Daily Inspiration: August 24. The Illusionary Nature of the Unforgiving Mind

The unforgiving mind is asleep to its true nature. Having been programmed by the ego to believe in an illusionary mindset as real, it feels lost, wounded, broken and burden, by the weight of its own judgments. Unconsciously valuing chaos more than peace, it wallows stewing in the turmoil of its fictional world. Sad and without hope, it perilously peers into the deep darkness just waiting to be attacked. Confused, angry and afraid, it believes its two choice are either to strike, or to be victimized. Never dropping judgment’s sword, its body tires, feels stressed, and weakens. Yet, no matter how the unforgiving mind acts, what it secretly desires most, is to find rest, put down the sword, and finally experience the peace of mind and joy that deep down inside it knows that it deserves. This is why today, you have been placed on its path, to offer hope to the hopeless, rest to the weary, and peace to those who know only of the pain of the sword. You have been placed on the path of the unforgiving mind, to help it see, that there is indeed another way, a better way, a way that can lead it from sleep to awakening, from confusion and chaos to clarity and calm, and from pain to ever lasting peace. Today, whenever an unforgiving mind crosses your pass, promise yourself not to join it by judging those that judge you. You my dear one, who are constantly making the conscious choice to see only the loving eternal nature in your brother and sister, are here as a light within the darkness, as a spring in a desert world, dried out by its beliefs in isolation, anger, resentment, revenge and regret. You my dear one, have been chosen to bring peace and understanding, to those led astray by the ego’s lies. Today, when the unforgiving mind confronts you, smile, and know that God would have not place you before it, unless He knew that you would comfort, and show compassion, to His lost child.

We have all, walked the path of the unforgiving mind. We have all fought within the emotionally blood thirsty battles of the ego’s judgment filled wars. We have all been wounded time after time, because we had put our faith in a fictional tale, that has never had our best interest in mind. We all within us, carry the memory of carnage, left behind by those trained to only see the dark and false as true. All the unforgiving mind does, is strike at the shadows in its dreams, and then confusingly and in fear, wonder why they don’t die off. The unforgiving mind does not know that it is in the dream state, blindfolded before its loving nature and light. Judgment of self and others, as long as you, through the unforgiving mind, choose to fight the ego’s battles, will always appear to be real and worth fighting for. Today, choose to no longer defend or fight against the shadows in your dreams. Spend no more of your time, focus and energy, on the shadows in your dreams, and watch them begin to dissolve before your light and understanding.  How much longer will we allow the unforgiving mind, the unenlightened mind, to try to lead us through the darkness? How many more of its battles must we fight in order to finally feel safe, secure and at peace? How many more wounded victims must it leave behind on its war path, before it finally cries out for help, healing, freedom and peace? Are you not tired of the constant battles, the back and forth, the back and forth, and back and forth again? How much longer will you support and feed with your time, focus, and energy, the unforgiving mind’s soldiers of anger, resentment, revenge and regret? How much more of its suffering, pain, confusion, darkness and chaos, will you allow into your life? When will enough, finally be enough?

Today, let us return to the light, accept the path of peace, and thus bring clarity and healing to the unforgiving mind. To do so, consciously choose to lay down your own sword of judgment, and enter the battlefield with your arms wide open and your head held high. You enter the battlefield with the knowledge, absolute trust, and certainty, that only the love of God in you is truly real, and because we are all One, only the love of God in all others is truly real. You enter the field knowing that the ego’s illusions are but illusions, its nightmares are but dreams, its darkness is but a lack of light, and that the eternal truth in you can never, nor will ever be, struck down by the ego’s fictional sword of judgment. You enter the field with the knowledge and certainty, that the unforgiving mind can never strike down, nor even touch, your truth, the eternal and eternity in you. Your truth is an expression of the Love that God is, and the Love that God is, is All. The opposite of All is nothing, and therefore nothing, no matter how many ways, through the unforgiving mind, the ego tries to disguise it, can’t never hurt, confuse or darken, the love that is your true eternal essence and nature. It is with this understanding and mindset, that you are raised above and beyond the ego’s battlefield. Above the battlefield, you will look upon all those still buying into their fear based dreams as true. Above the battlefield, you will no longer have the need to judge those that are unaware and asleep to the truth in them. Just as you watch the beauty of your child while he or she sleeps, so to will you view all your brothers and sisters in this same perfect light. As they toss and turn, defend and fight, unaware of their true nature, lost, confused and afraid within their dreams, you will gently and lovingly place your hand upon their head, caress their scalp, move your fingers through their hair, and whisper to them that it is now time to awaken, time to leave their dreams behind, time to encounter, experience and enjoy, the light of a brand new day.

Today, let us help the unforgiving mind to awaken from its judgment and fear based dreams. Think of a person or situation, within the unforgiving mind’s dream, that you have yet to bless with your forgiveness. Then ask yourself, that part of you that is awake, does it desire to be happy or to be right, to remain in pain or to have peace? Do you desire to experience the light of a brand new day or to remain imprison within a darken mindset that is asleep to its true nature? Do you want to be free from having to carry the burdens of your judgments, or do you want to continue to toss and turn at night and thus never experience true rest? Has the unforgiving mind not made you suffer long enough? Is it not your own judgments that have chained you and made you a prisoner to your past? When will you finally decide that enough is enough? How many more internal mindless battles must you continue to fight in order to realize that the unforgiving mind has nothing of true value to offer you? Forgive, what do you have to lose by choosing to awaken from your nightmares? Forgive, and awaken a mind asleep. Forgive, and finally find and experience, true and lasting, peace and joy.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (6)

This is my first in depth reading of your articles…and I’m rewarded…
I am by the Blessings of Our Heavenly Father and wonderful heritage, given to understand the meaning of forgiveness…and it’s importance!
To hang on to anger and bitterness…makes severe health issues…so it’s a blessing to have the understanding of forgiveness…
So here is the quandary…I have a Sister…that has been so verbally cruel…to put it simply, and extremely mildly……she has gone thru 4 husbands..5 live-ins…lost her daughter .who is as evil as her mother….and 2 grandchildren..she has no friends….
…lays on a saccharine.. behavior…that is then discovered, then she is ignored..or despised….and she is just tolerated..if that is the only way to be diplomatic..
I went thru years..of her unspeakable verbal cruelty..with both of my husbands..(one deceased)..
…..she has been verbally cruel to my Mother who passed..and my grandmothers….
After she did her most vulgar act at my mothers funeral..2 funeral homes…were appalled at her greed..and cruelty…so ….
sooooo it’s not just me…..
I finally , out of despair..and wondering…because I’d heard these words..but, what would the computer ever bring up?…in 2009…
I just entered 2 words into the computer…those being ‘jealous siblings’..as my employees said she was,…
..I couldn’t comprehend that word…silly as it sounds..as I’ve worked for everything in my life as has my husbands…we had no special financial freebies…
….as I researched..I went into shock….I could not believe how many others in families..had this same situation….and, the actual education went on…by volumes of experiences..and hateful behavior…I can’t believe people still went to family holidays only to get into screaming matches…which we never did as Christians…The Bible says to be of Meek and Mild temperament…so we just sat stone silent…and… did the day and thanked God we could go home 400 miles away!
I made my decision…thru prayer and education…that I needed to ‘dust off my feet’ ..lighten my heart and life from this toxic…influence for 60 years of my life….at that time…
…and the peace is divine….not to deal with the connivance’s…lies to others…and by education of my Electrician.,( I’m a General Contractor)…I learned I could use the word EVIL.
.Oh my God….Judge not lest we be judged!….
I have forgiven her…
NO….I can not forgive, her, what she has done to others…or my Mother for years and, in her dying bedside days….or my Grandmothers…that is for Our Heavenly Father to do…that’s not my territory…
The bottom line to all this…is that..forgiveness..is paramount ..and takes time..depending to the severity…one can not go ‘willy -nilly’ and just forgive with out..understanding and healing for their own souls..
…..otherwise words are cheap…but a real peace and understanding of forgiveness needs to be attained…then forgiveness is attained..
…..can I understand the ‘why’s’ around my sister’ behavior? no and I don’t care!
I forgive her….she is forbidden to ever come to my home or funeral..
.I’ll not have the’ phony’ performance, of grieving nonscence..!.
.and then, public verbal, ridicule to all..even at the casket..out loud as she has done to all!
…..she wouldn’t even attend the second service for my mother..as there was a service..for my Mother to be interned next to my father in a cemetery in another nearby town..
She said she wouldn’t come to our ‘Dog and Pony Show”..so she attended no funeral..and… was glad mother was dead..(actually said) …..the nuisance was over..as she has said about all those who have passed..in the family..and friends..
She was on the verge of being arrested..for adult verbal abuse..that is now an issue in some state counties..not just physical….then,… Mother Passed…
I value your opinion on this….as forgiveness isn’t a plastic word..so people keep subjecting themselves to emotional, scarring, injury..as our relatives have done…
Yes…I have forgiven..I’ll never allow this to be done to anyone…that I care about.., and not me..
.I don’t wallow in it..my files are full and …put away.
.I saw this..and I believe there has to be a practical application to forgiveness…
……the silence..and walking around the’ elephant in the room’….is over…now that I understand TOXIC personalities….and their damage done…
Thank you for your patience in reading this….
Your opinions..I do value..on this…

Thank you Patricia for sharing your story and for being open to the message. God is Love and All, and so, each and every time that your sister comes into your mind, that is God asking you to pray for her. You have been given by God free will, and so God can ask you to pray for your sister, but He can’t force you to do this. Pray for your sister, and you will, because in truth we are all One, and One with God, open yourself up to more of God’s All-Encompassing Love and Mercy. God’s All-Encompassing Love and Mercy, is yours to experience, enjoy and share, but you must be willing, through free will, to offer it to all those parts of God’s creations, that your ego has taught you to believe, are not worthy of God’s Love and Mercy. Now you know, that every single time the thought of your sister pops up in your head, that you have a choice, consciously join God’s Love and Mercy, and sit for a few minutes in silence, asking God’s angels to surround you, and asking them to join you in praying for your sister’s health, healing, joy, peace of mind and awakening, do so and you will feel God’s Gratitude within you, embracing you, thanking you for asking to heal and bring back into the light, one of God’s lost children. Do not fear nor despair, for God, when you unite with the energies of forgiveness, healing, joy and peace, all expressions of Love, all expressions of Him, they will join, embrace, protect and heal you throughout your days and nights. God speaks to All of us, All the time, but yet, so few choose to listen. Today, and from now on, look deep into the mirror, and tell yourself that from now on, you will answer God’s call. Pray for those that need prayer, ask for healing for those that need to be healed, send your love to those that feel that they are not loved, pray for hope for those that are feeling hopeless, pray for gentleness, love and light to surround and embrace all those that currently are imprison in darkness and despair, ask God to forgive all those that need to be forgiven, ask all of God’s and your angels, guides, guardian angels, arc angels to break through with their loving light into that lost child’s soul. Your sister is just one of the many lost children of God, but in this instance God has entrusted you specifically with her care, with His lost child. You need not physically come into her presence, but you should consider answering God’s call for Mercy. And so when your sister now enters your mind, know what is truly happening, that she is unconsciously calling out for you to pray for her, to guide her back into her Father’s arms. God trust you to do this, or else you would not be reading this now. Do not underestimate your power, as God child, to help bring light into the darkness, for all that you in truth are, is God’s Love and Light. Answer your sister’s call for help and healing, with help and healing. Help bring, through your prayers and kind, forgiving and loving thoughts, your sister back into the light. Even if at all possible, each and every day, try to invite your friends or family members to join you in a few minutes of prayer for your sister, it can be when you are on the phone with another, or before dinner at the dinner table, or at church. Do not despair, do not stop asking God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit each day and night for their help in breaking through your sister’s darkness and helping her recall her true light. Remember, we are all One, and so if you choose not to forgive your sister any time she pops up in your mind, then you are not only withholding forgiveness and peace from her, but also you are withholding this forgiveness and peace from yourself, and believe it or not, you are withholding this forgiveness and peace from God. You will never experience true peace if you are, unconscious as it may be, withholding forgiveness and peace from God. God Loves All His children, and especially He Loves His lost sheep. God has entrusted you as your sister’s shepherd. Remember this, and even if it is only through your thoughts and prayers, help bring Your Shepherd’s lost sheep back home. Peace. JBC

I’m so sorry to be a “downer” and not be positive as I normally try to be..but I can’t seem to let go of resentment toward a staff member of where I live. She has held a grudge against me since I filed a grievance against her in 2012. Since then..no matter how hard I try to make amends my being nice..she passed me in the hall..won’t look at me, she lashed out at me in her groups in front of other residents, her office is right by my apartment..so she makes it a point to open her door anytime someone knocks on my door..and she will just stare and listen to our conversations. I ask God for help..in helping me let go..of my resentment toward her. I’m so tired of her hateful attitude and her derogatory comments toward me in front of other people..but I don’t think God is listening…as I still feel lousy, and angry..and I just don’t like her and wish she would just quit..God forgive me for saying this.

Thank you Tammi for your comment. Practice doing the opposite of everything that is not working for you. When the thought of resentment comes in, practice stopping it quicker and quicker, and substitute it for a prayer of peace. Fill every cell of your body with a prayer and thoughts of peace, pray for the person the ego demands you judge, pray for their health, happiness, peace, and healing, remember we are all One, what you offer others you will experience within yourself. Always practice what you yourself desire to experience within. Offer gratitude to all those who help you practice being more forgiving, loving, peaceful and joyful. Peace. JBC

I choose to follow the path of forgiveness and light of self and others and am finally at peace I in u my God and you in me there can only be love laughter health and in my life now and l send this love laughter health and happiness in abundance to al my children grandchildren friends family and each person God crosses my path with in my life may u al feel the peace l feel now and always.

Thank you Geraldine for your comment and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

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