Daily Inspiration: August 30. Love, A Physical Sensation of God’s Embrace (Meditation)

Today, let us allow ourselves to truly feel God. We may have many times asked God for certain things, but how often have we just sat down in silence, closed our eyes, opened our hearts, emptied ourselves of this world’s drama, and asked God to completely fill us with His Love? Are your children not forever worthy of your love? Are we all not God’s children? You are God’s child, His creation, and thus are forever worthy of His Love. No matter what illusionary programming you may have been taught about yourself as true, or what others have erroneously thought that your level of worth was, you as God’s creation, are forever worthy of His Love. Today, without reservation, hesitation or concern about our idea of what our own personal worth is, let us wholeheartedly trust in His Love for us, let us allow God to fully fill our hearts, enter our minds and bless our souls. Today, we allow ourselves to truly feel Him around and within us, embracing us, touching and sinking through our skin, healing every muscle fiber, flowing through every vein in our bodies, caressing our hearts and blessing our souls. Then let us begin to recall, how this feeling and experience, is actually, in every single moment of every single day, available to us and just a simple choice away. A choice from us focusing on the chaos and confusion of this outer world and all of the ego’s drama, illusions and lies, to quietly and gently focusing within, on our true eternal essence, that part of us that has always been love, is now love, and will forever be love. Imagine, every single thought of frustration, anger, anxiousness, stress, resentment, hate, revenge and regret, immediately dissolving before the grace and mercy of God. This is the opportunity and gift that God, through free will, offers you in every single moment of your life. Simply make the conscious choice to focus on God’s Love, instead of the ego’s delusions, and experience the eternal peace of mind and joy that is your true inheritance. Know this, God is with you, not because you called on Him, but because He has never left you.

The ego will always look to try to separate you from God, because if you feel separate, then you will feel alone, and if you feel alone and think that God does not care about you, then you will look to the ego for support. If the ego can have your support, then it gets to live through you. If the ego can not get you to support it, then the ego’s power over you diminishes. One of the ego’s many tricks to try to separate from God, is to tell you that you are not good enough, not worthy enough, not spiritual enough, not whatever enough. It tells you that if you are all or any of these, then how could you possibly be a part of a perfect God? It says all this, to try to convince you that you do not belong with God, but with it, the falsely humble imperfect ego. The ego would say that only it can keep you truly safe from this world’s attacks, and that you need your frustration, anger, anxiousness, stress, resentment, hate, revenge and regret, all tools of the ego, in order to keep you safe, happy and at peace. Yet, what it does not tell you, is that it itself is responsible for, and has created this attack and fear based mindset. Yet, do not despair, for if we have come upon this message, then it is because we have all trusted in the ego’s “truth” long enough to know, that it is an untruth, that nothing that the ego has to say or offer, can truly bring us the everlasting peace of mind, joy, safety and love, that we have for so long searched for. And so here we are, looking for a better way, a way that truly aligns us with what we deep down inside know to be our truth, that our God is a loving God, that we are all, every single one of us, creations of, and eternally worthy of, His Love. All of Love’s expressions are our sisters and brothers, and so even the energies of peace, joy, compassion and forgiveness, these are all One with us, and symbols of our true nature. Today, let us consciously turn away from the ego’s false mindset, lift our heads up high where they belong, and return back into alignment with God, our true Father and Home, our Creator, who we are forever worthy of.

Today, let us take as many opportunities as we can, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time, to focus away from this world’s chaos and confusion, and confidently invite The Peace of God to enter. Always remember, that no matter how much you may be buying into this world’s drama, that you are God’s child, and thus forever worthy of His Peace. Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. Slowly relax your body from head to toe. Then, for a few deep breaths, breathe in deeply God’s Love for you, and exhale fully all your worries and stresses. Feel and visualize all the love you have experienced in this lifetime, as a very large white energy field around you. This Light is representative of, and encompasses all the love that you have ever shared, felt and experienced, along with all the Love That God Is. Imagine and feel this bright and loving light filling up your whole room around you. Begin to slowly absorb wave after wave of love and light deep into your body, absorbing it like a sponge into your heart. Truly feel this love entering you, moving through your skin, and touching, caressing and being absorb into and by every cell within. Feel and offer gratitude for this precious love. Then extend this love that is the truth in you back to your Creator. Visualize and feel wave after wave of love and light expanding from within you, from your heart, back out from you to your Creator, back to this Loving Light. Then again, visualize and feel God, this Loving light, returning these waves full of perfect appreciation and love back to you. On the in-breath, feel them being absorb into your body and on your out-breath, feel yourself offering all your love back to Him. Continue with this exchange as long as you so desire. Then send Him wave upon wave of gratitude for His love, and then feel wave after wave of His gratitude entering you, thanking you for choosing to remember who in truth you are, God’s child, forever worthy, in every single moment of your existence, of His Love.

Today, let us practice exchanging the chaos and drama of this world for the Peace of God. Today, when we find ourselves in a chaotic state, anxious, worried, fearful and invested in the drama, let us no longer put ourselves down for feeling this way, instead, let us use these feelings as a call to action. This call to action is asking us, to stop believing in the false as true, to stop believing in the ego’s illusionary mindset and tools, and start instead trusting more fully and completely, in a Perfect Loving God, who only has our best interest in mind. When we fully trust in God, all our worries begin to dissolve. Peace is a symbol of one who has chosen to fully trust God. Worry is a symbol of one who has chosen, consciously or unconsciously, not to trust God. Today, let us make it a conscious choice, that no matter what the ego has taught us to believe, to disregard that and fully and wholeheartedly trust in God and the plan that He has co-created with us. In doing so, all our worries and fears fade away and dissolve before our light and understanding.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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This lesson has been particularly healing for me.First God is always with me,not just when I go to Him struck a loving chord in my heart,mind and soul.So simple and known but that which I havent consciously been awakened to.I also went through a great healing from trauma regarding the live of my family,while taking in all the love of those in my life,and became even more aware of the fear that is dissolving in me that which relates to emotional pain from some relationships.I am working this lesson again and again today.The ego keeps throwing fear at me and I refer back to the love around me,then giving then receiving from my loving nonjudgemental understanding joyful peaceful Father.My beloved Jesus,my dear sweet Jesus who brings tears to my eyes of joy a d my great Helper Holy Spirit.Thank you,loving regards Donna Woodman.

Thank you Donna for your comment. Yes, God is always with you, within you, and forever just a thought away. From now on remember, that when a thought of fear enters your mind, each and every time that happens, what is truly happening is, that God is asking you to instead focus of Him, turn to your truth instead of your illusions, and turn to His love for you instead of your fears, and heal. Heal so that you may remind others how to heal. Every single time a thought of fear now enters you mind, see it as a call from the Universe to practice aligning with God. See it as a call to action from God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, personally asking you to join Him now, so that you may be an example to all others who are unconsciously valuing their illusions more than their truth, to help them see that there indeed is another way. Peace. JBC

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