Daily Inspiration: December 21. Feeling Bad is Not Bad for You

Having a fever may sometimes feel bad, but it is not bad for you. It is actually good for you, showing you that the body is working properly, responding to and fighting an infection. If you try to suppress the fever through artificial means, this simply lowers your body’s ability to do what is does naturally, help you heal. Symptom suppression is not optimal for true healing. Equally so, when we are feeling bad, sad or negative, the ego has programmed us to hide, suppress or feel embarrassed, for feeling our feelings. It has us judge ourselves as weak or less than, for not feeling good, healthy, happy or strong. Keeping the darkness hidden within you, all which are symbols of the ego’s false programs and mindset that you have accepted as true, is the way that the ego gets to survive and ‘thrive’ through you. Feeling bad, sad or negative, are all simply symbols that somewhere within our hearts and minds, we are supporting who we are not, as our real self. The first step to true healing is understanding that the false concepts we believe about ourselves, are not true. In order to do so, we must allow ourselves to feel free to feel whatever it is we think we need to feel. It is courageous to feel your feelings, to bring the darkness up to the surface, so that the light of truth may shine on it. You belong aligned with peace, forgiveness, compassion and joy, expressions of the Love and Light that you are, and not with any of the ego’s delusions, darkness, lies or despair. Today, relax, breathe deeply, and realize that yes, you are a human being having human emotions, no need to judge yourself for that. Remind yourself, that God and you have co-created the sacred path you are now on. Remember that God being Love and All, will use all for good. Know that even your so-called darkness, pain and despair, will serve a higher purpose. Today, trust in the plan that you have co-created with God, and become a beacon of peace.

Today, let us recall, that the ego’s main fuel source is judgment. Judgment of self or others is basically the same thing, for we are all One. If we are judging ourselves, we are teaching ourselves that its ok to judge others. If we are judging others, we are teaching ourselves that it is ok for us to judge ourselves. For so long, we have blindly followed the ego’s programming, and have felt bad for feeling bad, felt sad for feeling sad, felt angry for feeling angry, all in service to the ego’s judgment centered mindset. Yet, where has this mindset and set of beliefs and behaviors ever gotten us, definitely not to a place of clarity, peace of mind and joy. Still, do not despair, for these experiences will offered us some of our greatest life lessons and wisdom. These experiences with the ego’s tools and mindset are showing us what we no longer need or want, and who we no longer desire to be or represent. No longer judge yourself or others for your growth, healing and awakening process, no longer judge yourself or others for being human. Instead, be grateful to your life experience, for showing you what paths do and do not work for you. Go ahead, cross those roads, every feeling and emotion that no longer serves you, off your map. Thank your life experience, for you now have a clearer path to your true destination. Now, you know that there is another less judgmental, and more loving and gentle way. It is ok to feel your feelings, to feel bad, sad or angry, bring them to the surface, process them, forgive them and let them go. It is ok to process our emotions no matter how dark they may at first appear to be. Learn to look out for and appreciate the gifts within the illusion, and thus recall the perfect nature of the journey that you have co-created with God.

Rejoice, for our way is forever lit by the Light of God, by His mercy, compassion, grace, peace and understanding. Now, thanks to our life experience, and the courage that we are showing by processing our darkness, we are opening ourselves up to a better understanding of the sacred nature of our journey. Today, let us not suppress how we feel, for to do so would not be respectful of the journey that we have co-created with God. Let us no longer buy into the ego’s programming that says that feeling bad is bad, or that we are weak or less than for not feeling happy or at peace. Let us no longer buy into the ego’s false concept that says that we are lesser spiritual beings because we have what it would define as “negative” emotions. Let us instead, offer gratitude to our body, mind and soul, for having the courage to honestly and openly express itself. Now we understand our expressions, as ways to detox, heal and awaken. We have all created a sacred, unique and individualized, plan, purpose and path, with God. Now we understand, that no matter what we are going through, or how we are going through it, that each step along the way, will serve the betterment of not only us, but also of all mankind. With this  understanding, let us no longer judge each other’s feelings, for they are all sacred parts of our collective journey. We are here to experience life and all its interesting pathways and challenges. Know that as God’s creations, we can not fail. We will overcome our struggles and challenges, we will bring ourselves out of the darkness and back into alignment with the Light. Then with these life lessons and wisdom at hand, we will take our brothers and sisters hands, and become an example to them of how to do the same. 

Today, if you are feeling bad or sad, do not judge yourself as ‘less than’ for feeling this way. Instead, use such feelings and emotions, as trigger mechanisms, to help you recall and reinforce, the memory that you have co-created your journey with the Creator of the Universe, with Love Himself.  Recall that God being Love and All, will use all for good. Whatever challenges you may be going through, you will overcome. Then you will use that life experience to help others overcome their own struggles and challenges. You will become the example of hope for those who are feeling hopeless. You will become the symbol of calm, rest and peace, to those who know only of the ego’s storm. Your trust in God’s plan will alleviate other’s sense of insecurity, confusion and chaos. Your courage to process, work through and overcome your darkness, will bring others back into alignment, with the light in them.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (10)

Good morning,
Thanking you for allowing God to use you the way that He does. This is to me a transforming, timely message translating exactly where I have been stucked spiritually . It brings freedom to my mind, soul and body to be able to dissociate from the ego’s false concepts. May Abba Father the only True Living God continue to guide you by His wisdom Shalom💓.

Thank you Catherine for being open to the message.

May you every day continue to practice consciously aligning with the light within until the light within you and others is all you ever see and share.

It is only the light within you that is forever real and true, everything else is simply a program, a fairy tale that you no longer need to buy into as real or true.

Today, forgive and let go of everything that was never real or true about you, and then at One with your truth share your loving light with all those God sends your way.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much! This article couldn’t have come at a more needed time. I am an alcoholic in recovery. After several years of sobriety (via a 12 Step Program) I recently relapsed, due in part to life-changing event that turned my world upside down. This past year was very difficult, and I have been struggling as of late, with the recent relapse pushing me closer to what is called “the jumping-off point”. The hole in the soul, the darkness. Wanting it to end, one way or another. I took great comfort in the hopeful message given here. It is time to move forward. Thank you ever so much!

Thank you Paul for being open to the message and for being a member of our community.

The darkness simply shows us where we desire not to be, and for that, let us offer it our gratitude. That being said, as children of The Light we are here to align with The light, share this light and all of our other life lessons with others. Because you have had several years of sobriety, you already know what you need to do to get back into alignment with The Light. You are forever worthy of The Light, because The Light is your true Mother and Father.

Today, ask The Light, with your whole heart and soul, for help, for direction, for strength, never be afraid or think yourself unworthy of help.

You are God’s child and creation, you are forever worthy of Love, Light, peace, joy and healing.

Peace. JBC

This is another amazing daily inspiration message. This is such a profound but simple way to look at the challenge of “negative emotions.” Thank you.

Thank you Jenny for being open to the message.

May you continue, in each thought and interaction, alignIing with your loving nature and by doing so fulfilling your function as the light of the world.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much…I needed to read this today. I lost my dad 3 months ago today and have been struggling so much. There are also other things going in my life that I have been questioning over and over. I just feel so sad, empty…lost. I know I need to give it all to God…Thank you again for these words.

God Bless

Thank you Christy for being a member of our community.

Sorry to read about your dad.

It is ok to feel whatever it is you think you need to feel, but after you’ve done feeling your feelings, do ask yourself this:

How would my dad want me to live the rest of my life?

Would he want me to be happy or sad?

Would he want me to live my best most loving and peaceful life possible or would he want me to continue to struggle and feel confused?

Would he want me to increase my trust in God and feel filled and fulfilled, or decrease my trust in God and feel empty and lost?

You already know the answers to these questions because your father wants exactly the same things that your Father wants for you.

Go ahead, it is alright to feel your feelings. But then get up, stand up straight and strong, look up to the sky, and declare over and over and over again, that you are going to live the rest of your life in such a manner that when you return to your true home, to once again see and embrace your father and Father, you will do so knowing that you lived your life to the fullest, that you were kind, loving, generous, joyful, graceful and merciful. Then, when you walk through those gates, you will do so with your heart and arms wide open and your held held high.

Peace. JBC

An amazangly beautiful and incredibly timed message. Thank you so much from my soul to yours I wish you so much love, light, peace and joy always.???

Thank you Marianne for being open to the message and a member of our community.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

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