Daily Inspiration: August 8. Breaking Out of Negative Thinking Patterns

If you are having problems breaking out of negative thinking patterns, consider trying the following: Instead of thinking for and reacting by yourself, bring God, or any self-actualized being, that you love and trust, to help lead you through your day. God is Love and All, and so if you are not experiencing loving thoughts, then know that it is not the truth in you that is doing so. Negative thoughts or thinking patterns are symbols that show you that it is your ego-self, who is currently in control of your thinking, and thus of your life. In order to begin to remove the ego’s mindset from your consciousness, what you will actually be doing is, when any unloving thought pops up, practice catching yourself as quickly as possible in this unconscious state, and saying to yourself: “Ok, this unloving thought has entered my mind, because my ego-self or programmed-self has taught it to me as true, but, my ego-self is not the truth in me. I now make a conscious choice to set aside my ego-self, and allow this actualized being or God, which because we are all One, is connected to my higher-self, to look at this situation through His loving eyes. When forgiveness and peace take the place of judgment and anger, then I will know that God is in control, and that I am simply and gladly just following His advice, and the example that The Divine is setting for me. I am forever worthy of God’s advice and guidance, because I am His child.” Today, when a judgmental or negative thought of yourself or others pop up, remember that this is your ego, false or programmed self, that is doing this, and not your true eternal loving essence, not that part of you that is One with God. Then instead of continuing to follow the ego’s demands, stop, bring God in, and let Him show you what would be the most loving, productive and peace producing way, to interact with yourself and others, and then express yourself to them, as you have been guided to do. The more you do this, the more connected to your higher self you will feel, the more natural this way of being will become, and thus the easier it will be to break yourself free from judgmental and negative thoughts or thinking patterns.

Negative thinking patterns do not actually exist within the present moment. Within the present moment, the eternal now, only the Love of God resides. Negative thinking patterns are created, by us buying into the ego’s past programming, accepting and repeating this programming over and over again, until now it feels somewhat natural for us to behave in this manner. Today, what we focus on doing is, unlearning the ego’s illusionary mindset, it’s past programs, the falsities that we have been taught as true. Negative thinking patterns can only exist in the past, and they can only be drag “onto” the present moment, through our past conditioning. When negative thoughts or thinking patterns arise, it is because the past, your past behaviors are what you are using to react to the present moment. In such a state, you are never really experiencing the present moment as it was created for you to be experienced, because in essence, all that you are doing, is just reacting through your past conditioning. All you are doing is unconsciously repeating your past programming, behaviors and patterns, over and over and over again, and thus creating a present and future like your past. Is it any wonder why you feel lost and confused within the present moment, where in truth only the Love of God resides? Consciously accepting, aligning with and expressing, your loving nature, is the only way to truly see and experience the gifts that are being offered to you within the eternal now. Judgment of self and others, frustration, anger, resentment, stress, anxiousness, hate and revenge, are some of the energetic expressions and symbols of someone who is dragging their past programming, their negative thinking patterns, unto the eternal now, and thus obscuring and never truly getting to experience, the gifts the resides within the present moment.

Today, let us not waste any more of our time, once again trying to use our negative thinking patterns to interact with the present moment. It is foolish for us to keep on repeating and supporting past patterns and programs, that have in truth never offered us the peace of mind, joy and fulfillment, that we want. Instead, let us become conscious enough, so that when the ego once again tries to darken our day, by using its mindset and negative thinking patterns to take us to where it wants, to a place of judgment, frustration, anger, resentment, stress, anxiousness, hate and revenge, let us resist and decline it, because we know that where it is leading us, we do not desire to go. Then instead of repeating the thoughts or behaviors that are not working for us, let us recall that in the present moment, only the Love of God is real, and so let us make the conscious choice to align with our loving nature, and use only Love’s tools to react to the eternal now. In doing so, we actually get to experience and participate in, the present moment, instead of just once again repeating our past patterns. By actually experiencing the present, through Love which is God’s vision, we get to appreciate and understand what is really going on. What really goes on within the present moment, is everyone’s growth, healing, and awakening. Each person’s journey, seen through Love’s eyes, is understood as a sacred, unique and individualized  experience and co-creation with God. Trusting in God, peace and joy, instead of becoming judgmental, anxious and worried, are expressions and symbols of one who is actually experiencing the present moment, as it was truly meant to be experienced. Within the present moment, all negative thinking patterns cease to exist, for God is Love and All, thus any negative thought or thinking pattern cannot coexist in opposition to the All.

Today, when a negative thought pops up in your head, remember, that only the Love That Is God in you is true, and thus, such a thought must be false. A negative thought is false because God is Love and All, and so all that is real about you, must be this Love. Anything that seems to be in opposition to God, Love, All, must therefore be of the ego’s illusionary nature. Thus, when such a judgment or lie about yourself or others pops up, simply remind yourself: “This negative thought about myself is a judgment and a lie, that I have been taught to see as true. But now I know, that only the Love of God in me, is true. And so I call out this lie as the fantasy and falsity that it is. I forgive myself and others for thinking lies about myself and others as true. Now, I only consciously reinforce my loving nurturing thoughts and nature as true. I will no longer spend any of my time supporting thoughts that don’t support me. I will no longer torture myself or others through my own thoughts. Today, through forgiveness, I offer, as the light that God created me to be, only love to myself and to all my dear brothers and sisters.”

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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