Daily Inspiration: April 30. What We Are Searching For We Already Are

We have been programmed to believe in, look for, and focus on, outer treasures, and have not, even in our own schools, been reminded that our true treasure resides within. We have been programmed by the ego’s mindset, to search for our worth where no worth lies, and still we wonder why so many of us grow up feeling unworthy. This world’s treasures offer us nothing that we need to establish our worth. Your worth is not established by what you do or do not do, your worth is established by God. You are God’s creation, and as such, are always worthy of God’s inheritance. God’s inheritance is Love, and so as God’s child, you are always worthy of love. You need not add to nor subtract from yourself, from your eternal loving essence, to experience your true worth. There is nothing you must do to experience who in truth you are. Simply, allow your truth to flow through you and throughout your day. We are all One, and thus when you are offering love and its expressions such as kindness, compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, to another, you will get to experience them yourself, and by doing so, experience your true self, your perfect worth. It is by continuing to offer ‘others’ who in truth you are, that you will begin to recognize that you are indeed truly worthy. As you offer your true worth to others, because we are all One, you will be reinforcing within, that even those parts of you, that the ego defines as other people, are also and equally worthy of all of God’s gifts. Your perfect worth was given to you in your creation, and no one, not even you, can throw away or lose what God has given you. Yes, you can, because of free will, temporarily hide it from yourself and others, but you can never not have it, nor not be, perfectly worthy.

None of this world’s treasures, can offer you, the peace of mind and joy that God can. When in doubt, when buying into the ego’s stressed out or confuse mindset, stop, and instead take a moment to place your focus back on God’s love for you, rather than on the hundreds of illusions that the ego would have you focus your time and energy on. Do so, and you’ll be embraced by His peace and joy. Call on Him and He is there, not because He arrives when you call, not because it is a difficult situation, but because He has never left you. What stresses could you ever experienced or need this world’s pills to calm you down for, if you but chose to fully trust in His plan? Any time you are not at peace, you are trusting in your ego’s plan for your life instead of trusting in God’s plan. Today, if stressed out or worried, this time do not judge yourself as not worthy of experience God’s peace, instead remember what is truly happening: You have temporarily decided to value your ego’s plan for your life more than God’s plan. Then make the conscious choice to place the ego’s plan aside, and once again place your full trust in God’s plan, do so and you will once again experience the peace and joy, that as God’s child, is forever yours to have, experience, share and enjoy. Today, allow your peace and joy to be symbols that you are placing, your trust in God’s plan. Now, when you are not, in any moment, experiencing peace or joy, don’t think of yourself as unworthy of peace or joy, instead simply see such a moment as a symbol, that you are placing your trust in the ego’s plan. God is All, the ego trying to place itself in opposition to God, is in truth nothing, thus do not be surprise when you place your trust in nothing, and get no peace of mind or joy from your efforts.

Today, breathe deeply, relax and trust in God’s all-encompassing Love and plan for you. Let go of those worrisome and anxious thoughts that hold you captive in the ego’s mindset, and remember that all you ever thought you needed, to live a more peaceful and joyful life, already resides within you now. Yes, everything you think you need for a more peaceful and joyful life, has never been, and will never be, withheld from you. All that you need do, to return to the states of peace and joy, is to drop your ego’s need to be right, and replace it with your desire to be happy and at peace. Happiness and peace, as expressions of the Love that God is, is who in truth you are. Happiness and peace, do not need to be obtained, bought, achieved or won, instead they are something that simply needs to be remembered and accepted as a real part of you. You need never do more, than to accept who in truth you are. Simply remember that God created you, that the journey you are now on you have co-created with God, and thus that there is no step you will ever take on it, that is not a blessing and sacred. Trust this, and recall the peace and joy that has always been yours to experience, enjoy and share. Everything you have ever needed to become who you came here to be, is within you now. Simply align with and share the love that you are, in order to experience what is truly inside of you, and who you truly are. Align with whichever of Love’s numerous expressions that bring you the most peace, passion, pleasure, joy and fulfillment, and through them serve humanity by simply being your truest-self, your God-self, His son and daughter, the physical manifestation of God’s Love on Earth.

Today, let us practice remembering and reinforcing, that because we are God’s creation, everything that we think we need, to be who we came here to be, is within us now. When in doubt, remember, that God being Perfect, only creates perfectly. Do you not send your children to school with everything they need? Do you not think that God is, at the very least, as loving and wise as you? Doubt, is not something to put yourself down for, doubt is simply a symbol that you are buying into a false mindset as true. Doubt shows you, when you are buying into the ego’s plan for your life, as more appropriate and reasonable, than God’s plan for your life. God desires you to simply extend, express and share, the love that is your true nature. Practice every day aligning with those feelings that bring you the most peace, passion, pleasure, joy and fulfillment, and you will be aligning with God’s Love. The way that you choose to express God’s Love will be unique to you, do not look to compare your journey to others, for your individual journey you have co-created in a sacred partnership with God, and thus it is the only one that is perfect for you. If this planet did not need you, then you would not be here. Lift your head up high, remember Who walks with you, remember who in truth you are, remember your perfect worth, and serve this world as only you can.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I will go on with this day remembering God is in me and everyone I meet. I will remember to be thankful for what is truly me a oneness. I will recognize fear as a guide back to love. I will have no need to explain myself to my ego in my perceived self and that of my brothers and sisters because I go in love peace and joy. I am here for a reason as well as everyone I meet is.W e are all loved.

Thank you Donna for your comment and for being a member of our community. Today, simply be the light that you were created to be, and shine in whichever ways that your heart and soul are asking you to shine. Peace. JBC

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