Daily Inspiration: August 26. There are no Gaps in God’s Love

God is Love and All, thus there are in truth, no gaps in God’s Love, in All. Love, and all of its numerous expressions, some of them being compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, are all in truth who we are, and what we are here to be, experience and share. The ego may have convinced us that there exist gaps in God’s Love, an opposition to All, and so it is in those areas of our lives, where we believe the false in us to be true, the unreal in us to be real. It is in such an illusionary state, that we unconsciously align ourselves with the ego’s mindset, allow the ego to think for us, and thus become forgetful of our true nature. It is in this forgetfulness, or gaps in God’s love, where we have bought into the ego’s programming as more real than God. This is a mindset that says that fear is more favorable than faith, pain is more precious than peace, and that judgment is more justifiable than joy. We have supported these so-called illusionary gaps in God’s Love for so long, have so consistently reinforced them with our time, energy and focus, redefined the unlimited as limited, introducing opposition into All That Is, illusion into truth, and fear into the state of perfect peace, that is it now any wonder, why most of us are so confused as to who we are? My friend, doubt yourself no longer, for your truth is that you are your Creator’s Loving creation, and so all that Love is, you forever are. Love is All, and so every true part of you, is Love. Today, when a false thought of yourself or another, pops into your mind, when the ego is trying to take control and think for you, make the conscious choice to no longer support the false as true. Instead, stop placing your time, focus and energy, on such a thought, forgive that false thought, remember who in truth you are, and recall that because we are all One, Love is who in truth we all are. Then offer gratitude, to those who are helping you, through their participating in your life, recall your true nature, that you are only love. Finally, through your loving example, help them being to recall, their true nature.

The more you consciously support only your true self as true, the more comfortable you will be with your truth, and with the realization that there are indeed no gaps in God’s Love, and thus no gaps in God’s Love for you. Yet, if you continue to find yourself believing that there are gaps in God’s Love, do not despair, for we have all had times in our lives where we bought the swamplands that the ego was trying to sell us. We have all at times believed the ego’s fairy tales as true, and in essence seemed to have fallen through these so-called illusionary gaps in God. Anytime we have bought into and expressed a judgmental mindset where frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety, hate or revenge, were thought of as real, these are not symbols of anything true or true in you, they are simply symbols us believing in the false as true. By doing so, we align with and seem to sink into, these imaginary gaps or darkness. Yet again, do not despair, for darkness is simply a lack of light, a lack of understanding. We have all felt and tasted the acidic sulfuric stench of the ego’s deceptions, illusions, darkness and lies. We have all play in and suffered through the ego’s untruths long enough. Yet now, the child in us is desiring to grow up, the sleeping mind is desiring to awaken, and that time, because you are here reading this now, is now. There is no more time to waste drugging through the ego’s swamp, for now we know, that there is no treasure there to find. It is time for us to close the book on the ego’s fairy tale, leave the swamp-like mindset, awaken, and become an example to others, that there indeed is a way out of the muddy waters, and onto solid ground. Today, let us become an example of that solid ground, that there are no such things as gaps in God’s Love, and that only the Love in us, in all of us, is forever true.

Today, when the ego once again demands we believe that its illusionary gaps are more real than God’s Love, and it tries to have us use its tools such as those of frustration, anger, resentment, anxiety, hate or revenge, to define us or our brothers and sisters, let us stop this false thought process. Then, let us instead decide to consciously align once again, only with our true nature, with the Love that we are. We allow the truth in us to once again rise, by focusing on and sharing, Love’s expressions, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy, with all those that God presents to us today. As you share with others who in truth you are, you will experience and reinforce this truth within you. The more you reinforce it; the more real it will become to you, and the more you will recognize it as your truth. The more solidify in your truth you become, the greater example of it you will be for others. In essence, the brighter your light will shine, or in other words, the brighter The Light will shine from within you. This is what your brothers and sister are in truth, in every moment, trying to offer you, the opportunity to recall The Light within you, by seeing only the truth in them as true. Today, recall the service that all your brothers and sisters are providing you, and offer them gratitude for every time that they help you practice recognizing, sharing and thus reinforcing, your true nature. Gratitude, is just another of Love’s expressions, and so when you align with it, you align with God. The more you consciously align with God’s gratitude, or any of the other numerous expression of God’s Love, the brighter your loving light will shine. Thanks to your shine, others will be more able to clearly see, feel and experience, what is possible for them. Your light will bring others to hope, this sense of hope will direct them to the state of peace. The experience of peace will guide them to being grateful, and it is this alignment with gratitude that will open the gate to the remembrance of their true Home, their true nature, Love, God’s non-divisible all-encompassing Love.

Today, let us practice noticing, which of the so-called gaps in God’s Love, we still think are real. The symbols of such gaps show us when we are seeing and believing in the ego’s tools as more real and valuable than God’s Love. Some of these tools show us that we still believe anger, resentment, anxiety or revenge, to be more valuable and real than Love’s symbols of compassion, forgiveness, peace and joy. Today, let us not continue to buy into our false-self as true, for when we do, we only strengthen our relationship to the darkness, to our fears and sense of separation from God. Instead, let us use those times when we feel lost in the ego’s mindset, not to continue our path towards darkness, but as a wake up call, a sort of call to action, to align with The Light, with our true nature, once again consciously at One with our Source and Creator. Today, this is the opportunity that we are being offered, to experience the fake as false, and the truth as true. Let us be grateful to any brother and sister, that is helping us, through their participation in our experience, to recall that there are no gaps in God’s Love, that God’s Love is All, and thus All that in truth we all are, is Love.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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As always, James, thank you. Your article is beautifully self-validating as, in writing it you are, of course, out of ego and in God’s love in purpose and intent and in reading it we so naturally and lovingly receive your light as an example of what you are teaching. Watching what is going on in the geo-political scene today and the broadest level of interaction humanity has ever experienced on a worldwide scale via social media, the presence of ego and its interruption of what we could be accomplishing is so visible when we understand what you are trying to teach us. I am keeping it in my awareness and I am being conscious and building a strong muscle to assure that I am quickly able to discern. I pray that everyone awakens to this so that we can drive all direction to God’s Greater Good through Love. I love reading what you write and am grateful to receive it. Thank you!

Thank you Lilly for being open to the message and for your kind words. Every day let us move in the direction of The light, for when we do so, we will feel fulfilled, for in essence that is what we have come here to do, to be a representative of The Light, and to light the way for others. We can only be what God is, everything else is just a fairy tale that we have been program to believe is real. Every day, let us do our very best to align all our thoughts, words and actions, with the light within, and by doing so help remind the inhabitants of this planet, what a Heaven on Earth can look and feel like. Peace. JBC

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