Daily Inspiration: December 25. Experiencing Christmas As A Reflection of Our Creator

Today, let us remember that God’s gift to us is each other. In each and every moment, God is presenting to us exactly who can best help us reach a higher level of consciousness, and thus a more conscious union with our All-Loving Source. Imagine seeing each and every brother and sister as the gift that they truly are. Today, let us trust that Someone, much wiser than us, has placed them in our mind or on our path. Today, let us be aware that God, in the most literal sense, is entrusting us with the care of His children. We have been placed upon their path to help them recall and experience their loving nature, and by doing so help us remember our own. There are numerous aspect of our loving nature such as those of being peaceful, compassionate, forgiving, joyful and understanding. Today, like the unwrapping of a long sought after Christmas present, we will reveal to them, by the way that we treat them, the gift that they in truth are and were created to be. Regardless of how they may be acting, reacting, or thinking of themselves or us, we will stand steady, strong and resolute, in reflecting back to them, only their true eternal loving nature and essence. The more that they see, that we are here only to Love them, the more worthy they will begin to feel of this treatment, and the more they will then be able to offer this same kindness to others. We can only offer others, what we ourselves have. When we are offering Love’s expressions, we are saying to ourselves, that those expressions already reside within us, simply awaiting to be shared. Only the Love in you, being that Love is All, is true. Thus, the Love in you, is all that you can in truth ever have and offer to others. If someone comes to you offering you something other than Love, then know that it is never the truth in them who is doing so. It is simply the sleeping part of them, who has yet to awaken to the knowledge, that he is Love’s creations.

Today, let us practice fully recognizing, the present that our brothers and sisters are in every moment, offering us. They are, through our interactions with them, helping us practice seeing them as the light and love, that their Creator created them to be. The more we see them as they truly are, the more we get to reinforced and experience, the thoughts, energies and emotions, that align us with our Creator. The more we get to practice strengthening our connection to our Source, the more natural and worthy of The Divine we will feel. As we become a truer reflection of our Creator, the greater directional device we will become, to those who are themselves searching for and desiring to become, a greater reflection of The Light in them. Let us become aware of this sacred dance, as those who are practicing becoming a greater reflection of their Creator, meet and interact with those who will offer them the opportunities to practice being, who they desire to become. When we recall that those the ego once had us condemn, are in actuality just helping us practice and thus reinforce our true nature, it is then that our judgments will turn to gratitude, and our pain will turn to peace. The more we get to practice choosing our Truth over the ego’s programs, the brighter our light will shine, and the more people we will be able to guide out of the ego’s darken mindset. Imagine, if you but began to see all those that the ego had trained you to judge, as those who are actually helping liberate you from the ego’s mindset, from a world that you no longer want. How grateful would you be to them? This is who in truth they are, God’s gift to you, here to help you recall who in truth you are, so that you may begin to accomplish what you have come here to do.

Today, we are blessed to be able to consciously spend this mystical day as our Creator’s mirror. We spend this day visualizing God’s Love and Light shining directly from the Heavens unto us, and then us reflecting this Light and Love unto everyone we think of, see and interact with. This helps us recall, that the present moment is in truth an eternal gift, that we have come here to offer to each other. Every moment, here as an invitation from our Source, to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Today, to those we once perceived in a negative, upsetting, judgmental or fearful manner, we forgive them and forgive ourselves for our misperception of them. Now we acknowledge, that they are here simply to help us see life, them and ourselves, in a more positive, peaceful, compassionate, forgiving, joyful and loving manner. What emotion or expression other than gratitude, would you offer those who have specifically come into your experience, to help you recall, that the choice for positivity, peace, compassion, forgiveness, joy and love, are always available to us, always just a choice away. Today, let us hold our heads up high, knowing that our Creator has chosen us, as His representative, here to remind His children, of the gift that they all in truth are. By doing so, our Creator is also offering us, the opportunity to recall and thus further reinforce, our own loving nature. In what greater way could we serve others, other than by simply being and sharing, who in truth we are. Today, let us become to each other, a reflection of Love, of our Creator. Let us serve as a shelter within the ego’s storm. Let us become our Creator’s Christmas gift to His children, His Love and Light in physical form.

Today, let us remember that God’s gift to us is each other. In each and every moment, God is presenting to us exactly who can best help us reach a higher level of consciousness, and thus a more conscious union with our All-Loving Source. Imagine seeing each and every brother and sister as the gift that they truly are. What kind of mindset would you begin to shift into, if you did just that? Imagine how much more peace of mind and joy you would experience, if you but saw all others as who they truly were.  It is not by chance that you stand before your brother or sister. He or she is here to help you practice choosing forgiveness over judgment, and thus peace of mind and joy over anger and pain. Would those who help you achieve greater peace of mind and joy not be a gift to you? These beings that the ego has programmed you to judge and condemn, are all in truth, God’s gifts to you. Today, all you need do, is see them as who in truth they are. Do so, and peace of mind and joy will become your eternal companions.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (7)

Merry Christmas beautiful man! Thank you for your gifts to the world and shining so brightly! May we extend the power of hope, peace, and love to all men, women and children in need everywhere.

Thank you Jennifer for your kind words and for being a member of our community. We are all One, and so whatever we wish for others, we will get to experience ourselves. May we all awaken to the truth in us. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

As always, but espicially today, you’ve spoken directly to the heart, thank you and Merry Christmas

Thank you Geoff and Merry Christmas. Peace. JBC

Good Morning James, can you personally offer any advice or direction on how to repair a terribly terribly broken marriage? One that is heading for divorce? I’m aware of the Lords stance on marriage, but nothing at all seems to help. It seems, as my wife stated ” irreparable. Thank you brother, geoff

It might be irreparable if left to us ….but not if you offer it up to him…

My broken marriage is only being repaired because in prayer I turned it over to him…

Thank you George for your comment and for being a member of our community. I pray that peace, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and God’s grace surround and embrace you and your wife today. Peace. JBC

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