Daily Inspiration: August 3. Making Peace and Joy the Goals for Your Interactions

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If you would like to experience more peace of mind and joy in your life, then make that your goal before more of your interactions. You can set your goal before your interactions by reminding yourself: “We are all One. What I offer my brother, I will get to experience myself. Therefore, in this interaction, I will offer my brother the peace and joy that I myself would like to experience.” Now you go into the interaction with your goal already set, and the interaction then becomes a means to achieve your goal. The more you proactively set your goals for your daily activities, the sooner you will achieve your goals. Moving from a reactive to a proactive state of mind, will move you from feeling like a victim in this world, to being a conscious creator of the world you see. By moving from a reactive state to a proactive state, it is now you, through the goals you set, who is in control of your experience. Now, when the interaction itself starts to shift away from the goal you set, you can stop it on its tracks, and refocus your efforts on your pre-defined goal. Now, when we find ourselves out of alignment with our goal, we no longer waste our time being judgmental or critical. Now, we simply remind ourselves of the goal we set, and by doing so take back control of the direction of our journey. This conscious and continuous redirection will keep you focused on achieving your desire outcome. This power to design the life you want will give you a certain level of clarity, confidence and control over, the world that you interact with. By having conscious control over your experience, your judgments of self and others will begin to drop away, and your peace of mind and sense of joy, will fill more of your day, and thus more of your life.

In order to achieve true peace of mind and joy in any interaction, being all One, we must be respectful of those who accompany us along the way. By being respectful of others, this unconsciously reinforces in us that we too are worthy of being respected. A way to show respect is through the act of listening to another without judging or interrupting them. Being respectful, just as being peaceful and joyful, are all forms of Love, and thus align you with your true nature. If others begin to move the interaction towards a more confrontational path, simply stop and remind yourself, that this is not your goal. Then, once mentally back in control, look for a way to begin to lift the conversation to a higher vibrational state, one that is in alignment with your loving nature. Your efforts to keep moving the conversation to a higher level, in Love’s direction, will naturally bring you back onto the roads of peace and joy. You do not need to verbally express your goal to others. Simply keep moving your conversation in tune with the thoughts, words and actions, that are in the vibrational neighborhood of Love. Thoughts, words and actions, that are kind, compassionate, forgiving, understanding, peaceful and joyful, will all move you in Love’s direction. Thoughts, words and actions, that invite a smile and bring people a sense of hope and healing, will all help to gently lift, shift and guide, the conversation in the direction of your goal. If others keep on being critical, or are trying to move the conversation to a lower vibrational state, simply remember your goal, and do not join in. Do not judge them, instead simply silently forgive them for their misperceptions, and gently hold and visualize them surrounded in a loving and peaceful white light. Visualize them being embraced by this light, as it caresses and heals their internal wounds.

When those in your presence are talking in unkind ways about others, no matter how much the ego tells you to agree with them, do not join the madness. Joining in the madness will not lead you into alignment with peace of mind and joy, which are both expressions and symbols of The Light in you, of sanity. Instead, courageously but gently and respectfully lead those who tried to have you enter the darkness, out and away from it. You can do so by bringing up ways to assist those that others may be judging. Become the hero of your journey. Do so by leading those in the darkness, through your example, by the way you think of and talk about others, back into alignment with The Light in them. Lead by showing compassion to those they curse. Lead by helping shift their minds from a place of confusion, condemnation and darkness to a place of clarity, forgiveness and light. Keep reminding yourself throughout the encounter: “Where, through my thoughts, words and actions, I take my brothers, I too will experience myself. I now choose to lead them back into alignment with the light in them. In doing so, I too shall experience and thus reinforce the light in me.” If your focus fails and you temporarily fall back into the ego’s judgment pit with them, do not judge yourself. Simply practice catching yourself as quickly as you can when you find yourself in this mindset. Then forgive yourself and others, and by doing so right your ship to head once again in the direction of your goal. End every encounter with a silent prayer of gratitude for those who are helping you recall, that peace of mind and joy, thanks to free will, are always just a choice away. The more we proactively practice being who we want to become, the sooner we will reach our goal. Finally, always look back at and review your interactions in order to figure out what you did right, and what aspect of your communication you can improve upon. 

Today, let our goal be to bring more peace and joy to our interactions. Let us do so through a four step process. First, let us set our intention or goal before going into any interaction. Second, let us make a concerted effort to always be shifting the conversation or experience to a higher level of consciousness. In this case to reach a more peaceful and joyful state of mind. Third, let us mentally offer gratitude to all those involve in the interaction for helping us realize that we can indeed design what we desire to experience. Fourth, after the interaction let us review it in order to see where we could have better and more clearly represented the energies peace and joy. By taking these four steps we remind ourselves that it is indeed we who have the power to design the life we want. 

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

I love that we can catch ourselves without condemning our selves.And especially saying a prayer for the person being judged, and not judging anyone at all in the interaction.I like reviewing our daily interactions,and checking to see where we got caught up,and once again forgiving ourselves and undetstanding we are practicing and have many more chances to be peaceful,joyful therefore loving.

Thank you Donna for your being open to the message.

Thank you for allowing the light in you to lead you.

Thank you for forgiving those the ego would have you condemn.

Thank you for being a light in this world.

Peace. JBC

I wish I had read this post yesterday. I had a very difficult integration with a client yesterday and ended up walking out of the meeting. My client was being very rude and unkind but I now see that I could have handled the meeting better. I hope I will do better if the situation arises again but I do feel very bad about it.

Thank you Fiona for being open to the message.

Every single step on your journey, no matter how the ego has taught you to see it, is a sacred co-creation with God.

God being Love and All, uses all, even our so-called errors in judgment, mistakes and sins, for good.

Each step along the way will, in one way or another, help you become more self-aware and thus help raise your level of consciousness.

You, as God’s creation, are the light of the world, and we are all One, the truth in all of us is this light and only this light. Practice in each interaction seeing only the light in others, so that you can have peace.

Be still, trust God and learn to use each moment to help you grow, heal and awaken. Then thank all those who were a part of such moments, of those moments that helped you, through the so-called good and bad, to awaken and align with, the light within.

Today, trust that God indeed uses all for good, be at peace in this realization, and become a beacon of peace for others.

Peace. JBC

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