Daily Inspiration: April 5. Awakening to the Eternal Sameness in Each Other

Once we awaken, we will stop dreaming of ourselves as separate from each other. Soon we will stop dreaming that the seeming temporal separateness of our bodies is more real than the eternal essence and sameness in our souls. Soon we will begin to awaken to the understanding that because we are all One, that what we think of, say or do to others, also affects us. Offer peace, love and joy to another, and you to will feel those blessing filling your days and fulfilling you. Offer anger, resentment and hate to another, and you shall carry the heavy burden of those judgments. We have been given free will. We can in any moment, choose what we offer others, and thus what we end up experiencing. There is not one moment in our experience, where the free will to think what thoughts we want to think is taken away from us. In the end, you cannot experience anything that is not, consciously or unconsciously, a choice that you make. In this world of duality, the choice may appear to be one between the symbols of darkness or light, but you need not worry for in the end God will use whatever your choice is, for the betterment of all mankind. God will use whatever you choose, to help you grow, heal and awaken. You can learn through pain or peace, that is the opportunity that within a world of duality, your free will, offers you in every moment. Only you, can in the end, lead yourself into further darkness or towards the light. Your belief in separation, will lead you towards the darkness. Your belief in the sameness in each other, will lead you towards the light. God being Love being All, has no interest in judging your choices, and thus be at peace making whatever choices you think you need make.  Yet, also be aware that being all One, your choices, what you offer others, will either burden you or set you free. Today, remind yourself that being Love’s creation you are most naturally align with loving choices, and thus practice choosing with love and be at peace.

Today, let us allow the thought of Oneness to be the gentle light that awakens us to the eternal sameness in each other. As we begin to awaken and recognize that we are all One, we will begin to release our judgment-centered dreams of “others.” By doing so, we will begin to see, feel and experience a more forgiving, compassionate and gentle world. As we awaken, we will recall a love that encompasses everything and everyone equally. This will be a love that for a moment we had forgotten, but that even through our darkest dreams, had never forgotten or left us. As we awaken and align with our loving nature, our thoughts, words and actions will become a natural expression and reflection of this loving light. We will no longer use our thoughts, words and actions as weapons to fight and defend ourselves against ‘separate’ beings. Instead, we will use them to unite us, to bring understanding, hope and healing, to all. In doing so, we will recognize and acknowledge our brothers and sisters as parts of ourselves. With this knowledge in hand, why would we ever again want to offer them anything that we ourselves would not want to feel or experience? Do you think of yourself as unworthy of peace of mind, love and joy? Today, if feeling a sense of lack or unworthiness, recall that we are all One, and offer those in your presence the energies and emotions that you think you lack. When you share them with others, you will begin to realize that you are lacking nothing. Why would we want to offer others judgment, anger, hate and revenge, when we now know that we would be only torturing ourselves? Have we not already tortured ourselves enough? Today, let us stop buying into the ego’s delusional mindset that says that it is safe to judge and condemn others, because they seem to be separate from us.

Today, let us no longer buy into a false narrative that has programmed us to believe that our brothers and sisters are strangers and separate from us. Today, let us treat all women as our mothers, sisters, and daughters, and all men as our fathers, brothers, and sons. Let us awaken, merge back into Oneness, and recall that we are all family, all in this together. Nothing more is ever asked of us, then to offer others, what we ourselves would want to experience. Offer love to others, and you will find this world a more loving place. Offer peace and hope to others, and you will find this world a more peaceful and hopeful place. Offer kindness, compassion, and charity to others, and see, feel and experience, a kinder, more compassionate and charitable world. Become a representative of Love, of Paradise, and you’ll begin to experience a Heaven on Earth. Today, begin creating, through your thoughts, words and interactions with others, the world that you desire your children to inherit. Imagine, being able to design a kinder, more loving, hopeful, peaceful, compassionate and charitable world for your children. Would you not want and take such an opportunity when it is being offered to you? Is such opportunity, not in essence being offered to you, in each and every interaction that you have?Today, see how much you shape your internal and external environments through your interactions with others. Offer them peace, compassion and joy, and feel your path soften and the environment around you begin to lighten up. Offer them judgment, anger and hate, and watch your path descend into a dark, confusing and chaotic maze. The choice of which path you take, is forever yours to make.

Today, let us pay close attention to, how we are actually creating, through our interactions with each other, the world that we are experiencing. Our thoughts, words and actions, are the building blocks of the path that we are currently traveling. Love is the path that is in alignment with the Mind of God, with our true nature. Love is who we are and were created to be. It is this Love that represents the sameness in each other. It is this Love who we are meant to be, reflect, represent and share. Are you, as God’s child not worthy of a love-filled path where peace and joy are your companions? Are we not all God’s children? Do we all not deserve to live and grow within His Loving reflection? Today, let us practice reflecting Love, Oneness, the sameness in us all. By doing we help lead our brothers and sisters back to recalling, aligning with, and becoming, their eternal light, essence and truth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Throughout my life , i have experienced deceit from friends. At work , I have trusted work colleagues , only to realise that they were setting me up to fall. I is diffcult for me to trust people because i have been hurt in the past. How can I offer love to someone, when they have offered me deceit?

HELP ME !!!!

Thank you Reahla for your question.

We are all One. What you offer others you will feel within yourself and throughout your day. Thus, when you offer love to others, you are in essence offering love to yourself, for you will feel those loving energies caressing and healing your own body, heart, mind and soul. And so you offer love in order to help heal yourself. You offer love because you are worthy of feeling the energy of love flowing through you and throughout your day. You offer love because when you do you are saying to yourself and to the Universe: “I am worthy of love.”

Equally so, you forgive others in order for you to feel free from the burdens of having to carry the thoughts and energies of judgment, anger and hate within you.

Reahla, you offer love, compassion, peace, and joy because you are, as God’s perfect child, forever worthy of them.

Continue to be a light in this world. Continue to be who God created you to be.

Peace. JBC

It is difficult to forgive. If I want peace, love and joy , then I need to forgive. Thanks James

The ego has programmed us to believe that it is difficult forgive because the ego does not want you in the state of peace. The ego does not want you in the state of peace because it wants you aligned with it, and not God who is Peace.

Ask yourself, is it truly, truly more difficult to forgive, or to carry the heavy and constant weight and burden of judgment?

Today, and every day, forgive because you are worthy of peace. Forgive, because that action unites you with your all-loving Source. Forgive, because that is your function as the light of the world.

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