Daily Inspiration: December 30. From Reacting with Peace, to Co-Creating Peace

There are two ways people usually react to a situation, with peace or without peace. If our Creator is Love, and peace is an expression and extension of Love, then anytime we are creating with love, we are in alignment with our Creator, and thus at peace. Anytime we react without love, we are out of alignment with our Creator, and thus not at peace. Today, let us practice a third way, not a reactive but a proactive way of aligning with our Creator, and thus with love and peace. Today, let us consciously choose to clarify our goal to ourselves at the beginning of every interaction. By clarifying the goal at the beginning, we take greater personal responsibility for its expression and outcome, and thus provide ourselves with a clearer roadmap and smoother pathway to our desired destination. Now, instead of allowing the situation to dictate how we should feel about what is occurring, we come into the situation, already with a clear and focused mindset that will guide the process towards our desired outcome. Today, let our mindset going into any situation or interactions be: “Above all else, peace is my primary goal for this interaction. I now, before going into the interaction, remind myself to align my thoughts with peace, in order to make sure that peace is the force that guides this experience. When, during the interaction, I find my thoughts moving away from peace, I catch myself being out of alignment, consciously stop traveling that path, and return my thoughts to peace, to being a representative of the state of peace. The more I consciously align my thoughts with peace, the brighter the light of peace will shine, and thus the more others will be guided by the light that I, peace, provide. Align with peace, I am aligned with my Creator, being who I was meant to be, at Home with and in Him, and where I truly belong.”

Imagine, starting to become more consciously aware, of how much input we actually have in creating the peaceful life we want. Setting the goal of peace prior to our interactions, sets up the stage for the life we are choosing to create and thus experience. By making the conscious decision to make peace our goal, this makes the interaction, a purpose driven event. The more we act in this manner, the more of a purpose driven life we will get to experience. Each and every interaction then becomes, a means and tool that we use, to further our goal. Imagine, how much more peace and clarity you would experience in your life, and how much more of a smoother path you would enjoy, if your goals were understood and set, before each leg of your journey. This is all we are being asked to do today, to add more light, clarity, peace and understanding, to the direction of our path. Imagine, the example we could start setting for others, by simply showing them, that even in these seemingly turbulent times, we can make peace our goal for our daily experience, and thus have a more secure, joyful and fulfilling ride. Imagine, how much more of a sense of control we can begin to give back to those who are feeling insecure, lost and confused, following the ego’s conflict and chaos inducing roadmap and mindset. God is Love and All, thus the ego’s conflict and chaos inducing roadmap and mindset, are not a part of God. They are simply false beliefs, that we have been taught by the ego, to see and feel as true. Conflict and chaos are not us, and not ever in alignment with our eternal loving essence and nature.

Today, let us recall, that the ego, being itself nothing, cannot offer us the peace we want. That the ego, its maps and mindset, can never lead us to our desired destination. Our desire destination is the state of peace, being consciously at One with God. Today, let us not wait for some lonely clouds upon a darkening sky to come and sprinkle some drops of peace upon us. Let us instead become, at One with our All-Loving Source, conscious co-creators of peace. Today, let us consciously unite with our Creator, and begin creating through Love and Its expressions, as God creates. Love only creates lovingly. Peace being an expression of Love, is our natural form of creation. Today, let us allow peace, to become a symbol to us, that we are in alignment with the Mind of God, being who we were created to be, Love’s representatives on Earth. Now, the interactions and situations are not “just happening” to us, we are not “just reacting” to them, we are now conscious co-creators of our experience. The interactions or situations now become tools that we use, to help us develop and teach, that the state of peace is available to all of us, in each and every moment. Today, before each interaction we have with a brother or sister, let us say to ourselves: “Peace, above all else, is my primary goal for this interaction. God, please help me recall, that it is I and I alone, who can choose to think thoughts that align me with the state of peace. Understanding that we are all One, I now make a conscious effort to only offer my brothers and sisters, what I myself would like to experience, and would desire to have flowing through me and throughout my day. I now know that the more I practice reminding myself that peace is my goal, the more peace I will experience in my life, and the thus more natural this way of thinking and being, will become.”

Today, let our primary goal be to become a reflection of the state of peace on Earth. Love is our Creator, and peace is one of Love’s many expressions. As our Creator’s creation, peace is our natural reflection when we are in conscious alignment with our true nature and essence. Today, let us allow the state of peace to be a sign to us that we are where we belong. Let us remember that being all One,  when we offer peace to anyone else, it will be the energy of peace that will be flowing through us and throughout our day. Let us thank all those who come into our presence today, for what they are in truth doing is offering us the opportunity to choose peace, and thus to accomplish what we have come down here to do. We have come here to be our Creator’s mirror – to reflect, represent, create and share with each other peace on Earth.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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Comments (4)

Thank you for this and all you writings. Peace be with us!

Thank you Susan for being open to the message and for being a member of our community. Peace. JBC

Dear James,
I read this on Jan. 3rd. I am always amazed at how God gives us what we need when we need it, if we are only aware.
I had just finished a somewhat emotional conversation on the phone with my 24 yr old daughter. After the interaction, I found myself feeling “wounded” because the issue I felt very strongly about did not hold the same meaning for her; (i.e. her boyfriend coming to me to ask for her hand in marriage because her father is deceased). She feels it is more important that he go to her half brother because “tradition follows asking a man about this”. Then I read “Peace, above all else, is my primary goal for this interaction.” No need to explain further except to say once again, THANK YOU.

Yes Daun, just imagine if we all decided that: “Peace, above all else, will be my primary goal in every interaction.” What kind of world would we begin to create for us and all those that God has place along our path? That world is always, for us, just a choice away. All glory to God. Peace. JBC

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