Daily Inspiration: December 14. Let Us Practice Remembering Who We Truly Are

Today, practice experiencing, expressing and thus reinforcing your sense of Oneness. You can do this by forgiving the past and placing the future fully in God’s hands. When you do, all that remains is the present moment. The present moment is a holy instant in time where the peace of God forever resides. The present moment is free from the ego’s past programs and future imaginings. Your thoughts define the world you see. When you look upon another, it is your own internal dialogue that you are experiencing. The beings you see are an external physical representation of your internal condition and conditioning. All that you think of, wish for, and believe about them resides within you. They are in your life to help you see the current condition of your heart and mind. Send them a blessing and feel your heart and mind be blessed by your actions. Bless them but not because of what they might think, say or do but because of who they are God’s children. When you do so, you align your mind with the mind of God, with your loving essence and nature. If you judge and condemn them, it is only because your mind is out of alignment with the mind of God. Today, let us use this lack of alignment not to continue to judge and punish ourselves or others. Instead, let it trigger in us the desire to consciously unite once again with God. By doing so, we practice removing ourselves from the ego’s programs and fairy tales. The more we practice doing so, the less time we will spend in the states of confusion, conflict and chaos. The less time we spend attached to this delusional mindset, the less addicted we will be to the ego’s dream. The ego concepts have indeed become addictive to us. What else would you call thinking thoughts that not only hurts you but you continue to inject into your life and into the lives of others?

Today, let us use our non-loving thoughts, but not to fall deeper into the ego’s rabbit hole. Instead, let us use them to help us recognize the ego’s false concepts, forgive them and let them go. Today, feel how your less than loving thoughts of “others” are making you feel. Then note how this connection is helping you feel and better understand how we are indeed all One. Today, if you find yourself attached to the ego’s mindset , do not punish yourself. Instead, simply feel your feelings. Then recall and note that such feelings are in your life to help you realize that you have lost our way. There is no need to punish yourself or others for simply having lost your way. We need not punish the lost. All we need do is help them remember the way. If you meet a child who has forgotten their way home you do not punish them. You simply, gently and compassionately as possible help them find their way back home. If an older member of your family forgets your name do you judge them for that or do you simply smile and lovingly remind them of your name? When others treat us in an unloving manner this just shows that they are lost. Now when they treat us in this manner let us show them our love and compassion. If you get the logic of the previous statement then why wouldn’t you offer yourself that same type of kindness? Now when you forget simply use such an opportunity to more quickly recall your true function as the light of the world. You are here to remind others that we are all One, all on the same boat together. You are here to remind them that in each moment they can begin anew. Today, when you forget, simply stop, align with your loving nature, and then allow only the love in you to lead the way.

Today, we know that every moment shows us if we are following the ego’s or God’s lead. If you find yourself following the ego’s lead, do not despair. Simply recall that you have free will and that you can in any moment choose once again. In any moment, we can correct our path. Each moment, we can, thanks to God’s grace, begin anew. Do not despair, for no matter how far you have fallen, you always have the opportunity to choose once again and begin anew. Today, let us practice returning to the now by forgiving the past and placing the future fully in God’s hands. Let us do so by seeing all our brothers and sisters as keys to our true and everlasting peace, freedom and joy. Today, when the ego demands we judge another, let us silently say to them: “We are all One. Forgiveness, peace, love and joy I now offer to you so I may experience them myself. Thank you for you presence and participation in my life. Thank you for helping me practice and thus reinforce my true loving nature. Today, I recall that the choice for forgiveness, peace, love and joy, thanks to God’s mercy and grace are always in every moment available to me. Today, all I truly want, I receive by offering it to you. Thank you for helping me recall who in truth we are. I now know that what I offer you, I experience myself and thus that you and I must be One. Now, thanks to my experience with you, to be at One with my Father is no longer some far off fantasy. Now, all I need do to be at One with our All-Loving Source is to consciously choose to be at One with you, by offering you, the love that I am.”

Today, practice recognizing Oneness by noticing that what you offer “others,” you get to experience yourself. Note that when you condemn people, it is you who ends up carrying judgment’s weight. When you hold anger and resentment toward people, it is you who loses your peace of mind and joy. Yet, equally so, when you forgive people, it is you who is set free from having to carry judgment’s weight. If you bless people and help them laugh, it is your own mind that is healed and brought joy. Today, recall that all thoughts of others reside within you. Note how you poison or heal yourself with every thought you think. Today, heal yourself through your own thoughts. Then be sure to thank your brothers and sisters for the pivotal part they are playing in your salvation.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

I am in Sint Maarten with my loved family,Ithank you for showing me my thoughts are within me,not my reactions to my familiespercieved future troubles through observing their actions.I now give up the idea that I must worry about them,this could be my own fearful worries about myself.I will gladly embrace ve peace and joy today and experience forgiveness for myself my family and all my brothers and sisters here on eartg.Love conquers all through accepance peace and joy and I call on Jesus and the Holy Spirit to remind me Im with God,we are with God.

Thank you Dindin for your comment, for being open to the message.

Indeed it is we, who after all is said and done, choose our thoughts and thus how we define our experience.

Today, let us consciously choose to only think of and support with our time, focus and energy, only those thoughts that will bring peace to our minds and joy to our hearts. Then, with peace and joy as our companions let us allow our light to shine bright. As our light shines bright it will help all those who are lost and in despair find their way back to choosing in alignment with peaceful and joyful thoughts. It will be these peaceful and joyful thoughts that will lead lead them to peaceful and joyful lives.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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