Daily Inspiration: December 15. Making Fear an Ally Instead of an Adversary

Fear is not an adversary you must defend yourself against, because to defend yourself against it, is to give it a power it does not have. Within this seeming dualistic world, there appears to be opposition to Love who is God and All. Fear is one of the ego’s primary tools that tries to place itself in opposition to Love. God uses even our illusions to help us realize that they are not real. Therefore, thanks to God’s gift of free will, we can choose to use fear anyway that we so desire. When asleep to our true loving nature we see and use fear as an adversary. When awakening from the ego’s dream, we begin to see it as useful and thus an ally. To those who sleep, fear, in its numerous forms, blocks our awareness to the truth within. To those who are awakening, fear offers us some of our most important and impactful lessons about the illusionary nature of this world. For such reasons let us not ignore our fears, but instead process and understand them, before we let them go. This understanding better helps us, help our brothers and sisters, in the release of their own blocks. Feeling fear does not make you a less spiritual person. It is simply a sign that you’re becoming more aware of what is blocking your connection to your all-loving Source, to becoming the representative of Love that you came here to be. Fear simply shows us what parts of our minds and thinking are still attached to the ego’s mindset and the seeming dualistic nature of this world. Today, let us thank fear for shining a light into those still dark crevasses within our hearts, minds and lives. If these fear based thoughts and emotions are showing us who we in truth are not, then by process of elimination, are they not also helping get a clearer picture of who in truth we are? If they are helping us awaken to who in truth we are, are they then not our allies? Understanding this, would our levels of compassion not grow towards self and others, when we find ourselves acting within the ego’s fairy tale?

Within the ego’s fairy tale, fear has numerous expressions, but because fear is itself an illusion, all of fear’s expressions are equally illusionary in nature. They are illusionary in nature, because they are not extensions and expression of Love, and because only Love is real, fear’s expressions can not be real, and thus can not be a real part of who we are. Fear’s expressions such as those of judging oneself or others, anxiousness, anger, resentment and hate, their ‘reality’ is given to them only by us, by the time, focus and energy we give to them. The more we place our focus, time and energy on them, the greater and more real part of our lives they seem to play. The less we place our focus, time and energy on them, the less important part of our lives they seem to play. If we completely see them as the illusions that they are, and we place none of our time, energy and focus on them, then they begin to disappear from our experience. This shows you, that by themselves, they hold no power. This show you, that it is only you and your believe in them, that seems to make them real. When we learn to use fear as our ally, we allow it to show us, what false concepts we are still buying into as real. The more we get to practice seeing all kinds of fear as illusionary in nature, the more we will see that we have no further use for them. If fear is in truth illusionary, then all of fears expressions are illusionary in nature. Understanding this, what further use would you ever again have to defend yourself against what is in truth illusionary in nature. There is in truth no need to defend yourself against nothing. Nothing is in truth forever nothing. Today, let us make the conscious decision, to no longer make nothing into something.

Today, let us use fear as an ally, by allowing it show us the parts of our minds that are in need of healing. Would it not be proper to show gratitude to an aspect of yourself, no matter how illusionary in nature it may be, if it is helping you on your road to healing? The more we are able to consciously see, face and openly deal with, the areas of our lives that are in need of healing, the less control and power they will have over us. The less power fear has over us, the more peace we will get to experience. Then we can become an example to others that fear can be overcome, and that greater peace of mind and joy are indeed possible. Imagine, being able to show others still living in the ego’s dark fearful tunnels, that there indeed is a way out of them. Imagine, how much light, how much more peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion and healing, you could bring to those who are still lost. The torch of truth you are now carrying for others, is thanks to your whole life experience, thanks to the fears that you have dealt with, process and overcome. For this, let us show fear our gratitude, and not our condemnation. You yourself have live within these tunnels, and that is why, others will follow and listen to you, because when they see and hear you, they will know that you yourself have been where they are, and because you overcame, then so too can they. Once you begin to teach others that their fears are not in truth real nor who they are, it is then that your understanding of why you experienced these fears in the first place, will come to light. The lesson plan then will come full circle. By seeing this full circle, peace, joy, understanding, gratitude and awe, will begin to fill your heart and mind. With this understanding, you will see the useful nature of all your struggles and challenges, and how by healing yourself, you helped bring healing to this world.

Today, when fear, or any of its expressions, come knocking on your mind’s door, do not despair. Simply recall that you can use them as allies in your awakening process. Today, let us use our fears, not to put ourselves or others down, but to better understand their gifts to us. Fear and its expressions, such as anger and resentment, their gifts comes to us by using them enough times and long enough, to see and realize, how truly unproductive they are. The more we use them, the more we see how unlike they are to the loving truth in us. Once we are able to conceptualize their illusionary nature, we will have less need for them, until one day we will smile at and gently dismiss, their efforts to disrupt our peace of mind. When we get to this place of peace, we will be able to show others how to remove themselves from the ego’s drama, and return to peace. By being able to assist our brothers and sisters, we will come full circle and realize the gifts that our fears provided. Once we are able to see even our fears and challenges as gifts and allies, where else but in the state of peace will we reside?

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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I understand the benefits and the ability to see the fears we have in our minds as illusionary. Fear is a natural emotion when something threatens our survival, stability and security in the human world. There are real threats in this world. What am I missing? When someone’s child is being taken from them, when someone is assaulted, when a hurricane destroys your house, livelihood and has the possibility of ending your life, how are these natural fears illusionary?

Thank you Elizabeth for being open to the message.

When something threatens our survival, is it really fear that saves you, or is it Love? There may very well be threats to the physical body, but not to your eternal essence, the truth in you.

Notice how our levels of fear increase or decrease depending on our trust in God and in the sacred journey that we have co-designed with Him. The greater our trust the less our fears. The less our trust, the greater our fears. So what if we completed trusted God, would fears have any power over us? If they have no power, are they even real?

So yes, within the dream, the dreamer might see and react to them as real, but once awaken, once a complete union with our Source is made, every step along our path, is seen and understood as having a sacred and higher purpose, one that will always, in some way, shape or form, help lift the consciousness of this world.

When we choose to place our full trust in the Creator of the Universe, we in essence align with the states of peace and joy. Then instead of acting and reacting from a place of fear, we stop, remember the perfect nature of our Creator and design, and then from this place of peace and trust, we act.

Peace. JBC

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