Daily Inspiration: December 6. Gratitude As A Symbol of The Christmas Season

Today, let us put the ego’s materialization of Christmas aside. Instead, let us see Christmas as a time to increase our alliance with the states of gratitude and peace. Let us no longer view Christmas as a time of consumption and chaos. We can redefine it as a time to offer all those who we think of and interact with gratitude and peace. Before and during each interaction we have this holiday season, let us stop and recall our goal. We are here to offer our gratitude and peace to everyone who we interact with. This will be the true Christmas gift we offer to everyone and all. If chaos-inducing thoughts of the Christmas season arise, stop, and let that trigger in you the memory of your goal. This way, gratitude and peace become your companions. Imagine being able to reduce the moments the ego has you worry and stress out about all the material stuff you need to purchase and deliver. Now, those same moments will trigger in you the desire to just breathe deeply, exhale, and then becoming a beacon of gratitude and peace. Now when family and friends come to mind this season gratitude and peace is all you will want to offer and desire for them. Imagine thanking God for having the ability to make your family and friends lives a little more joyful each time you think of them or meet. Do so and see how much less stress, anxious and frustration filled thoughts you will now support and thus experience. Now that time will be filled with many more peaceful, grateful and joyful thoughts that you get to entertain and enjoy. Free will offers this opportunity to you in every moment. All you need do is make a choice to shift your time, focus and energy from the ego’s chaos and confusion to a mindset of gratitude and peace.

I remember as a kid waking up Christmas morning with complete exhilaration. Running to see what Santa brought us. Ripping that paper to shreds with such anticipation and joy. Imagine this Christmas season waking up every morning with this same type of anticipation and joy. Wondering how every moment today is going to help us develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and a higher level of consciousness. How would our attitudes and mood begin to shift knowing that every moment is an unwrapped gift here to help you grow, heal and awaken? Remember the gratitude you felt towards Santa Claus and your parents? Imagine having and expressing that same sense of gratitude to your Creator. Thanking Him for gifting you the opportunity to develop at your own sacred pace into the person you came here to be. Today recall that anxiety and chaos are of the ego’s mindset, not the truth in you. So when the ego strikes remember to stop, breathe deeply, and recall what a true blessing each and every moment truly is. Let us breathe in deeply God’s gift of peace and then let us breathe out our sense of having to worry and hurry up. Let us breathe in our gratitude for having Him, Love, our solid foundation in our life, and breathe out any fear that things will not turn out all right. Let us then thank each moment for giving us the opportunity to nurture, work on and align with our highest self. In doing so would every morning in its own small but sacred way not begin to feel like Christmas morning? Let us today be grateful that the experience of a Christmas morning is always thanks to free will just a simple and gentle choice away.

Today, let us recall when on the go, hurrying from one place to another, we still have the ability to take back control of our minds and slow down time. We slow down time by returning to the now. We return to the conscious awareness of the breath. As we do so let us offer our gratitude to God for the self-awareness that we have the ability to bring peace to our own minds. Today, no matter how the ego’s past programming have taught us to react to and experience the Christmas season let us recall our goal. This sacred day we represent and offer all others including ourselves peace and gratitude. Today, peace and gratitude become our conscious and constant companions. They become the true symbols of the Christmas season. We are here on Earth right now because God knows we can help bring through our physical example His children back to that sense of wonder. Back into alignment with His mind. Back to the states of peace, gratitude and joy. Let us see each one of God’s children as a gift from Him to us, and us as a gift from Him to those we encounter. Remind yourself that each one of them is offering you the opportunities to practice choosing peace and gratitude over chaos and pain. Still, if you get sucked back into the ego’s fear-based mindset, do not despair. Let us simply feel where we are an recall that this mindset is not where we are meant to be. When we remember this we then gently return to the breath, the now, and once again become a beacon of gratitude and peace. Now, with greater self-awareness even the ego’s chaos becomes a gift to be grateful for and that is use for good. Now Christmas is once again aligned with the mind of God and we once again become the gifts that God created us to be.

Today, let us become the gifts that God created us all to be. We have free will. We can choose our thoughts, words and actions. With this in mind, today let us walk hand in hand with gratitude and peace. Now when we see the ego trying to take control by focusing on anxiousness, worry, chaos and fear, we stop, take back control of our mind, and choose and feel peace and gratitude. When we do this, we become a gift to others, an example that we can choose gratitude over worry and thus peace over pain. Now we become a beacon of light to those who may be feeling alone, anxious and lost at this time of year. Now all those we think of and meet become gifts to us. They show us, by the way we treat them, whether we or the ego are in control of our own mind.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros
Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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