for judgment that the ego makes. Imagine no longer having to carry the heavy burden of your own judgments. Would a greater sense of peace and joy not result? Imagine, only seeing as God, Love does. Imagine, deciding to allow Love and its expressions, such as those of forgiveness and compassion, to lead the way. By doing so, would you not begin to create and reach a more peaceful, joyful and heavenly state of mind? Thanks to free will, this choice is in every situation and interaction, available to us. Imagine, the heavenly state of mind, always just a simple choice away. Today, let us choose it instead of our judgment centered programs, and by doing so, bring light back into a darken world.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (2)

When we are in the midst of a situation that is disconcerting, hurtful, or those that trigger past event memories, it can be difficult to get outside of ourselves to see the illusions at play. We need to be vigilant at various interactions that we feel may trigger those hurtful memories that trigger resentment/anger.
Being the observer to these negative encounters, it becomes both sad and/or humorous. We , as a whole, take in and take on issues with one another that can be so trivial, yet potentially hurtful. In the end, none of the trivialities matter, and, in fact, are a wast of time. That is our given time to bring into the picture a more positive outlook and attitude for all involved. It may ease an insecurity and bring peace to the person having brought up the subject. Harder yet are those encounters where someone is intentionally bringing up events of decades earlier, creating division with family members, and playing favorites as they receive enjoyment in watching how it plays out. It is harder to get those who have been put into the “play”, to all see what is going on and not become an actor, or be upset with another player, and especially toward the person who began the encounter. Unless everyone is on the same page it is impossible. However, the person who understands what is truly going on can be the one who does not engage at all, only commenting positively, or try to just redirect the group.

Thank you Mary for your comment and for being a member of our community.

Let us together practice replacing all of our programmed judgments with our gratitude. As we do so we will begin to see and feel what a gift each and every moment truly is.

Sure, processing emotions can be a very useful part of our experience. It can lead us from the darkness to the light. Then we can become a light to those still in the darkness. Then together we can forever, hand in hand, leaver the darkness behind.

We can in truth only ever be the Love that God is. When we are feeling anything that seems to be in opposition to our loving nature, that is not the truth in us thinking this, this is our ego, our programming, that has temporarily taken control over out thinking. Today, when it once again does this, let us reverse this mindset and offer it only expressions of the love that we are.

Let us also begin to see every encounter as Holy in nature. Out of almost 8 billion people it is we who have been brought before our brothers and sisters to help them, by the loving way we treat them, to find their way back Home, back to the states of peace and joy. Let us humbly accept our healing mission and practice offering to all those who come our way, only the love that we are and were created be.

Today, no matter how the ego has programmed us to see each moment and interaction, let our one response to all of them be gratitude. Gratitude because we know that Perfect Love only and forever has our best interest in mind. Gratitude because we know that every moment is being presented to us to help us awaken to the truth within. Gratitude because we know that we forever, no matter where we are, remain safe in our Father arms.

Peace. JBC

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