Daily Inspiration: April 7. Laying Down the Sword of Judgment

Lay judgment down; lay down your sword, for what peace or joy has your sword ever brought to you or to those around you? When you judge something or someone, know that it is not the divine truth in you that is doing so. For the divine truth in you, is Love, who is God who is All. When you judge, it can only be the false or ego-self, that is reacting as you have been programmed by it to react. Your divine truth is Love, and because Love is All, there exist no place for judgment in the Divine, within All That Is. This is why your divine truth can neither judge yourself or others, because judgment does not exist within Truth. When you find yourself judging yourself or another, that is not the truth in you doing so, that is your programmed-self ‘acting’ as it was taught by the ego to act. Your programmed-self only exists in the ego illusionary dualistic world or fairy tale, where it can seem to exist as an opposite to All. Today, do not judge yourself simply because you believe that the fairy tale is real, instead simply remind yourself, that there is no opposite to Truth, to All, and thus when you are judging, you are simply buying into something that is false as real. How much longer will you consciously allow the false in you to lead you? How many more pain filled ditches will you fall into before you realize that the blind should not be leading the blind? Judgment of self and others is a symbol of blindness, of unawareness, of being asleep to the truth in you. But do not despair, the days of filling your life with pain filled judgments must be coming to an end, for if they were not, then you would not be here now, reading this. Reading what you are reading now, is a symbol that you have tired of the darkness, and now desire to awaken, reunite, understand and share, the Light. Do not underestimate your desire to unite with the Light, to return home to the states of peace, love and joy. Today, let us let go of thinking that we know no longer serves us, nor helps us return to and share, our true Home, who in truth we are and came here to be.

The ego is a very limited belief system within the mind. The way it remains relevant in your life is through your judgments of self and others. When you fuel the ego’s mindset with your judgments, it grows and becomes a bigger part of your life and experience. When you deny it of judgments, it shrinks and begins to fade away from your life. And so you see, the ego by itself has no power, because the ego is in truth not real. Its only power source is you. Today, make the conscious choice to turn its power off, and watch its power over you and your thoughts begin to end. But do understand, that the ego will not go quietly into the night. The more you understand how the ego works, the more easily and quickly you can catch it and undo its efforts. Judgment fuels the ego’s thought system and so the ego will always insist that judgment is the right, proper and deserved response, but where have those responses ever gotten us? If according to the ego, what is right, proper and deserved, leads us to a world of judgment, anger, confusion, chaos and regret, then what hope can the ego’s world truly ever offer? The ego’s world can offer you no hope, that is why it makes you feel hopeless, because you keep searching for hope where no hope lies. The ego’s world can offer you no hope or reprieve from judgment, anger, confusion, chaos and regret, because none of the ego’s solutions desire an end to judgment. The ego’s world simply offers you false hope, for what is false can only offer you what it is. Today, let us make the conscious decision to no longer invest our time, focus, and energy in the false. We, my dear friends, are the sons and daughters of The Creator, of Love Itself; we are the extensions and expressions of Truth, and Truth ever needs to invest any of its time, focus or energy, in the false.

Today, let us no longer unconsciously fall on our own sword. Instead, let us today, make a conscious decision, to place our swords and shields forever down. We as Love’s creations, do not need to carry such heavy burdens. What do we really use the sword for, but to attack the shadows in our dreams? What do we even need a shield for, but to defend ourselves against these same false shadows? Shadows, do not need to be defended against nor attacked. Only those who still see the ego’s dreams as real, would continue to even think about squandering their time doing so. Let us not look for hope in the hopeless, nor judge the ego, for the more we judge it, the more powerful and real we seem to make it. Instead, let us simply see, what through it we are doing to ourselves, consciously stop, and ask ourselves this one important question: “Do I desire judgment’s sword or the peace of God?” In every moment we have that choice, and what a simple choice it is to make for those who are awake and awakening. Yet, so many still sleep, allow them the time they think they need, for sooner or later they will realize that they have been gifted free will, and because they come from the Truth, they will then begin to choose the true, and join you on your journey. My friends, do not despair, for your brothers and sisters will awaken, until then, choose to step away from the ego’s battlefield, and wait for them where we all truly belong, in the state of peace. My friend, today rise above the ego’s battlefields, for they do not represent your truth nor your true nature. Let us today lead the way back to our true home, a place were swords and shield are never needed, a place where only the joy, love and peace of God, forever reside.

Today, let us lead by example, drops our swords and shields, and consciously decline the ego’s calls to war. When we do so, all we are in truth doing is overlooking the false and seeing only the truth as true. All we are doing is, overlooking the ego’s programming and mindset, and trusting in God’s Love and perfect plan. Today, when any doubt enters your mind, very simply and gently ask yourself: “Do I desire to continue to fight in the ego’s battlefields or do I want the peace of God?” When we awaken from the ego’s dream, what use do we have for our swords and shields, if there are no true battles to ever have to fight? What use do we have for judging ourselves and others, when we recall that God is Love and All, and that only the false could place itself in opposition to the Truth? Today, truly free from a mindset that is not ours, let us confidently choose forgiveness over judgment, peace over war, and truth over illusions. Today, let us simply be the love that God created us to be, and by doing so, overlook everything that is false and untrue.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Thank you,from now on I’m going to have more willingness.

Thank you Donna for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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