Daily Inspiration: February 14. Loving the Unseen in Each Other

There is a beauty within you that is changeless and eternal. There is a place within you where the peace of God forever resides. Within you is a timeless splendor that is all you truly are, have always been, and will ever be. This beauty will never fade away nor yield to the hands of time. Its majesty will gaze into the mirror, see past all of the ego’s stories, and observe the eternal loving daughter and son of Creation gently glancing back. Our Creator being Perfection can only create perfectly, and so doubt yourself no longer, simply align with the everlasting light within and shine. As you focus your time and energy on your light, instead of the ego’s shadows, all those around you will be touched by your gentleness and grace. As your gentleness and grace looks upon all you see, your circle of compassion will expand, and you will create around you a more caring world. It is this compassionate and caring world that you have come here to create. It is this compassionate and caring world that is a true reflection of your loving internal and eternal essence. You may have had highs and lows on your journey, but you are also coming to a place in your understanding, where you are starting to see that it is the mountains and the valleys together, that create a majestic view. Without the valleys there would be no mountain tops to appreciate, and without the mountain tops there would be no clear understanding of how far you have come. You my dear sister are a blessing to this planet. You are the daughter of the Most High. You are the birthplace of creation. And so today, look deep into your soul, shine bright, see and acknowledge that only the loving eternal nature of the truth in you is true, and that nothing, none of the ego’s self-judgments or commentary, that are in opposition to your truth, can be true.

It is the unseen in all of us that truly unites us. It is the unseen in us where the springs of hope, joy, love and understanding, reside. All you truly ever wish to be, you in truth already are, and this truth resides within you forever now. There is nothing, no matter how programmed we may be to think otherwise, that you have ever lacked or will ever lack. Your Creator has no lack, and so His creations have no lack. You are and will always be as God created you. Regardless of what the ego tries to convince you of, everything you need to become who you came here to be, is within you now. Anytime that you think you lack anything, simply make a conscious decision to give it a greater voice and space in your life, and it will be from within you, that it will spring. You are and will always be exactly as your Creator created you to be, perfect, awake, beautiful, eternal and whole. Let us remember that we are all One, and so to truly be able to love and appreciate your whole-self, you must be willing to place the ego’s judgment filled demands of others aside. Those demands that call for separation, that say that you can withhold your love from another, and still and fully love yourself. The unseen in us is all that truly is. It is the Love that encompasses everything, everyone, and all. It is when you withhold from others what is rightfully theirs, God’s Love, that you will feel incomplete, alone, and lacking hope. But these feelings are simply illusionary in nature, for you can’t in truth be what God is not. You can only think you can be what God is not, and so all that ever truly separates you from experiencing God’s all-encompassing Love, is a thought. No longer allow a thought to separate you from All, from God. Today, let us place our time, focus and energy, on supporting only the unseen, the sameness in all of us, the love that we were created to be, and by doing so, consciously reunite with God.

Today, the more you practice loving the unseen in others, the more you will realize that your eternal essence is forever One with God. Today, serve as an example to others, that the unseen beauty and truth within you, is also and equally within them. Today, practice seeing everyone who is presented to you, as a being who deserves your love. The more you do so, the more you will learn to love your whole-self. Let not one who is presented to us by God today, be left alone to struggle in the illusionary darken heavy web that the ego has weaved. We now see them all, especially those who struggle to remember their true essence, with absolute and total love. No one we set our eyes upon today is left unloved. They are all and equally a holy part of God, and thus a sacred part of us. They are all equally worthy of God’s mercy and grace. Today, if you are feeling disconnected from others, and thus from God, say to yourself: “Today, my main focus is to remember that it is not what others think, say or do, that matters. What matters is overlooking who the ego has programmed me to think they are, and instead focus on their eternal loving essence, the unseen in them, the sameness in us all. As my focus remains on their loving nature, my circle of compassion expands. As my circle of compassion expands, this help me better see, experience and understand, our Oneness. The more that I experience our Oneness, the more I reinforce within myself, that I am worthy of my connection to God. In realizing and acknowledging my Oneness with God, the feeling of safety, unity, peace and joy result. Feeling safe, at One with others, peaceful and joyful, are all symbols that I have remembered who in truth I really am.”

Today, our prayers asking to feel closer to God are being answered. Understanding that God is Love and All, we are being offer all those people we meet today, in order to practice, loving them more. In doing so, because we are all One, we get to practice loving our whole-self more. The more we love our whole-self, the more connected to God we will feel. The more connected to God we feel, the more at One, worthy of, and Loved by God we will feel. It is this sacred conscious alignment that we have, in our own unique ways, come here to share with each other. When you forgive someone instead of judge them, you love them more. When you take the time to smile and share a laugh with someone instead of overlook them, you love them more. When you make that phone call that you have been putting off, you love them more. Today, above all else, become a representative of the Love that is your true nature, do so, and your reward will be, life itself.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (8)

Dearest James, I am so grateful for your beautiful message today and everyday thank you for doing what you do and being who you are. This message today has left a lasting impression in my heart “the unseen in us” how beautiful we are truly blessed. Thank you James

Thank you Margaret for your kind words and for being open to the message. We are all One, what One knows, all know. The Love that One is, we all are. Peace. JBC

Thank you my friend… I purchased the book on Audible and I can say it has totally changed my way of thinking.. Especially the part in chapter 15 about illusions not being real… As I had a dream and let it manifest into something that made my stomach sick everytime I thought about it ..God bless MUZ

Thank you Muz for your support and for being open to the message. Your truth, as God’s creation is perfect Love and all of its expressions. Everything else apart from the love that you are, is an illusion. Peace. JBC

Although it’s beautiful, i choose not to embrace those who’ve rejected me and made it clear they do not care. I want no part of them and i will NEVER change on that. However, I keep my heart open to NEW relationships that are supportive, caring, and accepting.

Thank you Sharon for your comment. Simply do what brings you peace, and you will have peace. Peace. JBC

This is beautiful and I want to follow it to a place of total forgiveness which has eluded me since my husband abandoned me.

Thank you Teresa for you comment. Every time a thought of your husband that is not loving and forgiving pops into your mind, see it as a call from the Universe to offer loving and forgiving thoughts and to trust in God more. This shift in your focus will bring you a greater sense of peace, comfort and gratitude. God has a perfect plan in place for you, the more you trust this the more peace you will have and the more able you will be to forgive. If you feel you can’t forgive, then with your whole heart and soul ask God to forgive him for you, the more you do this, the more you place your sorrow in God’s hands, the more peace you shall experience. Peace. JBC

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