Daily Inspiration: August 4. Taking Back Control from the Ego’s Programming

Being that the ego has programmed us to support its mindset, it has become in most cases, our first responder. Being our first responder, do not be surprised or disappointed in yourself if your first reaction is some form of judgment. Instead, learn to see this judgment as a signal that the ego is currently in control of your thinking. For example, when you ask yourself: “What do I want?” It is the ego who usually first answer, and so you need to follow that question up with: “What do I really want?” This second question will give you the time to figure out what is truly in your best interest. We ask the follow-up question to make sure that it is we, not the ego, who is in control of our thinking. The ego answers first in order to make you believe that it is wise and of use to you. If it can convince you of its usefulness, then it can survive and thrive through you. Today, let us practice taking back control from the ego. For example: You may see what appears to be a delicious pie, and so you ask yourself “What do I want” and the ego quickly answers “I want to eat the pie.” Then you ask the second question: “What do I really want?” The answer may be something like: “I really want to be and feel healthy and fit, and eating that pie is not really going to make me feel this way.” Having figured out what you really want, you can then choose not to eat that pie. It will be these small daily victories over your ego that will further inspire and reinforce in you, that you indeed have the power within you to choose which road to travel. These small daily victories will give you a greater sense of physical, mental and emotional stability and control over your experience. These small daily victories will help remind you that you indeed have the power to deprogram yourself from a way of thinking that you know no longer serves you.  

The ego has already programmed us to believe that its mindset is the ‘proper’, ‘natural’, and ‘correct’ way to respond and behave. It has already programmed your family, friends, peers and society, to be and act according to its rules. You have, in many cases, accepted their beliefs as yours, and so now their beliefs are yours. The ego has already programmed into you that if person A acts this way, then he must be treated and reacted to, in A manner. If person B acts this way, then he must be treated and reacted to, in B manner. And so to almost every possible situation the ego has already set up an “appropriate” response. What the ego does not share with you is that this way of responding is for its benefit, not yours. Judgment fuels the ego, thus its responses are usually judgmental in nature. Thus, when you judge, it is not really the truth in you who is responding, it is the ego. If the ego is responding for you, it is living your life for you. You will never feel fulfilled as long as the ego is living your life for you. Is it any wonder why so many people on this planet don’t feel fulfilled? When you feel like a robot or zombie, just going through the motions, it is because the ego is living your life for you. To stop this mindset, first recall that it is your life to live, not the ego’s. Second, stop supporting the thoughts that support the ego’s mindset. Fear, chaos, confusion frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment, regret and revenge, all fuel the ego’s way of thinking. Learn to use them, but not to condemn self or other, but instead to remind you that it is time to take back control of your own mind. The more we practice taking back control of our minds from the ego, the more worthy we will feel to choose the life we want.  

Your true eternal essence is Love. When you are in control of your mind, your primary response to your interactions and situations will be a form or expression of Love. Today, when the ego answers the question “What do I want” first, stop and say to yourself: “Ok, that’s fine, I recognize that’s what the ego wants. I’ve tried the ego’s judgment centered responses before and they have never brought me the peace, love, hope and joy, that I want. Understanding this, let me now ask myself: “What do I really want.” What I really want, is to behave and react in such ways that brings me, and because we are all One, all others, peace, love, hope and joy. At first it might not appear natural to keep on correcting your own mind. It might not seem normal to keep reminding yourself that the ego is the one who usually answers first. Yet still, it is only by correcting our thinking that we can reach more stable and consistent level of peace. And so keep asking yourself: “Is this what the ego wants, or is this what the love within me desires? Is this what ‘I’ want, or is this what I really want.” Keep reminding yourself: “This is my life to live, not the ego’s.” Keep telling yourself: “The ego is not the real me, it is simply a figment of my imagination that I have accepted as real. Once I recognize it for what it is, it will no longer rule over my thoughts and life.” Keep reminding yourself that judgment and fear are the ego’s fuel sources, not yours. Your fuel sources are Love’s expressions, like those of forgiveness, compassion, peace, hope and joy. The more you understand the difference between your real and fabricated self, the easier it will be to let go of the ego’s past programs and become who you were created by God to be.

Today, let us practice becoming better at distinguishing between our programmed self and our true self. Our programmed self is the ego or false self. When the ego-self is thinking or acting for us, it is living our life for us. Some signs that show you that the ego is in control are when you feel, act or react with judgment, fear, frustration, anxiousness, anger, resentment and revenge. Some signs that show you that your true self is in control are when you feel, act and react, through Love’s expressions such as those of compassion, forgiveness, hope, joy, peace and understanding. If you find the ego in control of your thinking, do not despair nor punish yourself. Instead, simply recognize what is happening, then take back control of your mind by aligning your thoughts, words and actions, with your loving nature.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Comments (4)

Very well exposed, as to identify when the ego is speaking to you, and when your true self takes control.

Thank you Carmen for being open to the message.

Today, allow Love and all its expressions to let you see, that when you are aligned with them, it is the truth in you who is in control of your mind and thinking.

When you are not in alignment with your loving nature, when you are being judgmental, angry, anxious, resentful or hateful, let those be signs that it is the ego, not the truth in you, who is in control of your mind and thinking.

Peace. JBC

Like you talked about, James, I don’t trust my first reaction anymore either. I watch watch my first reaction is and now I’m kind of entertained by it. Hahaha! My first reaction keeps me humble. You suggest that we ask ourselves the second question, ” what do I really want?” And then listen from your heart space. It takes a lot of practice and I don’t always make my mark. My constant desire, though, is to know more of my God self. Thank you for your daily posts, they are SO needed right now.

Thank you Shelly for your comment.

Yes, our first response, having been programmed by the ego, is usually a ego judgment-centered response.

The key is to simply acknowledge it for being there, realize that such a response does not align with your loving nature, and then choose in alignment with your loving nature.

The key is not to dive deeper into the ego’s response, but simply forgive it, ourselves for thinking it, and let it go.

The key is to learn to offer gratitude, not judgment, for all those involved. They are in essence simply helping us recognize who we are not, and by doing so helping us align with and become who we in truth are, the love that is our eternal essence and nature.

Peace. JBC

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