Daily Inspiration: February 18. The Opportunity in “Negative” Emotions

Today, let us see our “negative” emotions as simply sign posts that are trying to show us where there is an opportunity to make a U-turn on our journey. Imagine being on a journey, you become lost and confused, not understanding if you are headed in the right or wrong direction. Would you not be grateful to see a sign that helps you figure out where you are? No matter if you had to turn around or not, would you not be grateful for the clarity that it provided you? These are what negative emotions are here to show us, that we are headed in a direction that is not in alignment with our true loving nature or destination. They are showing us where we can now turn around if we so choose to. That there is a better way to reach your true destination, the state of peace. How much time and energy have we wasted away judging ourselves and others for having and expressing negative emotions? How much more pain and suffering, due to our reactions to negative emotions, must we experience in order to begin to choose to see things in a gentler light? Today, let us ask ourselves – is there not a better, less destructive, more compassionate and loving way to react to such emotions? There is indeed a more gentle and productive way. That is to remind yourself that every single step along your journey, no matter how negative it may seem, thanks to God’s love for you, is being used to help you grow, heal and awaken. Your level of pain resistance may be high, but it is not without limit. Reacting negatively to negative emotions will sooner or later help you experience enough pain to have you begin to look for a better way. It is then that you will no longer desire pain more than peace. It will be then that you will change directions. But it was only because of the accumulative pain, that you finally chose another way. Because of this, gratitude and compassion should be offered to our pain and suffering, not judgment and resentment.

In reality, having co-created your journey with God, there is no such thing as a “wrong” way or a “negative” emotion. Yet still, such illusionary concepts and descriptions are useful to help lift us out of the ego’s world of duality. The gift of time helps us look back at our lives and see how many times these so-called “wrong” ways actually helped guide us away from our pain and suffering. Away from those dead-end roads that the ego had programmed us to believe will lead us to our destination and salvation. Now we know that we can only travel the same dead-end road so many times before we realize that it is not taking us to where we desire to go. Now we know that it was by traveling such roads that we learned not to travel them. Yet it was only because we have traveled them, that we now know not to choose them. When you understand that your whole life experience, even those “negative emotions” or “dead end roads” have been of use, would you not feel grateful for them? If you see them as useful, then they were helpful. If they were helpful, then gratitude would be the appropriate response to them. How would your perception of your own life begin to shift, if you understood that even your so-called difficult times are helpful and of use? Would your gratitude towards God not increase? Would your judgments of self and others not decrease? Would a greater sense of peace of mind and joy not begin to more fully fill and radiate from you? This way of thinking and living, is in every moment, available to you. Look back at your past, see how useful it has been, and begin to trust that God indeed always has your best interest in mind.

Today, the negative emotions that once polluted our lives with frustration, sorrow, regret and guilt, will now be recycled into peace, joy, gratitude and understanding. What but gratitude could you offer something that guided you out of a place of darkness and back into alignment with the light? What else but joy could we have if we rediscover this light and understanding where only darkness and confusion once reigned. Now, when we notice a sign post that tells us that we are headed in a direction that is opposite to our true loving essence, let us not judge ourselves. We are simply humans beings having a human experience. Instead, let us gift ourselves the permission to immediately slow down, and with gratitude and understanding, make that U-turn. Let us head back in the direction of our true journey, back into alignment with the states of peace and joy, our true Home. We no longer need to fight or run away from the monsters in our dreams. Awakened, we now simply realize that we were dreaming. That is all our negative thoughts and emotions are, dreams. They are dream that we could be someone other than the love that God create us to be. Being that these dreams do not represent the truth in you, the longer you dream them, the more you will desire to awaken. That is what we are now doing, awakening from the dream of the ego’s negative mindset. Awakening from a place of pain to a place of peace, from sorrow to joy, from hopelessness to hope, and from guilt to understanding. Awaken my friend, let go of your judgmental programming. Let go of a delusional mindset that judges you and your negative emotions as wrong, bad, unwise or immature. Knowing that you have co-created your journey with God, now see negative emotions, as just another sacred step on your sacred path. Offer them gratitude for helping you see what you no longer want. Nothing more than this is needed to return to creating the life you truly want.

Today, when a negative emotion enters our mind’s door, let us no longer put ourself down for simply being human. Let us instead see such situations as opportunities that are showing us what areas in our life we no longer want or need to travel. Now, with the gift of time, we can look back and see the wisdom and life lessons that our negative emotions have provided us. Knowing that God is Love and All, we now understand that every step along our sacred path is helpful, of use and always serves a higher purpose. With this knowledge in hand we leave the ego’s judgment centered mindset behind and once again align with the Mind of God. Today, when a negative emotion pops up, we offer it our gratitude, understanding that what it is trying to offer us, is a way out of the darkness and back into alignment with the light.  

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (4)

This message really hit me and I am going throught a situation right now taht seems to fit all of this. I have a deep connection with a man on the internet and I am a married woman but I can’t seem to break the hold of the intimate feeling I have for him and his son. But I will never leave the husband I have for any man we have been together since and married for over 40 years and we have known each other for over 55 and he is the love of my life and my knight in shingin white armor and I lvoe him fro mthe bottom of my heart and have for all of most of those 55 + years. This is the very first time I hve felt this way and it really bothers my inner most being. But of course the devil is doing his thing with me. I am a cradle born Catholic and love God as my lord and saviour. Please keep me in yur prayers. Thanks for letting me share this here.

Thank you Rosa for being open to the message.

Before anything we do, let us consciously unite with God and invite God to lead us and thus to flow through us and throughout our day. If confused about what to do, simply stop, place your confusion aside, invite God in, and ask Him what He would think, say and do. Then very simply, think, say and do that.

Peace. JBC

It is often difficult to slow down, with gratitude turn around and head in the right direction. This is true when we are constantly reminded of the bad judgment call we made many years ago.

Sharon, in the ego’s illusionary world there are such things as “bad judgment calls,” in reality each and every step, because you have co-created it with God for your healing, learning, development, and awakening is sacred and prefect.

Practice trusting in God’s plan (which is also your highest’s will plan) more than the ego’s plan for your life, and you will experience a lasting peace that only truth can bring.

If you currently find it difficult to “slow down, with gratitude turn around and head in the right direction,” then you will be offered more opportunities to practice “slowing down, with gratitude turn around and head in the right direction.” Once you don’t need to practice this, it will be because it will become easy and natural for you to do this, but it was only because you got to practice it over and over that you now have peace, so offer gratitude, not judgment, to those who help you practice “slowing down, with gratitude turn around and head in the right direction,” and find peace.

Peace. JBC

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