Daily Inspiration: December 17. Appreciation as Our Reply to Reality

What would you not be grateful for, when you begin to recall, that the Creator of the Universe, being Love Himself, always has, on every step along your sacred path, your best interest in mind? Everything that comes from God, Truth, Love, is helpful, assisting us, in one form or another, to grow, heal and awaken. There are hundreds of illusionary responses, that take away our peace of mind and joy, that the ego has program us to believe are real. Yet still, do not despair, simply recall that the ego itself is an illusion, and thus all its responses, are illusionary in nature. The only proper response to God’s creations would be appreciation, and when you awaken to your true nature, you will realize that this is so. If gratitude is not your final response to every person, place or thing, then know that you are not truly understanding, the meaning of their presence in your life. Everything and everyone is here to help you awaken to your true nature. They are here so that you can forgive them for your misperception of them, so that you can release yourself, from your attachment to the ego’s dream. Today, if you do not find yourself aligned with appreciation, offering gratitude for your experience and for those in it, then see this as a symbol, that you are within the ego’s mindset, instead of within the present moment, where the true reflection of God’s eternal gifts to us forever reside. Today, take personal responsibility for what you are seeing, and for how you are defining what you are seeing. Everything in our reality, being that it is defined and interpreted by us, we are, after all is said and done, responsible for how we experience it. For example, if something in your experience “makes you” mad, that’s not because the experience itself is worthy of you becoming mad at it, you become mad because the parameters within your mind, have already been programmed to define and react to that kind of stimuli, by becoming mad. Today, begin to take your mind back, and consciously choosing, to no longer buy into the ego’s deceptions and lies, as reality or true.

Today, let us recall that every moment is helpful and here for our good. Every moment, when properly perceived, will be seen as a sacred co-creation with God, here to help you grow, heal and awaken you to your true nature. When you begin to recall this, would your response to your experience be one of anger or of gratitude? If every moment, when properly perceived, is a gift from God to you, what response other than gratitude, towards it, God and all others in it, would be proper? Imagine, our reduction in stress and anxiety, if we woke up every morning and simply acknowledged, that instead of the ego’s thousand programmed responses, we needed just one. Imagine, that one simple response being appreciation, how would your life and experience on this planet, begin to change? How would the way you act towards others begin to change them?  How would you and them, now awaken together, begin to see and heal a world that is in pain? Would you, and those who awaken with you, not become a blessing to this planet? Is this not who in truth, after letting all the ego’s false concepts, deceptions, programs and lies fall away, who in truth you are, have always been and were created to be? Imagine, waking up knowing that we are all One, here simply reflecting back to each other our internal condition, so that we may see where we are still supporting the ego’s lies as true. Knowing this, what else but appreciation could we have for one another? Imagine, truly understanding and acknowledging, that gratitude can always be, thanks to free will, when you align your mind with the Mind of God, your response to everything, everyone and all. Would joy, comfort, safety, peace and appreciation, not result?

Today, accept God’s gift of free will, and begin to see and react to this world in a way that aligns you with who in truth you are, Love’s loving creation. Today, no matter how the ego has programmed you to see and react to this world, know that if joy, comfort, safety, peace and appreciation, are not experienced, then you are not truly seeing what in the present moment, is being gifted to you. Do not condemn yourself or others for not being able to see what is truly there, instead simply and gently correct your misperception, and once again begin to see things, as they truly are. Do you not desire gratitude and peace more than judgment and pain? Today, align with the Mind of God and desire nothing else. Today, let us acknowledge the real part “others” play in our life, by making the conscious decision to offer them our one true response, appreciation. Today, let us recall, that our journey, as a sacred co-creation with God, can only be perfect and good. Today, let us decline all the ego’s judgments, stresses, worries, anger and hate, that fills its “reality”. Today, let us remember, that there is always One in our corner, whose only desire for us, is to experience and share the love that in truth we all are. Today, everyone you meet is here to help you grow, heal and awaken. Today, every circumstance that is presented to you, is here to help you align with gratitude, peace and joy. Let us understand, that if gratitude and appreciation are not our response to our experience, then somewhere we have forgotten why we are experiencing what we are experiencing. But do not judge yourself for this, instead use forgiveness to help release you from your misperceptions, and once again align you, with the Mind of God. Then pat yourself on the back, for having the self-awareness to know, that in every moment, it is you who can choose how to see and react to, what you are experiencing.

Today, let us practice becoming more aware and appreciative of, the gifts that are being offered to us, within the present moment. Every breath that we take, is a gift from God to us. Every moment that we are here, is a gift form us to this world. Every experience that we have, is a gift from this world to us. Today, align with your true loving nature, and make the conscious decision, to offer nothing but who in truth you are. You are Love’s creation and thus here to create through love. Beneath the ego deceptions, programs and lies, hidden under the beliefs in the false concepts of judgment, anger, confusion and fear, forever reside awaiting your awakening, the peace and joy of God. Choose no longer to buy into the false as true, and no longer cover over the truth with the false. Today, simply forgive all that seems to block your peace of mind and joy, and by doing so, align once again with the Mind of God. When in doubt, remind yourself, that you have co-created your journey with God. Remind yourself, that because God is Perfect, then so too must your journey be perfect for you. Offer, each step along your sacred path, your gratitude to God, and by doing so begin to realize, see and have a better understanding and appreciation for, all of the true blessings along the way.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (2)

Much gratitude for today’s message and my reaction to it. Last week I underwent the first of two spinal surgeries and this first one at the neck, did not relive the pain and other synptoms as I thought wd occurr. I had had to make the decision to help my little Annah dog go home just prior to the surgery, and I woke up from surgery with significant anxiety and depression such as I have not experienced in months. Your message if just what I needed, and I am slowly but surely rebounding. Thank u for the difference all your writings bring. Lovings. Louisa

Thank you Louisa for your kind words and for being a member of our community.

Very sorry to hear about Annah.

To help reduce inflammation try a high healthy fat base diet, with lots of vegetables, one serving of organic animal protein, and reduce or eliminate sugars, simple carbs, dairy and process foods.

Peace. JBC

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