Daily Inspiration: April 4. Having Appreciation for Everyone and All

Imagine being Love’s creation, and Love being God being All, would not all those around you, no matter how much they may have bought into the ego’s delusions, also be Love? Would then all those around you, being that we are all One, not be helpful, through their physical presence in your life, in reminding you of who in truth you were? Imagine Love, choosing this world of duality to express and experience Itself, what would it look like? One way would naturally be through the act of Love, through all expressions of Love, and the other would be through a call for Love, through all expressions that seem in opposition to Love. Imagine a call for Love, in reality simply being, a call for help and healing, a call to reunite with Love. And so imagine if all that the ego has programmed us to judge and condemn in ourselves, and our sisters and brothers, was actually in reality, this call for love. Would your frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy, and thoughts of hate and revenge towards “others” not begin to diminish, if but you saw and remembered, that your sisters and brothers are simply calling out for love, help and healing in the best way they currently know how? And so now, would the rational and reasonable response to your sisters and brothers call for love, help and healing, not be to love, help and heal, instead of to judge, be angry and resentful? We are all One, thus when we reduce our judgment, anger and resentment of “others”, we reduce our own experience of these energies and emotions. We are all One, thus when we perceive or are confronted with, a brother’s call for help and healing, we now realize that there is actually a part of us, that is asking for, and is in need of, help and healing. And so let us offer gratitude instead of judgment to that part of us, that is our sister and brother, that is making us aware of our own internal wounds. The best way to see, understand and heal, an internal wound, an unconscious separation from God, is to see it projected or manifested out into the physical form, and this is what our brothers and sisters are helping us do. They are helping us to physically see what beliefs we are holding within ourselves, that are currently ‘separating’ us from each other, and thus from God.

Any time that you are not peaceful, loving or joyful, there is a very good probability that you are unconsciously wounded, that somewhere within you have bought into the ego’s programming as more true and valuable than your eternal loving essence. Love is all that in truth you are, and peace and joy are two of Love’s main expressions. Anytime you are not aligning with peace and joy, or aligning with their perceived opposites such as anger and fear, these would be energetic expressions and representations of an unconscious wounding, or in other words, an unconscious separation from God. In truth, you can never be separate from God because God is All. Yet, within the ego’s mindset, for those who believe in it, such illusionary behavior and thinking, seems possible. Anytime that you are unconsciously wounded, know that your soul or higher self, that part of you that is consciously connected to God, yet asleep to your mind, will call out to the Universe, God, for help and healing. The Universe being Love will answer all calls for help and healing. Calling out to the Universe for help and healing simply means that you are asking for help in awakening you to who you in truth are, so that you may once again consciously choose, unite with, and become, the Love that is your true eternal essence. Then imagine your brothers and sisters, as actual volunteers, as part of the physical universe, answering your unconscious calls. Do you not see the beauty in their actions, in them appearing before you because they are the perfect individuals to help free you from your own illusionary thinking, and thus help you once again align with your true nature? Do you not see the courage that they have, that it takes to come down into an environment where they have a very high probability of being judged, punished and condemn by you? You judge, punish and condemn them, not because they are deserving of this, but because you have forgotten who in truth you are. This is why you have brought them into your presence, to help you recall who you in truth are, and to forgive and let go of who you are not.

Today, let us honestly ask ourselves: “Can we truly be justified, no matter how right the ego says we are to do so, in responding with judgment, anger and resentment, towards a brother’s plea for love, help, and healing?” If all our sisters and brothers are doing is simply helping that wounded part in us, that believes is separated from Love, to reunite with Love, what but appreciation could we possibly have for them and for their service to us? Today, let us remember that it is our own deep desire for total healing, for a reunion with Love, that has brought our sisters and brothers into our experience. Let us also remember, that their calls for love, help and healing, should only be answered with love, help and healing. Today, when we meet another, let us recall that we are all One, and so what you end up thinking, saying or doing to them, will either heal or hurt you. Offer them love, compassion, hope, joy, peace and understanding, and it will be these energies and emotions that will bathe, protect and embrace you throughout your day. Yet, let us also be aware, that in this seeming world of duality, where opposites to All, to Love, to God, seem to exists, if we offer others judgments, anger, resentment and hate, then it will also be those energies and emotions, that living within us, will pollute and poison us. And so, do you see your brothers and sisters service to you? They are a sort of 3D screen, where your internal beliefs get to be physically projected, seen, experience, dealt with and hopefully healed. It is in the end, only you, who gets to produce, edit, act and direct in, the movie of your life. Let us no longer blame the outside world for what we are seeing and experiencing, instead today, let us start to take greater personal responsibility for the movie that we ourselves are making.

Today, let us work on better understanding, appreciating and acknowledging, the important part that our brothers and sisters are playing in our life. The more that we can see that they are a service to us, by simply allowing us to project our beliefs onto them, the more appreciative we will be of them, for helping us become more self-aware of our internal beliefs and condition. The more self-aware we become, the more we understand that it is we who, through our own thoughts, either poison ourselves or bring us peace. No one who is consciously aware or awake would desire to poison themselves through their own thoughts. Today, let us be grateful to all others, for their participation in our life experience. Also, let us pat ourselves on the back, for coming to a place in our awakening process, where we can more clearly see and understand, how much true control we have over our own perceptions, and thus over the amount of peace or pain, that we are experiencing.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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I have lost my Mom, who I cared for and was my best friend. I thought i did all the right things and now my 4 siblings have turned there backs on me. i not only lost my mom on 2/22/15, but lost my entire family. No one had more love than me and all it got me was trouble. Sorry, but today is a bad day for me. Just having a pity party by myself. Never did I think it could get this bad. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Thank you Sharon for being a part of our community. In the end, you will see, that God uses all, every experience for good. You can this this upon your return home, or through free will, you can trust this right now. Trust in God’s plan, continue to work on yourself, on your joy and peace, and on loving those you are with. We are all One, in time we will all meet again, your mom is in Heaven because she is now needed there, you are here on Earth because you are now needed here. Continue to work on yourself and your relationships, on forgiveness and compassion, so that when you once again meet your mom, you will do so with your arms wide open and your head held high. Peace. JBC

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