Daily Inspiration: August 22. Experiencing the Gift of the Present Moment

Imagine seeing the present moment as a gift of growth that is being offered to you. What emotion other than gratitude would you express if you understood that the present moment is a gift from God to you? Imagine if the present moment was here only to help you rise to a higher level of consciousness? What feeling other than peace could come to you if you understood and fully trusted that there is One who is always in your corner? One who fully loves and protects you, and has since your creation promised that all will be alright. Today, let us trust that the present moment is God’s eternal gift to us. As we do, our propensity to become anxious, stressed out and worried, begins to dissolve away. Today, let us accept God’s gifts with gratitude, peace, trust and joy. We do this by placing our judgments, frustration, anxiousness and worries aside, and allowing the present moment to be what it is. This is all that is asked of us to have the peace. All we need do is allow the present moment to be what it is. Imagine, no longer being unconsciously forced by the ego to try to control, direct or manage, what is going on. Imagine, no longer needing to carry the weight of judgement on your shoulders. All we need do is trust God with whatever burdens the ego would try to have us carry. No longer carry what is not yours. That cross has already been overcome. That battle has already been fought and won. Now, your Creator only desires you to be peaceful and joyful. He simply wants you to align with your loving nature, and share it with others. Your Creator is Love, and thus you are here to share your loving nature. Today, simply practice aligning with the expressions of Love that the present moment is inviting you to express and share. Then express and share it with all those who are sent your way.

How much longer must we choose to remain stuck in the past, or worry about the future? How much longer must we drag the heavy burdensome chains of our past judgments onto the present? We lay these chains upon the present and then complain as to why we can’t truly see nor fully understand what is really going on. What if there was one simple tool that allowed us to let go of the past and thus set the future free? Forgiveness is that tool. Forgiveness blows away the clouds of judgment that darken the present moment. In doing so we get to participate in the present moment as it was meant for us to experience and enjoy. Anytime you feel stuck in the past or worried about the future, there is a good chance that you are holding unto some unforgiving thoughts. Forgive, release your brothers and sisters from the prison of your mind, and set yourself free. When you forgive, what you are really saying is that you are now choosing to value and trust God’s plan for your life over that of the ego’s plan. You are choosing to recall and accept that each one of us has co-created a sacred journey with God. You are willing to state that each person’s journey is uniquely fitted to their needs and designed for them. When other people’s journeys are understood in this manner, your need to judge their journeys dissolves away. As you end your judgments, you also end the need to carry those judgments. Through forgiveness, the chains of the past are broken, lifted of you, and placed aside. The present moment can now be clearly viewed and fully appreciated in its mighty splendor. The future is now set free to become whatever it was meant to be.

Today, let us together recall that only the present moment truly exists. In the now, we really only have two choices, to trust God or to worry. If God, Love Himself forever resides within the now, then what use would we have to ever worry when we know Love has our back? When at One with the now, you understand that every step on your journey is a sacred co-creation with your all-loving Source. Knowing this, what need would we ever again have to stress out or worry? Imagine the peace you could experience if you simply trusted that the Creator of the Universe knows what He is doing. Imagine trusting that God being Love, only has your best interest in mind. Imaging trusting that the present moment is the gift, that He is forever offering you. Would such a day not be free from feeling anxious, stressed out or worried? Would your peace of mind and joy not grow tremendously on such a day? What do you truly have to lose by experimenting with the idea that you could wholeheartedly trust God? Today, you will know when you are fully trusting God because the state of peace results. Equally so, let a lack of peace remind you that you are not truly within the now, and thus not fully trusting in God. Today, if you lack peace, do not despair. Simply realize that the ego’s past programs have temporarily distracted you away from your goal. Knowing this, now use your free will to once again focus on and align with your goal. Today, your goal is peace. Today, your goal is easier than you have been programmed to think it is, because peace is who you truly are. You are Love’s creation, and peace is an extension and expression of Love, thus peace is an extension and expression of the truth in you.

Today, let us practice fully trusting in God. When we do so, we achieve within the present moment, the state of peace. Today, simply trust that Perfect Love always has your best interest in mind, and that because of this all will be alright. Today, if you are worried, do not put yourself or others down for this, instead allow such a moment to show you that you are not trusting in God. Trust God or worry, these are the two choices you have within the now. Trust God and be at peace. Worry and feel stressed out and confused. Today, decide to trust God fully, and you will be at peace where ever you go. Being God’s creation, peace is the eternal gift He offers you within the now. Today, accept His gift of peace so that you can, in the present moment, become a gift, a beacon of peace, for others.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (8)

Thank you so much..I love reading these messages..

Thank you Melissa for being open to the message.

I am delighted that you enjoy them.

Peace. JBC

Hi James, Thank you for your wonderful words and inspiration.
For some weeks now I have been trying to forgive and trust and I am making some progress but I do find that as a day progresses my Ego still takes over sadly and I let myself down. I will persevere though and I’m just trusting that 59 years of conditioning in the wrong ways may take a little while to shift. Am I right?

Thank you Fiona for your comment and for being a part of our community.

Learn to take and use every single situation, where the ego tries to take your peace of mind away, as an opportunity that is being presented to you to trust God more. See it as a call from God, from the Universe, asking you to heal, grow and awaken.

Anytime a thought of judgment enters your mind, practice being quicker and quicker in recognizing what you are doing to yourself, stop that line of thinking right there, and no longer feed it with your time, energy or emotions.

Recall your true nature, that as God’s creation you are always worthy of peace, then because we are all One, offers those that you were thinking about with judgement, forgiveness. Not only offer it, but Feel yourself offering it. Feel yourself offering them and praying for them to be heal, feel yourself praying for their joy and peace, for their clarity and awakening.

Offer, and feel yourself offering them, everything that you would want to experience yourself.

Finally offer God, the Universe, and yes, even the ego, gratitude, for offering you so many opportunities to practice healing and awakening.

The more you practice awakening, aligning with the light within, the more natural this way of thinking will become, and the more worthy of peace and joy you’ll remember that you, and all your brothers and sisters, forever are.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

i totally understand this point today im unlearning and am in a much better place than ever but sometimes its hard i do have faith in God and i do know he has my best interests at heart but after 34 yrs in addiction and with 1 yr of sobriety living life on lifes terms is sonething im not used to but these daily posts i recieve always help…..thankyou and God Bless

Thank you Jason for being open to the message and a part of our community.

Continue every day to bless and be loving to all others, and because we are all One, you will feel these blessings and love flowing through you and throughout your day.

The more you get to practice being and sharing the love within, the more worthy you will feel of this love, the more natural and normal it will become for you to be, share and represent, God, Love here on Earth.

Peace. JBC

Thank you, Jamex, this is beautiful and it totally resonated with me. Now . . . to embody it. You are such a gift!

Thank you Shelly for your kinds words and for being open to the message.

There is nothing more to ever do, than to be who in truth we already are.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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