Daily Inspiration: February 20. Peace is Just a Choice Away

Today, let us see and focus on our brothers and sisters eternal essence and nature, instead of what their bodies look like, think, say or do. Today, when we look upon another, we will see the love that is Source’s eternal perfect creation looking back at us, and not the so-called mistakes that we have previously been programmed to judge and define them by. We are all One, and so today when frustration, judgment, anger, resentment and hate, begin to boil our blood and poison our minds, we will look past their errors and see instead the face of Christ/God/Spirit/Buddha or any self-actualized being you greatly love and respect, glancing back at you. Their self-actualized face will be a symbol to us of their truth, of their eternal loving essence and nature, of who God created them to be. Today, everyone we think of and meet, will be offered this same effort. Imagine, today looking upon the face of divinity on everyone. What use for judgment would you again ever have? How would your day, and the day of those around you, begin to shift, if but you made the conscious choice to overlook everyone’s so-called errors and instead focused on their eternal nature, and seeing them only as your Source’s perfect creation? Remind yourself throughout the day: “God is perfect and only creates perfectly. Thus, the truth in my brother and sister is that they are perfect, exactly as God created them to be. Today, above all, I will look upon them only as God created them. In doing so, because we are all One, this will help me recall and reinforce my own eternal and perfect nature.” If you saw God’s reflection, the truth in everyone all day long, would joy not fill your heart, would peace not calm your mind, would solace not sooth your soul? Such an experience, thanks to your free will, is available to you in every moment, if you but make the conscious choice, to align with and value, only the truth in each other as true.

Today, let us choose to bring the vision of Heaven, our Oneness, down to Earth, into duality. By doing so, we will be consciously aligning with Love and Love’s expressions, such as those of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, peace and understanding. This is what we will see in and offer all others, and by doing so, experience these gifts ourselves. Today, when through its “errors,” the world and those in it, unconsciously cry out for help and healing, it is we, who will through forgiveness, kneel down and wipe its tears away. We look past their actions, and no longer defining them by some frozen moment in time. Instead we make the conscious choice to practice seeing them only through God’s loving and forgiving eyes. In doing so, because we are all One, we ourselves are reminded that we too are deserving and worthy of this loving response. Through this practice, by consciously seeing ourselves in this same non-judgmental manner, we will learn how to see through God’s eyes, instead of through our ego’s past programming. This is the gift that our brothers and sisters are offering us today, the opportunity to remember that we are indeed always worthy of Love and all of its expressions. As we practice offering this truth to others, we will be reinforcing and strengthening it within ourselves. The more this truth is reinforced and strengthen within us, the more comfortable and natural it will feel. It will feel comfortable and natural to look upon the face of God in all, because in essence, that is in truth who we all are, a reflection of God, no matter our color, shape, size, religious affiliation or country of origin. Be thankful to all who walk along your path today, for they are helping you recall and see, who in truth you are, have always been, and will always be.

Our search for peace ends today, because searching implies that what we are looking for, we do not already poses. The possibility of Heavenly vision is here, now, and always just a choice away. What a relief today becomes, when we practice laying down all our judgments of self and others, and finally obtain the peace that we, as God’s creations, so deserve. God’s vision does not need to see your past or future to love you unconditionally, for who was created perfect, forever remains perfect, regardless of what they individually try to add to, or subtract from, that perfection. God knows you only as His perfect creation, and so you need not add to or subtract anything from yourself. Let us today, also practice seeing ourselves as God does. Let us value our Creator’s vision more than focusing on the ego’s illusionary mindset of so-called errors, sins and mistakes. Let us align with the mind of God, see ourselves through His vision, and finally find the true everlasting peace that we have been searching for. You are forever worthy of the peace of God. You are forever worthy of seeing and experiencing this world as He does. You are forever worthy of experiencing your loving eternal nature by seeing it in all others. Be who in truth you are, nothing more than this is ask of you to be at peace. Be who you were create to be. Be who you came here to be. Be who you in truth have always been. Let go of everything else that seems to be in opposition to All, to Love, to God, to your true nature. Let go of everything that in truth you have never wanted. Let go of judgment, anger, resentment and hate, for they are not worthy of you, nor of any of God’s creations. Be at peace, be One with Peace, be who you in truth are and were meant to be.

Today, let us practice making the conscious choice to see all others only as God does, through Love and only Love. Let the state of peace become a symbol to you that you are seeing this world as God does. This is in truth all that ever separates you from the state of peace, your choice. Before any interaction remind yourself of your goal, and make the interaction a reflection of your goal. When a non loving or non peaceful thought tries to enter your mind, remind yourself, that it is you who control your thoughts, it is not your thoughts that control you. Make the conscious choice to stop that unloving stop right there on its tracks, starve it of your time, focus and energy, then use that time, focus and energy to see and support only the love in you and others as true. Today, let us overlook the ego’s programming that says that there is an opposite to God, to Love, to All, and consciously make God, Love, All our One constant companion. Do so, and the state of peace will result.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (10)

Thank you James, really loved today’s inspiration ❤️ Now to put it into practice.

Thank you Yvette for being open to the message. Any time today that you feel out of alignment with the state of peace, that’s the Universe calling on you to practice peace. And so instead of judging ourselves for not being at peace, let us instead thank the Universe for helping remind us to practice peace, and thank those who are helping us practice what we really want. Peace. JBC

I really love your book. I have read it again and again.But there is one thing which is hard to understand. If someone usea you, tells mies about you or may be violent. How do you react? You feel only love and compassion and this person goes on behaving like that.. Can you please clarify this?

Thank you Pia for your kind words. Above all else, always do what brings you peace. If calling the cops brings you peace, then do that. If leaving someone because of the way they treat you brings you peace, then do that. Sometimes calling the cops and leaving someone who is violent is the most loving thing to do. Peace is an expression of love, so as long as you are aligning with your inner peace of mind, you are aligning with love, with God. Peace. JBC

Thank you so much. I think I got it now.

Pia, it is my honor to serve you. Peace. JBC

I will do it today.I find I can find peace and center on thoughts of God when there is quiet.I moved here last month after 4 months separation.He yells,controlled and drinks.I find the hardest part is staying mindful of love peace and joy when the tv is on.As long as he is awake,the tv is on loud.I will make an effort today to be peaceful,feel peace tv or no tv.I feel like I’m in heaven when he is asleep and I can pray and think about God.When the tv goes on it all goes out the window.So am I projecting onto the tv?The world of the tv?Why is that part so challenging.So peace all day today and love,forgiveness is my goal.Thank you.And no judgements for me now.I see the call for love.

Thank you Donna for your comment. When you think it is the tv that is the cause of your loss of peace, that thinking are just thoughts, and you should be controlling your thoughts, your thoughts should not be controlling you. And so use the tv, not as an adversary but as an ally, an ally that is helping you practice taking greater control of your thoughts. Now when the tv comes on, simply see it as a time when your lessons of peace and better mind control begin. The more you get to practice controlling your thoughts the easier it will be for you to have peace anywhere and anytime. As you understand that the tv is actually helping you raise your level of consciousness, you will become grateful for the tv instead of having negative thoughts about it. Peace. JBC

Thank you!Blessings

Thank you Donna for being open to the message. Peace. JBC

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