Daily Inspiration: December 29. Peace and Understanding as Soul Mates

Peace and understanding are soul mates, forever walking hand in hand on the journey home. Neither one can fully exist without the other. If in any situation, or with any person, you do not have peace, then somewhere you have misunderstood or misperceived reality. For everywhere peace goes, understanding goes with it. And anywhere you have true understanding, you have true peace. Peace and understanding are expressions and extensions of God, as are you. Anytime you are aligning with the Truth in you, you are aligning with peace and understanding. In every moment, what you value most is what you will look for and see. If you desire to see and experience peace and understanding more than conflict and confusion, then make the conscious decision to value and choose peace and understanding over conflict and confusion. He who validates the ego’s conflict producing programs, such of those of judgment, anger, resentment and hate, invalidates God’s peace and understanding. You are God’s creation, forever worthy of peace and understanding. Value and offer them over the ego’s delusions, to all your sisters and brothers, and you will get to experience peace and understanding throughout your day. A tool that helps us choose peace and understanding over conflict and confusion is forgiveness. When you feel worthy of peace, it is then that you will value and choose forgiveness over conflict. Yet, do not despair if you once again find yourself in conflict’s grip. Simply see conflict, as a sign that you are allowing the ego to rule over your mind. Take back control of your mind, by reminding yourself that you are worthy of peace, and then instead forgive. Peace and understanding, as expressions of Love, are your brothers and sisters. Hold their hands along your journey, and see this world as it was truly meant to be experienced.

We are all One, what you are withholding from others, you are keeping from yourself. When you are withholding something from yourself, what you are unconsciously saying is: “I am not worthy of this experience.” You, as God’s child, are forever worthy of all of His inheritance. God’s inheritance is Love, and thus you are forever worthy of Love’s expressions of peace and understanding. Today, let us make the conscious decision and effort to offer them to all others, so that you may realize, that in every moment and interaction, you are worthy of them. For God is All, and so if you truly understand that you are worthy of one of His gifts, such as peace, then that will open the door to the realization that you are worthy of all of His gifts. Where else but the state of joy would you live, if but you understood and believed, that you are forever worthy of all of God’s gifts? What else but gratitude would you have, for all those who on a daily basis, through their interactions with you, are helping you recall this fact as true? Imagine, everyday waking up and looking upon each brother and sister with gratitude, for helping you recall, how truly worthy you are of all of God’s gifts. What more beautiful way to repay them for their service to you, than to be sure to offer them, your peace and understanding? Today, no matter how much the ego demands that you judge a brother or sister, know that in truth, they have been placed upon your path to help you grow, heal and awaken you to your true loving nature. Today, realize the opportunity that they are offering you, forgive them for your misperception of their efforts, and return to being the peaceful and understanding being, that you were created by God to be.

Today, in any situation where the ego is calling out for judgment, ask yourself, which do I desire most, the ego’s conflict or the peace of God? Know that whichever you choose, is unconsciously, the one you currently think yourself worthy of experiencing. To bring your current state of unconsciousness into consciousness, stop and recall, that we are all One, and so it is what you offer others, that you yourself will get to experience. Do you truly desire peace and understanding? If so, today make the conscious choice and effort, to offer this peace and understanding to all who are placed along your path. Remind yourself throughout your day: “My goal today, is to offer peace and understanding, to all those that God presents to me.” No matter how unworthy the ego says they are of your peace and understanding, take back control of your own mind, override your ego’s demands, and offer them what you, as God’s child, are worthy of experiencing. Do so and you will, because we are all One, be experiencing the loving energies of peace and understanding flowing through you and throughout your day. As you are experiencing these energies flowing through you throughout your day, what else but gratitude would you express to those individuals, who through their presence and participation in your life, are offering these opportunities. They are offering the opportunity, in every moment, to choose Love, and thus to align with God. They are offering you the chance to recall who in truth you are. This is their gift to you, the opportunity to recall, that you as God’s child, are forever worthy of carrying and sharing the presence and energy of God in you.

Today, let us remind ourselves before any interaction: “I am here to bring peace and understanding to all who God presents to me today.” Because we are all One, when you offer peace and understanding to others, you will feel these energies flowing through you and throughout your day. The more you feel these energies flowing through you, the more natural, right and worthy of them, you will feel. The more worthy of them you feel, the more you will desire to offer them to all those who you come into your presence. Peace and understanding are both expressions of Love, which is the energy of God. This is what all those the ego would have you judge and condemn, are in truth offering you, the opportunity to experience God flowing through you. What else but appreciation and gratitude would you have for anyone, who is helping you recall that you are indeed worthy, of being One with God.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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