Daily Inspiration: December 12. Our Imperfections Will Reveal to Us Our Perfection

Being God’s creations, our “imperfections” are really just misperceptions. A misperception shows us when we are not thinking in alignment with the mind of God. God created you to fit into His Divine plan. It is for this reason that your journey has a perfect and sacred nature to it. God knows you as His loving creation and thus any thought that is not loving in nature does not represent the truth in you. Being all One, if you see anything other than love reflecting from yourself or another, then you are simply buying into the ego’s fairy tale as true. Regardless of the misperception that you hold about yourself or another, do not get frustrated, for it is not true.

Our “imperfections” can have many forms. They come come in the forms of judgment, anger, guilt, anxiousness, stress, hate, resentment and revenge. The ego does not want us to dive deep into trying to understand these energies and emotions. For if we did we would find them lacking and incompatible with our loving essence and nature. Knowing this the ego convinces us to hide them in the darker shadows of our minds, in secrecy and shame. It is when we hide them within us where like weeds these false concepts grow and become a bigger part of our experience and life. Knowing this today let us make it a point to look into our imperfections or shadows. Let us have the courage to bring them up to the surface light. This way they can be experienced and seen for what they are, forgiven, and then with love and understanding released. Let us recall the only power our shadows have over us is the power that we give to them. When we experience them long enough we get to see them for what they are, shadows, false concepts and that is when their power over us diminishes and fades away.

Today, let us courageously look at our shadows, our so-called imperfections, in order to see and finally get that we no longer need to support the false in us as true. We experience them by choosing to bring them to the surface of our minds. This way the light of knowledge and understanding can shine on them. Then we can truly see and feel how unlike they are to the truth in us. There are a few main facts the ego continuously tries to deny and hide from us in its shadows. First, that God is perfect only creates perfectly and thus that we are His perfect creations exactly as we now are. Second, that we have co-design our sacred and yet personalized journey with God. Because of this each step along our path is perfect for our growth, healing and awakening process. Since our path is perfect and we are all One, then it always serves the highest good. Third, that being all One everything that is true about us is true about all our brothers and sisters. These three facts continually support our perfection by aligning us with the Mind of God, with His peace, love and joy. These three basic truths are what the ego is in one way or another constantly trying to attack. This is why when we buy into its delusional attack as real we end up lacking a sense of peace, love and joy in our lives. The ego attacks these three basic truths in a thousand different forms. These attacks could be in the form of judging self and others, frustration, guilt, confusion, pain, sadness, anger, resentment and regret. Still, do not despair, for none of these figments of your imagination are true. Being God’s creation only your eternal and perfect loving essence and nature can ever be forever real and true.

Today, recall when we are buying into these so-called imperfections and shadows as true it means the ego is ruling over our minds and thus thinking for us. Today, let us no longer allow our minds to be ruled and control by something or someone other than us. Now let us not judge ourselves for this but instead thank the ego for showing us who we are not. Figuring out who we are not actually helps us figure out who we in truth are. We are not imperfections, we are the perfect creation of God. We are not shadows, we are the light and One with The Light.

Does it not make sense to thank the ego for being part of a process that is helping us awaken to the truth within? It is this recognition that begins to replace our judgments and confusion with our gratitude and peace. It is this recognition that helps us more quickly recognize when we are out of alignment with the mind of God. Is it not true that the less time we spend attached to the false concept of imperfection the more time we can spend in conscious alignment with God? Imagine being able to see every time the ego has us judge us with gratitude instead of guilt. Would living in this state of gratitude not bring to us greater peace of mind and joy? This is what occurs when we see our imperfections as simply helping us rediscover and thus reveal and share our perfection. Today do not despair when the ego once again attacks self or others. Instead, be grateful  and rejoice you now have the self-awareness to see the false as simply false. Then allow your gratitude and rejoicing to become symbols to you that you are finally awakening from the ego’s dream.

Today, let us courageously take a look at our so-called imperfections. When we do, we will finally see and realize that they are not true, not us. Our imperfections can seem to come in endless forms. Some forms may be when we judge ourself or others, become frustrated, anxious, stressed out, angry, resentful or hateful. These energies and emotions may sometimes seem insurmountable. If we believe them to be true, then they may very well be. But placing themselves in opposition to Love, who is God and All, they could never be real or true. Illusions come in all forms. Yet thankfully, none of them are true. Only the Love in us in true. Today, we are asked to see the false as false and the truth as true. In doing so, we forgive our imperfections and, in peace, let them go.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (6)

Thanks much for your reply, I agree wholeheartedly!
I read your daily email thoughts, along w/ TUT, Neale Donald Walsh, Brother Richard Rohr and Frederick Buechner, and a couple others….I regularly find your thoughts/enlightenment very helpful….Thanks from me to you for your great words that help folks like me better see ourselves and the world and find our way to Love.

Thank you Steven for being a member of our community.

May you continue, in each interaction, to align your thoughts with Love, and thus continue to fulfill your function as the light of the world.



I agree w/ all, however I do believe there is real evil in the world, such as Hitler or Stalin, and I’m not sure this approach will work w/ them.
This approach works for folks who are searching for enlightenment or are enlightened, it doesn’t help them when dealing w/ true evil.

Thank you Steven for your comment.

Complex subjects indeed that would take a lot of time to discuss, but let me simply say this about it: It is not so much that those who are enlighten don’t act, it is that when they act, they do so from a place of love and peace. Thus, with extreme examples like Hitler and Stalin, those enlighten beings would deal with them in a manner that does not remove them from their peaceful and loving state of mind.

To call the cops on someone, sometimes is the most loving thing to do, the thing that would most likely bring peace.

To go to war against evil, may very well, in this world, be the most loving thing to do, the thing that could align us all once again with the state of peace.

The mind, which deals with the seeming dualistic nature of this world, can act in a form which appears in time, which itself in an illusion, to be not in alignment with Oneness and its expressions, but is done from a place of Oneness, from the state of peace, and thus peace then becomes its natural outcome.

Peace. JBC

Praise the Lord.

Thank you Hasmukh for being open to the message.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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