Daily Inspiration: August 25. Wisdom Is the Relinquishment of Judgment

Wisdom is not a function of our ability to judge, but a function of our ability to release and let go of judgment. The scales of justice are not balanced by judging the ‘wrong’ and praising the ‘right’, but from letting go of all false concepts that we have been taught to believe are more real and valuable than God’s creations. Everything we try to add to or subtract from our eternal loving essence, disappears and dissolves, before the mercy and grace of God. For who was created through Perfection, is and will always be perfect. Once all illusionary thinking is dropped, and the false idol, the worship of judgment is let go, it is then that the scales of justice will no longer be of used or needed. Once we consciously place the ego’s scales down and choose to no longer value being right more than being happy, it is then that true wisdom, peace of mind and joy, will be recalled, encountered and experienced. Why would you ever want to carry the heavy burden of judgment? Freedom, peace of mind and joy, as God’s child, are your birthright. We are all One, and thus freedom, peace of mind and joy, are everyone’s birthright. Why would you want to try to take away from your brother or sister something that God has given them, especially when you yourself already have it? There is nothing that God gives to one, that He does not give to all. Your freedom, peace of mind and joy, are always and forever, thanks to God’s gift of free will, just a choice away. Knowing that we are all One, offer this freedom, peace of mind and joy to others, so that you will have it and experience it yourself. Today, remember that you are God’s child, and are worthy of all of Love’s gifts. The only thing that could ever keep you away from experiencing God’s gifts would be your desire to keep them from others. Play the ego’s judgment centered games no longer, let go of what no longer serves you.

The ego would insist that judgment and wisdom are equals. But one ends up weighing you to the ground, while the other one frees you from this weight. How much longer will you choose to carry judgments heavy burdens, before you ask yourself if you are truly feeling balanced doing so? Is not the balance state, a place where peace, love and joy, embrace and surround you, becoming your constant companions? Wisdom let’s go of what it knows it needs not carry. For to truly judge anything or anyone, you would need such a vast amount of information about the past, present and future, about everyone and all involved, that to think you could ever have this complete understanding and thus be able to balance the scales, is to be delusional. Judgmental thinking is delusional thinking. Nobody can achieve a true and lasting peaceful and joyful state of mind, while they are delusional. Today, let us drop our delusional thinking, and allow this act of letting go, to bring us to the doorway of wisdom. It is in fact an “act” of letting go, because in truth you are letting go of nothing that is real. Drop what was never yours to carry. Appear before the doorway of wisdom, with nothing that you have been programmed by the ego to think of as real, and walk in. Within, you will remember your true nature, that of being love and only love, that of being One with All, that of peace and joy, being your eternal companions, and that of the understanding that only the love in all of us is truly real. Today, enter and come back to a state of mind that in truth you have never left. When in despair remember, you are forever, in every moment, just one choice away from being and becoming an expression and representative of your true loving nature, who in truth you are and were created to be.

Today, instead of seeing another through the ego’s judgment filled eyes, let us wisely make the conscious choice, to ask God to see everyone and everything through His eyes, with His love, mercy and grace. What do we have to lose by going through this day trying to see as Love Who Is All sees? What do we have to lose by seeing only the love in each other as eternal and true? Why continue to hold yourself back from the opportunities to experience and share peace of mind and joy? You are God’s child, you are forever worthy of all of Love’s gifts. Today, accept your inheritance by choosing to let go of judgments that have never served you. Today, return to your true base, foundation and Home, the love that you came here to be and share. Do not despair, when the ego once again demands that you have every right to judge others as guilty, and you do. Do not despair when you are once again weighed down by confusion, guilt and regret. Do not despair, simply realize and acknowledge to yourself, that there is just something not right, rational or even sane, with how the ego’s judgment centered mindset tries to ‘balance’ its scale. The job of balancing these scales has in truth never been ours. Today, let us become quiet and listen, as God calls us to uncover our eyes, drop our swords, place down the ego’s scales, and choose to trust Him above all else. Let us hear Him asking us to drop our judgments, gently take hold of our sister’s and brother’s hand, together walk away from the ego’s deceptions, delusions and lies, and guide them back into alignment with the love, mercy, grace and wisdom, of God.

Today, let us remember that as Love’s creations, we are forever worthy of the peace of God. You have been given the gift of free will, thus it is only you who can decide if you will or will not choose to accept and experience God’s inheritance, His peace. If you are currently not at peace, ask yourself: Where in my life am I choosing to value and support one of the illusionary judgment centered thoughts of the ego’s mindset as more real than the peace of God. Regardless of the circumstance or person that you may be judging, God response to you is simply this: “Forgive and you will see this differently. Forgive and you will come back into conscious alignment with Me. Forgive and realize that My peace, love, joy and wisdom, have forever been yours to have, enjoy and share. Let go of what no longer serves you. Let go of all that is nothing, and by doing so, receive everything that is true and everlasting in return.”

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (8)

nevermind my previous email, their website is down I saw on their facebook/twitter. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you Jen for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

Hey James…I don’t know what to say or do in order to forgive the past influence she has had on my life…maybe forgiving myself for allowing her in?

If i enter http://www.StandUpForKids.org it does not got to a valid web site from my iphone. I know about the org from having your book. I’m not saying the error in connecting isn’t mine but am just putting that feedback out there in case there’s something to it.

Thank you Jen for your comment, will check it out. Peace. JBC

I am trying to forgive my parent for giving me advice which has had a terrible impact on my life and the fact is, I should never have asked her anyway. This was something between me and the other person and had nothing to do with her…I should never have asked. I have had problems forgiving her…is this ego? Maybe…but there will be no peace until it is gone and no connection with God until I have learned to forgive.

Missn, God uses all for good. When you are having trouble forgiving, God will offer you more and more opportunities to practice forgiving, so that you may find the peace, that as God’s child, you are forever worthy of. Practice offering gratitude to those who are helping you practice forgiveness, who are offering you opportunities to align with the state of peace, who are helping you align with and experience who in truth you are. Every time the ego mind demands judgment, remember you are worthy of peace, and forgive instead. Peace. JBC

Thanks James for your feedback . ..I would like your book .

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