Daily Inspiration: August 21. Seeing the ‘Positive’ in the ‘Negative’

How many times in our past has something “negative” happened to us, or we were a part of, that later on, through time and introspection, we realize that the experience only helped us become more peaceful, compassionate and wiser? If that “negative” event or experience assisted us in our growth, then was that “negative” event or experience, ever really negative in the first place? Should we not be bowing in gratitude to our past-self, for all the courage and fortitude it took to assist us in becoming who we are today? I know I am. I now know, that when I look at my past or younger self, I am grateful for what he perceived he had to go through to assist him in becoming me. And now when I go through what he went through, instead of perceiving things in a “negative” light, I now simply smile, appreciate how the moment is presenting itself, place my trust in God, learn from it, offer gratitude for it, and at peace, move on. Imagine, how far you have come, how much you have grown, and instead of wasting your time judging your past and past-self, be grateful to yourself and everyone who has participated in your growth. Then, bring this understanding into the now, and use it to become more grateful and less judgmental of all those who are now in your life, and who are now, in their own ways, helping you grow and awaken you to your true nature. We have for so long judged our past-self for not being enough, not smart, wise, courageous enough, how laughable are such perceptions now, now that we are awakening to all that our past-self has done for our present-self. Today, let us practice better understanding the positive in the so-called negative, letting go of our past judgments, forgive ourself and others, release the past with gratitude, compassion and understanding, and by doing so, experience the peace of mind, that is available to us right now.

Imagine, never again believing, buying into, nor spending any more of your time, focus and energy, on the ego’s false concept of negativity. Imagine, truly understanding and appreciating, how the combination of all of your life experience, has made you who you are today. Imagine, being truly grateful and appreciative, each and every day, for all the life experience and wisdom, that you have accumulated thanks in part to all your so-called ‘errors,’ ‘mistakes,’ ‘sins,’ ‘missteps,’ and ‘blunders.’ Imagine, being able to see every single moment of your life, not through judgment’s eyes, as the ego would have you do, but as a gift of growth that it is. Imagine, the forgiveness, compassion, appreciation and understanding, that you could now share with those from your past. Imagine, how much pain and suffering you could now release and let go, and need to experience no more, if you but truly got and trusted, what a blessing each and every moment of your life truly is, was, and will be. Imagine, how much more complete, whole, wise and knowledgable, you are today, thanks to your past-self. Think about all the hope and healing lessons of the journey that your past-self has to offer to you, to your present-self, and thus the tools that your present-self now has to share with others. Think about the peace of mind and joy, you can now teach, and serve as an example of to others, because of what your past-self has learned and overcome. All these blessings and gifts that you now have, are because you have been able to take your negatives situations and challenging times, and use them to help you grow and heal, and redefined them as learning opportunities and wisdom.

Today, let us allow our present-self to practice being grateful to our past-self, for the wisdom and life experience it has provided us. Also, today if worry or despair tries to enter our mind, let us remember how much our future-self will be grateful for all that our present-self is doing and going through, to help us now grow, mature, heal and awaken. Everything that our past-self went through and overcame, and everything our present-self is now going through and overcoming, is all in service to our whole-self, so that your future-self will be able to show, all his or her brothers and sisters, how much we can learn and overcome. One who is at peace with their past, shows those who are still consciously or unconsciously, through their own judgments of self and others, stuck in it, how forgiveness, hope and healing, can be achieved. Understanding this, now as our present-self, every time that it looks back at our past, is highly appreciative, and honors our past-self. Equally so, our future-self is right now appreciating and honoring us, what our present-self is doing right now to assist him or her in growing into a wiser and more compassionate person. Today, when ego tries to make you feel down, alone, negative, unloved or hopeless, remember all your past-self did for you, and all that your present-self is doing for your future-self. Today, choose to see life through God’s eyes, see every step along your journey is sacred and good, and every step, even the so-called negative ones, as all having a higher purpose. When in doubt, remember that your path, every step along the way, is a sacred and perfect co-creation with God, and that they are all being used, to help you grow, heal and awaken you, to your true nature.

Today, when we are going through a seeming negative time, let us not continue to feed that mindset with our time, focus and energy.  Instead, let us see such a time, as an opportunity, to recall how we have used all our so-called past negative experiences, to help us grow, heal and mature. Once our present-self can see and understand the gifts that these so-called negative past experiences have brought to us, it can also begin to comprehend, how our current negative experience, will also be used by God for our good, to help us achieve greater peace and understanding. Once we start to see and understand the true nature and gift that every moment, even the so-called negative ones, have to offer, what further need for judging ourselves or others would we have? Now, when such a situation presents itself, we simply smile at the ego’s effort to take our peace away. Now, we simply place our trust in God, and by doing so achieve the state of peace.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

How beautifully u wrote this message. Although I often think about all I have eperienced at the time, this reminded me that nothing I have gone through has been “a waste” but, rather, an opportunity for growth. Even the death of my son via a massave, drug overdose and the years before iit happened as I tried to help him by sending him to drug rehabs and giving him unconditional love has been a blessing. I “got through it” by knowing that what happened was planned – that he had fulfilled his mission for this lifetime – and that I cd understand others going through the same kind of experience as well as myself. I know that God has him on another assignment and I am forever in gratitude that I have grown in spirit because of my boy. Thank u for your compassion and all that u do. Lovings.

Thank you Louisa for your lovely comment about your journey and son. May your life experience and peace of mind in regard to your journey, may it be shared with others so that they too may find peace. Peace. JBC

I hope this will help me. I feel discouraged and hopeless. I’m 54 years old. I don’t mean to engage in negativity or self-pity, but I have mental illness..a personality disorder. I have been in therapy my since I was 14, have read over 125 self help books..yet, I lack purpose in life, feel empty, lost and broken. I am on 4 antidepressants, 3 anxiety medications. I can’t make my relationships work, I lose friends quickly..so that I have given up. I am in Emotions Anonymous, but get ignored. I am a kind person, but I feel often get mistreated, rejected and abandoned by others. I can’t make my life work. I pray to God to take my life while I am asleep. I’m just tired of living unhappy every day and nothing works.

Thank you Tammi for your comment and for being a part of this community. This might seem a little simplistic, but try shifting your diet little by little to an all-fruit diet. The less cooked food, process food, process sugar, soft drinks of any sort, and animal products you can eat, the better. Let’s start of by getting your diet right, again it might sound, to the ego, like a useless thing to do, but when done right it can create a very strong base to stand on. You can have 3 fruit smoothies a day which you can make at home, when you do this Always use a blender Not a juicer. Blending keeps the fiber, juicing loses a lot of the fiber and can shoot you sugar levels up. Have a big salad for dinner. Check out Dr. Morse YouTube channel for more nutritional advice, and how nutrition can change your mental state. You don’t have to shift your diet right away, but push yourself to move it in the direction of say 70% fruit, 30% vegetables, as much as possible raw, not cooked. Exercise, or walk at least 5 days a week. Get back to me in a month to update me on your progress. Peace. JBC

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