Daily Inspiration: February 17. Forgiving Your Self

Today, the call for forgiving oneself has been trumpeted throughout the land; allow your heart to hear it, your mind to meld with it, and your soul to sense it. We are continually growing, yet always in the now at our highest peak of development, therefore when any event occurred, we made the best decision possible with the tools and knowledge that we have available to us at the time. Because we did the best we could with the tools and knowledge that we had available to us at that time, compassion and understanding, not condemnation and guilt, should be our response to ourselves. Imagine, an all-loving all-knowing God, who has co-created along with you, the journey that you are now on. Would an all-loving God have anything but your best interest in mind? Would an all-knowing God not give you every single tool you needed to face your challenges? Would an all-loving all-knowing God, not be right there with you, every step of the way? Today, place your trust in God’s mercy and grace above the ego’s judgment filled mindset, and see your journey, not through the ego’s past programs, but in the now, through God’s eyes. You are God’s creation, love in physical form, and forgiveness is one of the many expressions of love, and so you are forever worthy of forgiveness. And yet, let us also remember, forgiveness is necessary, only to help remind you, that your illusion is not real, and that your judgments of yourself is simply a reflection of the ego’s confused mindset. Let go of your illusionary judgments, and the need for forgiveness is also gone. There is no need to forgive someone you have never judged. God has never needed to forgive you, because He has never needed to judge you. God is Perfect Love, and Perfect Love only Loves. Would it not make sense to begin aligning your mind with God, instead of with the ego’s judgment filled, conflict and chaos producing mindset?

Today, let us once again remember, that we are our Creator’s loving creation, and therefore we are love. Our Creator is all-encompassing and what is all-encompassing can have no opposite. Forgiveness, is an extension and expression of love, and because love is all, then in truth there is no opposite to forgiveness. In the ego’s illusionary world of duality, were there can appear to be an opposite to truth, such a thing as judgment of self seems real, because we have been taught and reinforced with the idea that it is real, and so we have bought into that fairy tale as real. But even if you buy into a fairy tale as real, that still does not make it real. Why would God have any need to judge you, when He knows that you have, in a sacred partnership, co-created your journey with Him? God has co-created everyone’s journey, with everyone’s best interest in mind, and so what you have done, what you have judged yourself for, is simply a part your growth process, and thus in essence no mistake was or is ever made. How many times do you need to look into your past, to realize that your so-called ‘mistakes,’ ‘sins,’ and ‘errors’, have actually blessed you with a great amount of wisdom, knowledge and life experience, and thus made you a kinder, gentler, more forgiving, compassionate and wiser person? It is only when you are buying into the ego’s fairy, more than aligning with God’s love, that you ever judge yourself. When you forgive yourself you are saying: “I now am trusting that God’s plan is perfect, and because of that, all, every step along my journey, will be used to help me and everyone around me, grow, heal and awaken.”

Today, when self-judgment and self-criticism are once again insisted upon by the ego, consciously stop this programmed response, remember the pain and suffering it brings, and instead forgive yourself by saying: “Today, I choose to trust in God’s all-loving nature more than in the ego’s fairy tale of judgment. God thought and I was created. I am now, and always will be, my Creator’s perfect creation. Every moment of my life has been gifted to me, in order to remember and become a reflection and example of this truth. I forgive myself because the Father of Forgiveness has never looked at me with judgment. I forgive myself because I am now consciously choosing to align with the Mind of God. I now and forever choose to align with the mind of God, instead of the ego’s chaos inducing mindset. And so today, I allow myself to look through God’s eyes, until I’m able to see with my own eyes, the eternal changeless truth in me.” What do you have to lose by forgiving yourself? Would you miss, carrying judgment’s heavy dark burdens around with you all day long, and tossing and turning all night long? Would such pain filled days, is this something Perfect Love, your Father, would want for His child? Would you want such pain filled days, stewing in mental anguish, for your own creations? Obviously not, and so why would God? God desires you to have and share His peace of mind, joy, compassion, mercy, understanding, and grace, and He desire you have and experience them each and every moment of your life. Today, make the conscious and concerted effort to accept God’s gift of non-judgment. Forgive yourself, set yourself free, so that you may once again become a loving non-judgmental reflection of God’s Love on Earth.

Today, let our main goal be, to practice non-judgment towards ourselves. The ego has trained us to be self-critical and judge ourselves anytime that our life does not seem to be going the ego’s way. Remember, judgment is the ego’s fuel source, not ours. The ego will not give up the power it has over your mind so quickly, and so each time a self-judgmental thought enters your mind, practice as quickly as possible, stopping it in its tracks. When you stop it, you also stop fueling it. When it has no more fuel, it withers away back into the nothingness from which it came. Starve it of its fuel source, you, by placing your whole focus on God’s perfect nature. Recall that He can only create perfectly, and thus your actions, no matter how judgmental you have been programmed by the ego to be of them, are part of a prefect and sacred plan that will in one form or another, awaken you to your true nature. When you do so, you are now placing your trust in God instead of the ego. When you do so, peace results.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

I loved the article and it was impactful for me. I am working in this area of my life at the moment, and found this article very timely. I do have a couple of questions, however. Why is God referred to as “he or Father?” Do you believe that Source is limited in any way, including a gender?

Second question, in the first paragraph it talked about doing the best we could at the time, with the tools we had at that time. However, a few sentences later, it asks the question, “Would an all-knowing God not give you every single tool you needed to face your challenges?” This seemed somewhat contradictory to me? Could you please explain your understanding of which one is actually correct, or what was meant? Thank you!

Thank you Sharon for your comment and for being a member of our community.

Question 1: Hundreds of times throughout my writings I say “God is Love,” “God is All.” I have never said God IS a man, although I am a believer of, and have a personal relationship with the Trinity. The Main reason I mostly use “He” referring to God is that most people are comfortable reading it in this manner, or at least most people don’t mind it begin written in this manner, so basically Sharon, it’s just because this is the ‘figure of speech’ most people are use to, nothing more and nothing less. Also, humorously, for every one person who asks/complains to me (I know you are not complaining, just asking) why I use ‘He’ for God, I would have 5-10 people asking/complaining why I use ‘She’ for God, once I saw this, I chose to make it easier on myself and stuck with ‘He.’ I also refer to Him Her in others ways such as Source, All That Is, etc.

Question 2: I do guess that could have been written more clearly, but none of these posts will be edited by a professional editor for a few years, so please excuse any misunderstanding. Let’s say you deal with an issue on Monday, God gave you all the tools you needed to experience that situation in the exact manner that you needed to experience it in order to best grow and heal. Then Friday comes along, again God gives you all the tools you need that day (they may be a different set of tools) to deal with the situation exactly as you need to to best grow and heal. Thus God gave you all the tools you needed both on Monday and Friday, and thus your experience, no matter how the ego sees it, was perfect both days for your greatest growth, healing and awakening. Thus you are always facing your challenges with all the tools you need, because God always provides them in a way that will best serve you, and yes those around you, in that moment in time.

Hope that answers your questions. Peace. JBC

Said have chosen to forgive myself, however I am reminded when I hear from a ?loved one what I did. It is a constant revisiting of that time in my life.

Sharon, those types of situations are just opportunities to practice forgiveness, forgiveness of oneself and others. The more you practice forgiveness the more you will see how aligned that energy is with the love that is your true nature. Thus always offer gratitude, not judgment, for those people who help you practice forgiveness. Peace. JBC

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