Daily Inspiration: August 1. The Similarity Between Judgments and Dreams

A dream may take a thousand forms, yet regardless of its content, it is still but a dream. Judgment may take a thousands forms, yet regardless of the time and energy that we sacrifice at its altar; it is still but a judgment. Just as the act of awakening releases us from all our dreams, so too does the act of forgiveness release us from every judgment that we ever made. Be no longer fooled nor feel challenged by the forms your dreams or judgments take, they are all in the end, the same, not worthy of the truth in you. No judgment is worth the poison that you allow to pulsate through your veins, pollute your heart, and punish your mind. No judgment, regardless how right the ego insist that you are for making it, is worth that dark, burdensome, heavy and constant weight that it has you carry. Punish yourself and others no longer for simply being human. You are all, as God’s creations, forever worthy of being treated lovingly. Forgiveness, as an expression of Love, can at any time that you desire, replace the illusionary thought of judgment. Let go of the illusions that no longer serve your growth, healing and awaken. You have slept long enough. Wake up, and no matter what you or others have done in your dreams, or who you have judged, know that when you awaken, you will always do so as innocent, and in God’s loving arms. God being Perfect Love is only Loving, and only Loves you, no matter of the dreams you may have dreamt about Him or anyone else. Judgment, as an expression of fear, has no place in Love. God creates through Love, thus would it not make sense for us to try to awaken, align with God’s mind, see our brothers and sisters as innocent, and simply love them for who in truth they are.

Ask yourself: what difference does the content of a dream make to reality? You either sleep or are awake, you either through judgment believe in the ego’s programming and choose to focus on what other bodies may look like, say, or do, or through forgiveness you choose to see the eternal sameness in our souls, and experience the changeless and perfect nature of each and every one of God’s creations. God’s creation are eternal, not some frozen moment in time when they did something that your ego did not like. The ego, being that its main fuel source is judgment, has trained you to dragged that past judgment into the present moment, and thus has covered over who God’s creation truly is with your judgment of him or her. Every judgment that you have ever had of yourself or another, is in reality, just another dream that you are having, a dream that says that God innocent creations could be found to be guilty. It is only when you consciously aligned with, and accept the eternal innocence in others, that you can begin to recall your true nature. If you desire to begin figuring out who in truth you are, today, above all else, make the conscious choice to value forgiveness more than judgment, the eternal present moment more than the past, and watch your judgmental, fearful and pain filled nightmares of yourself and others, begin to dissolve back into the nothingness from which they first came. We are and will forever be, as God created us.  Love, in truth, is only Love. We could only be who He is, for He is All. Today, become an expression of this truth, of the love that you were created to be, and begin to watch your world begin to shift from a prison of suffering, conflict and pain to a palace of joy, compassion and peace.

Today, let us look to awaken from the dream of judgment. We begin to awaken by making the conscious choice to forgive when the ego is demanding judgment. We look to acknowledge that as God’s creations, we are all equally innocent and eternally worthy of His Love. Today, let us make, the conscious choice to follow His truth, and the love, mercy and grace, that resides within this truth. By doing so, we begin to let go of our judgment filled dreams, and the confusion, conflict and chaos, that exist in our lives because of our believe in them. The choice is a lot easier than the ego would have us imagine. It is simply a choice to go from the sleeping state to the awaken state. The choice is between having judgment and condemnation running through our veins, hearts and minds, or that of having forgiveness, joy and peace, bathing our souls. All you are being ask to do, is to forgive a past that no longer exist. All you are being ask to do, is to let go of a dream that you are holding unto of a sister, and instead see her, only as God created her to be. All you are being asked to do, is to open your eyes and awaken, in order to finally truly see. God vision is your true sight. You are meant to see as God sees, through love and only love. Just by seeing this world in such a manner, you will help awaken many who still sleep. Do not be afraid to ask God to help you awaken, for God rejoices each and every time that you choose Him over your nightmares. Ask my dear friend, ask wholeheartedly through your body, mind and soul, tell Him that you no longer desire to see a world in conflict and chaos. Tell Him that you now desire to see the world as He intended you to see it. Tell Him that you no longer desire to see through your eyes, that you now desire to see this world only through His eyes, through Love. Do this and your vision will begin to be restored. Trust God instead of the ego, and watch your world begin to change from a place of conflict to a palace of peace.

Today, let us practice searching for the symbols that show us when our minds are asleep, and when they are awake. The more we practice doing so, the quicker we will be able to awaken when we find ourselves dreaming. One of the main symbols of a mind asleep is when it is focus on judging self or others as guilty. The judgmental mind attacks and separates from anything or anyone that it deems different from it. Aligned with this mindset, confusion, conflict, chaos, fear, anxiousness and anger, fill up the dreams of a mind asleep. One of the main symbols of a mind awake, is in its peaceful nature. The peaceful mind sees those in this world as innocent, unites and understands that it is One with everyone and all, and so it offers mercy and peace to all, so that it may be surrounded by mercy and peace. Forgiveness, compassion, trust in God, hope, wisdom and joy, are all aspects of a mind awake, that sees everyone as innocent, exactly as God created them to be, and thus all forever worthy of love.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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