Daily Inspiration: February 24. Repeating ‘Negative’ Patterns

When we repeat what we perceive to be a “negative” or “painful” pattern, it is mainly because we have not yet fully recognized the gift or lesson that it is trying to offer us. If we have yet to realized the gift in any situation, then let us today stop and ask ourselves: “What/Where is the gift/lesson for me in this pattern?” As an expression of God’s Love, the universe is eternally generous and kind. It will offer us innumerable opportunities to end self-destructive patterns we keep insisting on repeating. It is in this self-realization, where the gift of peace resides. Peace of mind being an expression of Love, is a  symbol that you have placed your trust in God. When you fully trust in God’s plan for you, nothing that is happening out there in the world, or to you, can take away your peace. You would have no need to blame others or the outside world for your situation. You would simply acknowledge that because of free will, this is something that you co-created with The Divine to help you grow, heal and awaken. No matter how negative a pattern appears to be, when we place our full trust in God’s plan, we realize that this is happening for our good. Therefore, what separates you from the state of peace while experiencing and repeating negative patterns in your life, is not the experience itself. It is a lack of understanding that everything in your life is serving a higher purpose. Those negative patters have in truth no power. They only have the power that we give or surrender to them. Once we again shift our thinking to trust in the sacred journey that we have co-created with God, we take responsibility for our part in our creation. Trust that God being Love and All uses all for good. Do so and peace will become your companion.   

Imagine, supporting an illusion of yourself or others as real. How do you begin to get rid of the ego’s programming, its negative focused thinking patterns? It is mainly by physically experiencing such illusionary programming over and over again, that you sooner or later realize, that its lies are not true. That you are worthy of more than the ego’s lies. That you are worthy of peace in areas of your life where you once did not think of such a possibility as possible. Imagine for example, unconsciously thinking that you are unworthy of a happy and healthy relationship. It is in such instances, where you bring into your life, and others volunteer to bring into physical form, your own thoughts and beliefs. In this case, to develop a relationship where you are not feeling happy or healthy. Such a relationship brings you the opportunities to see what your own thinking and choices are creating, and thus what you are experiencing. Once you tire of what your choices are creating you will remind yourself: “This is not as it should be. I am worthy of a happy and healthy relationship. I will no longer choose what I do not want.” It is then, that you will stop making the choices that you once did. It is then, that such partners will stop volunteering to assist you in recalling what you no longer want. Ultimately, what else but gratitude would you want to offer those partners who helped you recall that you are worthy of a happy and healthy relationship? What else but gratitude would you offer those who have volunteered to come into your life in order to help you learn how to love and respect yourself more? What else but gratitude, would you want to show those that helped you recall how God uses every part of your life for good? It is when you understand this, that the false concept of “negative patterns” begins to fade away from your life.

Today, let us recall and trust that even negative patterns repeat themselves for our own good. The way to let go of a false concept or pattern, whose misperception of it is causing us to remain stuck to it, is by bringing truth or right-minded thinking into the equation. Being that God is Love and All, when we make the conscious decision to trust in God’s plan instead of the ego’s fairy tales, that is when our minds begin to awaken.  Yes, because we have supported it for so long, our illusionary thinking may seem hard to let go. We have invested so much time and energy on buying into the false as true. But now, thanks to our life experience we can see the false and true next to each other. This clarifies our path to peace. Who in their right mind would choose to carry the heavy burdens of judgment over the freedom that forgiveness offers? Who would consciously desire to live in a confused and chaotic state of mind instead of trusting in God and being at peace? Who would not prefer to be living in a state of gratitude instead of condemnation? The way we are able to let go of a repeating pattern, is to do so with trust, forgiveness, understanding and gratitude. All participating in your negative patterns are helping you, in their own ways, release you from that pattern. For this, trust, forgiveness, understanding, gratitude and any other of Love’s expressions, are the appropriate responses to them. If we refuse to offer these energies, we will remain stuck repeating such patterns. When stuck, the universe, being an expression of God’s Love, will send help. An endless line of volunteers will arrive to help you heal. They will physically recreated your false beliefs until you realize you no longer want them. They will continue to help until you realize that you are indeed worthy of peace.

Today, when you catch yourself once again repeating a pattern that you do not want, consider trying these five things: First, trust that because God is Love and All, that every moment of your experience is being used with your good in mind. Second, recall that to let go of this negative pattern, that you must do so through Love’s tools such as though forgiveness and compassion, not the ego’s judgment or resentment. Third, forgiveness is an expression of Love. Offer it to yourself and to all others involved in the pattern. Fourth, anytime the ego once again wants you to judge and be resentful, let this instead trigger in you the need to forgive, to free yourself from a pattern you no longer want. Fifth, gratitude is also an expression of Love. Thank all those who volunteered to be part of a process that helped you awaken.

I would love to read your thoughts on this post. How does it affect you? How do you think you can implement it in your life? Is there something else that we can add to this post to make it more helpful or complete? Is there something in your own life experience, any life strategy that you partake in, that relates to this post that you think others will find useful? Please be so kind as to share your thoughts with us, in the comment section below.

All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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Comments (10)

How do you forgive yourself and others without judging them and removing them from your life…can you do that if the person is abusive without condemnation….will forgiveness if practiced properly remove them for you ….thankyou for your wisdom

Thank you Justice for being open to the message.

Every time that the thought of judgment tries to pollute your mind and poison your heart and soul:
1 – Stop that thought right there in its tracks.
2 – No longer feed it with your time, focus and energy.
3 – Do the opposite of what the ego demands, and forgive.
4 – Forgive yourself for thinking something other than loving thoughts about God’s children, and forgive all others for not recalling the love that in truth they are and were born to be.
5 – Pray for their health, happiness and peace of mind. Whatever the ego wants you to think of them – think the opposite.
6 – We are all One, what you think of them will either help you heal or pollute and poison you.
7 – Anytime you think of them, stop, and ask God, Peace, to lead your thinking. Do what Peace would have you do. Do what would bring you the most peace. Sometimes Peace would have you leave the situation, sometimes it would have you call the cops, sometimes it would have you simply forgive. Yet no matter what, humble yourself by asking Peace, God to decide for you, and to please lead the way.
8 – Always keep your focus on moving in Love’s direction. Love has numerous expressions such as those of peace, kindness, compassion, and joy. When you keep moving in Love’s direction, those who are not moving along Love path, will not end up traveling with you.
9 – Always, in every moment try to be the example of Love in all you think of and do. Do so and you will feel fulfilled, because in essence that is what you have come here to do. This is what you were born to do, to be and share Love in your own unique way.
10- Always remember, you forgive because you are worthy of peace. You forgive because that is who you are. You continue on your path to being the light of the world because that is who you came here to be. When in doubt, invite Love to lead the way, do so and you will never again feel lost or alone.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

Thank you so much for your work and wisdom, James!! You are so appreciated!! Much love to you and your loved ones!!! xoxoxo

Thank you Sue for your kind words and for being open to the message.

I appreciate you being a member of our community.

All glory to God.

Peace. JBC

When we release with love we are no longer locked into the negativity. When we remain angry, hurt, in pain we are attached. Love is always the path.

Thank you Carol for being open to the message.

Forgiveness is one of Love many expressions. When we forgive we indeed set ourselves free from the ego’s judgment centered world. By doing so we become a symbol of peace, a beacon of peace for those still chained to a foreign mindset that has never been a real part of their eternal loving essence, mission and nature.

Our function is to represent Love on Earth, to be the light of the world. Today, through forgiveness, kindness, compassion and understanding, let us do what we have come here, and were born to do.

Peace. JBC

I think negative patterns come from following the will of the ego or the self..but not God’s will…not letting God’s motivations and intentions rule our lives . Every time we act separate from God which is love forgiveness and judgement . .there will be a price to pay. We are told to love god with our whole minds heart and soul so when we act in concert with him everything works out to the good,

Thank you Nancy for your comment and for being a member of our community.

Let us allow God’s will for us, and our highest will for ourselves, to be One. Let us through free will, in every moment and interaction, allow God, Love, to forever lead the way.

Peace. JBC

Exactly what I needed. I don’t know how to change these patterns but I guess I can’t. I will try at least for today to choose a new teacher.

Susie, thank you for being open to the message.

If we create the thoughts patterns that run though our minds, we can also undo them.

If we learn thinking that is no longer useful to us, we can unlearn it.

Simply replace the thoughts that are not working for you with thoughts that support you. Simply let go of patterns that no longer support you. Starve them of your time, focus and energy, and they will die out. Then feed with your time, focus and energy, those patterns that bring you peace, joy, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, and allow them now to lead the way.

Peace. JBC

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