Daily Inspiration: December 8. Turning Every Day Moments into Blessings

What if each day we made a conscious effort to spend a few moments offering a silent blessing to this world? Would the gentle light of grace and love not begin to touch and uplift all those we come across? Being all One, would we not also feel blessed as we look upon a healed and happy world? Would walking in this awake state of mind throughout the day not bring us the desire to offer our gratitude to God and to all His children? As I sit in this café and am offered today’s post, I am reminded that this blessing can be as simple as looking around and offering all I see a prayer of healing: “I pray that they all find peace and joy in their lives. I pray that their worries be melted away by a greater trust in God. I pray that their families and friends be embraced by God’s mercy and grace. I pray that they find within themselves the power to forgive themselves and others. I ask God they all be bathed in His clarity, charity, wisdom and strength. I visualize and feel them all being surrounded and held by God’s Light. Being One in blessing them I myself feel God’s Love, mercy and grace flowing through me and throughout my day. Amen.” You need not concern yourself with what to say or do for if you ask God will direct you. Love will direct you on how to help those who are lost find their way back Home to a conscious alignment with their true nature. Today, if there is anger then know you have been place in front of others to bring them peace. If there is judgment between your brothers and sisters then recall you have been sent there to remind them of the power of forgiveness. If there is sadness, hopelessness and despair then know you have been sent to bring the light of joy, hope and healing back into their hearts and minds.

How many moments of our day do we spend in the unconscious state like robots clicking from one image to another? How much of our days do we dedicate to what is in truth nothing and then wonder why our lives appear to have no meaning or feel empty? How much of our time do we sacrifice at the ego’s altar of judgment, anger, resentment, jealousy, hate and regret? Then we wonder why we are not experiencing peace, joy and fulfillment. How many opportunities for miracles and acts of kindness are lost to not being fully present? What if we began our day by stating the following: “Today, above all else I become fully present. I open myself to and am on a constant search for blessings and miracles. Every time I turn a moment of unconscious into a blessing I will count it as a miracle. Every time I help turn anger into peace, judgment into forgiveness, and sadness and despair into joy and hope I become a miracle worker. Today, as a miracle worker I look for opportunities to be loving and of service, kind, charitable, open and understanding. Today, I am on the look out for how many people I can honestly compliment and thus make their days just a little bit brighter and more special. Today, if I can open the door for someone, let another car into my lane, or take a moment to pray for someone, I will. If I can share a smile with another or make another person laugh then my day has been of use. Then I as a miracle worker have served my purpose. I am God’s creation and because God is Love then my function here on Earth as God’s creation is to be loving. Today, I simply fulfill my function as a light in this world. By doing so I help myself recall what I have come here to be and share.”

Today, let us take a few of the moments we have available to us, set aside our phones and computers, become silent and breathe deeply. We breathe in God’s peace deeply and breathe out all of our stresses and worries. We breathe in God’s Love deeply and we breathe out our gratitude to the Divine. In doing so, we are able to align with and experience the truth in us, our eternal loving essence and nature. We ask God to help us see all His children through His eyes. We humbly request that His mercy and grace lead us. As they do whoever in presented to us along our path or minds is immediately blessed, loved and healed. Being One as we continue to see and experience others through mercy and grace we get to feel God flowing through us and throughout our day. Now we see all others only as God created them to be. In doing so we begin to walk hand in hand with our Creator. This is what in truth others are offering us, the opportunity to reflect who in truth we are unto the world. For this let us offer them our gratitude, not our judgment. It is their participation in our life that is helping us practice connecting and being at One with our All-Loving Source. Let us continue to ask from the deepest parts of our hearts and souls for our brothers and sisters healing, peace of mind and joy. The more we do so the more natural it becomes for us to feel Love’s energies, blessing and miracles, flowing through us.  The more constantly Love’s expressions flow through us the more worthy of them we feel. This is how we turn unconscious moments into true consciousness, self-awareness, blessings and miracles. As we do so we recall who in truth we are, God’s miracle workers.

Today, let us become miracle workers. We can do so by turning moments of unconsciousness into opportunities to align with and reflect our All-Loving Source and nature. When we do this, we end up blessing all those we think of, see and meet. Now if we become judgmental, angry, resentful, jealous or hateful, we know this is simply showing us that we are not aligned with the Divine. Today, let us turn our moments of unconsciousness into blessings. When unconsciousness insists upon judgment or anger, we will instead respond with forgiveness and peace. When the unconscious state demands jealousy or hate, we can decline and offer love and compassion. By doing so, we awaken the truth within us and help show others how each moment, when properly perceived, can become a blessing.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember”

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Daily Inspiration with James Blanchard Cisneros

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