Daily Inspiration: February 29. Letting Go of Painful Memories

When a painful memory continues to intrude into your days and nights, what you are being offered, is the opportunity to experience the peace, that forgiveness has to offer. Forgiveness is not about others deserving or not deserving something, it’s about you deserving and being worthy of peace, and that is why you forgive. When you choose to forgive yourself or another, instead of judging yourself or another, you free yourself from having to carry, day and night, judgment’s heavy burdens. If you think of another, and judgmental angry thoughts come up, and instead of forgiving that thought you continue to support it with your time, focus and energy, then it is you, that you are hurting. If thoughts of another come up, and you make the conscious choice to forgive him, or ask God to forgive him for you until you can do it for yourself, it is then you that you begin to feel the freedom that forgiveness has to offer. If for the moment, you can not forgive yourself or another, there is no shame in asking God to lead the way, and to forgive them for you. As you give your judgments, anger, resentment and pain, to God, it will begin to dissolve in His light and understanding. Today, allow God to show you the way back to peace. Because the truth in you, your highest self, is in reality One with God, sooner or later, you will see and feel, the wisdom of His efforts. It is then, that you will want to align with His example, and begin to forgive yourself or another, more freely. In the end, the pain you have within you, cannot, no matter what, be dissolved through more judgment, it can only be dissolved through forgiveness. This pain that you carry, is the pain that God is inviting you to give to Him, but still, you have free will, thus it is you who must make the conscious choice, to hand it over to God and let Him dissolve it in His loving Light, or to keep it for yourself.

Every single time a painful memory comes up, that is God inviting you to begin to heal. You have tried it the ego’s way too many times already, and where has it gotten you? You have tried holding unto your judgments and resentment, but who does that way of being and thinking really hurt? Is it not you who ends up carrying and logging around the pain and anguish from your judgments and resentments? Is it not time to maybe consider a better way? A way that will stop you from driving into the ego’s dead end judgment filled roads. A way that will begin to bring you the peace of mind, freedom and joy, that as God’s creation, you so deserve. Today, when that pain comes up, hear God’s call, and give it all to Him. Consider doing so through this quick meditation: Close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax the body. Visualize and feel you digging into your body and filling up in front of you a bag with your judgment’s dark pain. Feel yourself emptying the pain into, and filling this bag, see and feel the bag getting bigger and bigger as you release all your judgments and pain into it. Then hand this bag over to God, as you do feel your body getting lighter as this bag is move away from you and closer to God’s light. This will become a symbol to you that you are now ready to follow His lead. Like a little piece of paper going into a giant furnace watch the bag of judgments and pain begin to dissolve in God’s perfect all-encompassing loving light. Feel your body get lighter, thank God with all your heart, mind and soul, for Him taking this pain from you, then watch Him begin to fill those now empty areas within your body where pain once reign, with His Love and light. All those areas you dug up, now He is filling them with His Love and light. Feel and allow this Love and light to enter, fill you, and begin to overflow. As you do, keep on thanking Him for His love and light. Practice this meditation over and over again until you finally get, that forgiveness, not judgment, is the way to peace.

You have been gifted free will. Focus on God, and you will feel Him and His love for you, or focus on your judgment and pain, and that judgment and pain will remain with and within you. That is the one choice you have in each and every moment, that a painful judgment filled thought pops up. And so from now on, when you feel this painful memory coming in, understand it for what it truly is, God asking you to release your illusionary thinking, your pain and suffering over to Him. God is inviting you to once again unite with Him, with your true nature, with Love and all of Love’s expressions, such as those of forgiveness, compassion, peace and understanding. God is using what you perceive to be this difficult time, to help you recall and be comforted by, the knowledge that He is always with you. He is inviting you to remember, that in any difficult time that you have, through free will, you can choose Him instead of your suffering and pain. You are God’s creation, His child, and so are forever worthy of peace. All you need do, is to let go, forgive, thoughts and emotions, that you know you do not want. All you need do is stop serving, with your time, focus and energy, thoughts and emotions, that you now know are not serving you. Today, make the conscious and courageous choice, to begin to leave the ego’s mindset behind, and begin instead to consciously align yourself with God’s mercy and grace. You have follow the ego’s mindset long enough. You have suffered and carry the pain of your judgments far enough. Today, finally decide that enough is enough. Enough with following a mindset that does not have your best interest in mind. Enough with partnering with darkness, conflict and chaos. Enough with being who you now know you no longer desire to be.

Today, let us realize, that it is only as long as we support our judgments of self and others, that we will carry our painful memories. Today, if you desire to let go of those painful memories, then you must be willing to no longer to move in their direction. When you place your time, focus and energy, on your painful memories, you move in their direction. When instead you place your time, focus and energy, on forgiveness and on trusting God’s plan, you move away from their direction. In the end, it is you and you alone, who can through free will, move yourself towards or away from your pain and suffering. Today, if you truly desire to leave and let go of your painful memories, then each and every time they pop up at your mind’s door, tell them that you will no longer entertain them. Tell them that you will no longer spend any more of your precious time, focus, energy and life-force on them. Tell them that you now completely and wholeheartedly, forgive them and all those involved with them. Tell them that you now leave them fully in God loving Hands. Tell them that you are now, thanks to God’s mercy and grace, at peace and forever free.

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All glory to God.

Peace, Health, Happiness, Love, Laughter, and Light.

James Blanchard Cisneros

Author of the book “You Have Chosen to Remember: A Journey of Self-Awareness, Peace of Mind and Joy

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