Daily Inspiration: December 18. Reversing the Ego’s Anger Programmed Response

God is Love and All. Anger, not being an expression of Love, is a programmed response that the ego has taught us to make. But the ego, placing itself in opposition to All, can neither be real or true. If the ego is not real or true then anything that it teaches is false. Our beliefs in the ego’s false concepts are what keeps them in our life (and the world). When we no longer support our programmed response of anger, its power over us will diminish. Today, if we find ourself aligned with anger, it is not because of what someone else did, but because we are currently asleep to the loving truth in us. Anger is what the ego insists is a “just,” “proper,” and “natural” response to the situation. But if the ego is right, why, in our moments of reflection, do we then feel burdened by the weight of guilt, shame and regret? Why do we seem to have to pay the price by tossing and turning at night in defense of our ego’s so-called rational response? What use are the ego’s “solutions” if what they bring us is further into confusion, darkness, chaos and despair? In reality, to be right is to not to be angry but to be happy and at peace. Joy and peace as expressions of Love are our natural state. Joy and peace are symbols of our alignment with the mind of God. If you think of another and joy and peace do not come to mind then the ego has ‘succeeded’ in separating you from the mind of God. Yet do not despair for if it is you who have allowed this to occur then it is also you who has the power to undo what you have done. Thanks to free will we indeed do have the power to in any moment reverse the ego’s programming. We can indeed in any moment decline its anger response and return to our natural states of compassion, peace, love and joy.

We are looking for a destination in this case the states of peace and joy yet our co-pilot the ego keeps giving us the wrong directions. Would it be not wise to stop listening to the ego when it insist that anger is the way, a proper response to God’s children and creations. We know by now that such a response never helps us reach the states of peace and joy. If the ego and its response is not getting us to the states of mind we desire to reach why continue to listen to it? Let us today when it comes to wanting to reach our desired destination look to a Higher Source for directions. God is Love. Peace and joy are two of Love’s many expressions. If we want to travel in their direction let us practice aligning with their Source and allowing their Source to lead us. Anytime you align with Love or any of Its numerous expressions this brings you to the doorways of peace and joy. Forgiveness, compassion, understanding and kindness are just some of Love’s numerous expressions and paths. All of Love’s expressions can lead us to our desired destination. Every time that we offer another any of Love’s expressions we get a step closer to reaching our destination. Just for this reason alone let us offer our brothers and sisters gratitude for their presence in our experience. Being all One to reach our destination we cannot do so alone. Today, when the ego once again demands judgment and anger instead recall that its advice gets you no where you desire to be. Then take brother’s or sister’s hand and together as One begin to walk in the Love’s direction. Being all One recall that all others are parts of yourself. You can not leave parts of yourself back in the state of anger and still expect to reach and experience the states of peace and joy.

Today, let us not wait for peace or joy to come to us. Instead, let us have the courage to take the first step and if need be also the second and third step to help us reach our destination. Many times when we take the first step then the ego demands that the other person take the next step. Such a dance leaves the power to achieve the states of peace and joy up to others. Today let us take personal responsibility for reaching our destination. Now, the states of peace and joy are up to us and us alone to choose, reach for and achieve. We now get that the ego’s “anger solution” only brings us confusion and despair. And so let us do the opposite of what the ego would have us do. Let us align with Love and in doing so choose to forgive our sisters’ and brothers’ trespasses as we would want ours to be forgiven. Instead of following the ego’s tired and ineffective demands to judge, curse and negatively think of others let us stop that delusional line of thinking. Then let us go within and wholeheartedly every single time we think of them we forgive. Let us not only forgive them but also let us send them a blessing. Let us pray for their health, happiness, healing and peace of mind. The ego will try to convince you this will be hard to do. But ask yourself isn’t what the ego demands, the anger, pain and confusion you carry not a heavier and harder burden to log around? Today awakened we no longer choose a dead-end road. The ego’s programs are no longer our reality. Anger is no longer given ground to grow. Anger now simply becomes a signal to us. It shows us when it is time to drop our programs, align with Love and forgive. As we do so, peace of mind and joy result and become our constant companions.

Today, if the ego once again demands anger, let us no longer allow the blind to lead the blind. We have already traveled the ego’s path of judgment, anger, resentment, regret, guilt and shame too many times to count. We already know this is a path that leads us nowhere we desire to go. Now let us instead hear and understand anger as a call from the Universe asking us to take back control of our mind from the ego. In doing so, we return to aligning with our Loving Source and offer Love’s expression of forgiveness. It is forgiveness that will help us return to the state of peace. As Love’s creations, forgiveness and peace are our birthright. Then let us thank, not be angry at, all those who through their presence in our life have helped us recall that, in any moment, we can choose forgiveness over anger and thus peace over pain.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

Is there more than heaven and hell can there be other places in which we’re not sure of to other existence beyond earth and heaven and hell exist

Thank you Lisa for your question.

The Universe is infinite, both in the physical and energetic forms, thus we have infinite possibilities to align with the place we feel most comfortable with.

Peace. JBC

Do you believe in the Bible? In your book you say you don’t believe in Hell. If you don’t believe in Hell then you don’t believe in what the Bible says. Please let me know your response. I have followed your daily message and they are very inspiring and full of wisdom. Thank you

Thank you Bob for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

Yes, I do believe in the Bible. I believe it is a very deep book full of wisdom, literal in some places, and symbolic in other places. But I do believe it is the Word of God.

I do believe in Hell though thankfully I’ve never been taken to Hell to see it, nor do I want nor ask for that experience. I saw a demon once, though can’t really say what kind it was. I have no interest in studying that vibration. I also did see the Angel of Death, though He flew over me He was not interested in me, and neither was I interested in him other than to see him.

I have had numerous experience that convince me that both Heaven and Hell are real. Thankfully many more Heavenly/Angelic experiences than Hellish/demonic experiences.

I believe in the Holy Trinity because I have had numerous experiences with the Holy Spirit. Jesus has not appear to me yet but I do believe that as part of the Trinity He is God and the Son of God. I have seen God the Father from afar, in Heaven He, from my very little experience, takes the form of a Sun. I once tried getting closer to Him but was stop by a Cherubim and brought back into the physical. I’ve heard the Seraphim sing to God but was not allowed to see. I’ve seen my guardian angel by my bedside and numerous other positive and loving experiences.

I believe the information on this site comes from the Holy Spirit, and I give all glory to God because of it.

Peace. JBC

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