Daily Inspiration: December 28. Decision Making: Does This Bring Me Peace?

To all who struggle, seemingly drowning in the dark, uncertain undercurrents of the dualistic nature of the ego’s mindset and world, do not despair. To all who think they must dive into deep oceans of pros and cons, swimming in anxiety and stress when making a decision, do not despair. Today, let us set aside all of the ego’s complexities and confusion, and instead ask ourself this one simple question: What decision would bring me the most peace? Peace, being an energetic expression of Love, shows that our mind is aligned with the mind of God, with Love. Love is all that is in truth real. Everything else that tries to place itself in opposition to All is illusionary in nature. There is no need for you to struggle, stress out, be confused or be in fear about anything.

Whatever decision you make will be used by God, who is Love and All, for good. Doubt yourself no longer. Every decision you make is part of the Divine design, here to help you and this planet grow, heal and awaken. Today, practice being One with the mind of God. You can do so by choosing in alignment with Love’s expressions. Peace, forgiveness, joy, passion and compassion are all aspects and expressions of our eternal loving essence. When in doubt, align with them. Place your trust where it belongs. Then allow Love to guide you. Today, let us simplify the decision making process. We can do so by choosing what will most closely align us with the state of peace. Imagine what kind of day you would experience if you simply allowed peace to guide all your decisions. Recall that as Love’s creation you are forever worthy of His inheritance, the state of peace. Choose peace over the ego’s demands for confusion, conflict and chaos. Do so and you will soon realize that the state of peace is your true nature and Home.

Let us no longer choose to put anyone down when we find ourselves in a state of confusion, conflict and chaos. Let us instead allow these states of mind to help trigger in us the realization that we are not where we belong. Let us allow such states of mind to remind us that we as God’s creations are worthy of certainty and peace. Today, let us not allow the ego to make us feel selfish for choosing our peace. Being all One when you align with the truth within, with love and peace, others will be guided by your light. By doing so what is in the best interest of your growth, healing and awakening will equally be of assistance to others. This may not be easy for your ego to accept for its mindset is base on the idea of separation, that if one wins the other must lose. The ego in order to defend its judgment base mindset may very well call us selfish. Let us not despair but instead recall that the ego placing itself in opposition to All can neither be real or true. What is neither real or true is nothing and thus has no power. If you are reading this post it is because you are realizing the false nature and narrative of the ego’s mindset. You have already had plenty of ego driven opportunities to judge self and others. You are now aware enough to see and feel how unsatisfactory this way of thinking and being is. Being self-aware you can feel that what you think or do to another does indeed affect you.

If the ego’s illusionary idea of separation is false, then its opposite the idea of Oneness must be true. If Oneness is true, then it is also true that if you focus on your own peace, this will in one form or another bring peace to those around you. Today know this truth as true, choose peace and be at peace.

Today, let us make this one simple choice: to make peace the goal for all our decisions. Ask yourself: “Does this decision bring me peace?” That is all we need consider today. We do not need to stress out with the myriad of issues and possibilities the ego would have us consider. We do not have to toss and turn at night wondering what should be done. All we need do is make peace our goal. Then make sure our decisions aligns us with the state of peace. Let us trust that because God is Love and All that all will be alright. A hundred factors will not go into our decision-making process today, only a couple. First we will choose to align with peace. Second, we will trust that God’s will, will be done. What else but peace can we receive when we recognize and acknowledge that the Father of peace forever has our back? Today, let us no longer use those times when we fall into indecision to punish or put ourselves down. Instead, let us use such instances to practice developing a greater trust in ourselves and God. Trust in yourself knowing that deep down inside you know what decision will bring you the most peace. Trust in God knowing that His love for you His child and creation will take care of the rest. Today, let us together recall there is no opposite to God, Love, and so where else but within the states of peace could we reside? We are the sons and daughters of the Most High. Let us recall that there is not one of us, nor one step along our sacred path that is not a reflection and expression of God’s Love for all of His children. Let us trust this truth to be true and be at peace. Then let our peace radiate to all those we think of and meet.

Today, before every decision, situation or interaction remind yourself: “My goal is to align with, represent and choose peace.” When you go into a situation with your goal already set, your experience becomes a means to achieve your goal. Still, note that the ego is not likely to go quietly into the night. If you find yourself aligned with the ego’s delusions, do not despair. Instead, be grateful that the situation is offering you the opportunity to practice taking back control of your mind from the ego. You can do this by choosing the peace of God over the ego’s delusions. The more you practice doing so, the more natural this way of thinking will become. The more you think in this manner, the more worthy, natural and at ease you will feel in the state of peace.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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We are not perfect, we err…and I have done many things wrong, so I am not so sure that every decision I made was in God’s approval. I am referring to this sentence. Maybe I am misunderstanding it, so can you give me a better insight into it.
There is no longer a need to doubt yourself, when you realize, that every decision that you make, is part of the sacred journey that you have co-created with God to help you and this planet grow, heal and awaken. Peace, forgiveness, joy, passion and compassion, are all aspects and expressions of our true eternal loving essence, when in doubt, align with them, place your trust where it belongs, and then allow your truth to be your guide, allow the Love in you to decide for you.

Thank you Susan for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Imagine a ladder. Imagine each step on that ladder being a decision you make. Many times we, on our journey to God, make so-called mistakes and we learn from them and don’t do them again. Other times we make the same type of error a few times over before we learn not to make it. But you see, every time we make that mistake, we get closer to figuring out how not to make that mistake, thus in essence all mistakes serve a purpose, helping us little by little know ourselves better, so that we do not repeat again what we now know we do not want. Now knowing this, is a mistake really ever a mistake if it is helping you reach the next step, a step that brings you closer to God, to the Love that you in truth are? Imagine the ladder going up to the rooftop and the rooftop representing your conscious union with God. God knows that you are on that ladder, God knows that every decision you make will, in one form or another, leads you to the next step, a step closer to Him. For this reason God has no need to judge you as wrong, for every step you take, ‘mistake’ you make, He knows and sees as a step towards Him, and He forever Loves you for your effort and determination. Peace. JBC

I love this one line in particular: “Today let us make this one simple choice, to make peace the goal for all of our decisions.” Thank you!

Thank you Paul for being open to the message. You, as Love’s creation, are forever worthy of the state of peace. Today, practice choosing peace, and thus seeing and feeling, how truly worthy you are of peace. Peace. JBC

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